Thursday, 4 June 2020

Attention Is Love, Energy and Intelligence - (3615)

Attention and consciousness are intimately related. Attention is the vehicle of consciousness.

Where your attention is, your consciousness is.

Attention solves and heals. 

In our attention is love, energy and intelligence. When we give someone our attention they are loved, healed and their problems can be solved. 

When human beings place their attention on physical things like a place, an object, that object or place becomes infused with energy or Shakti and that makes it special or magical.

Attention is a flux of energy that transfers our energy to it. Attention nourishes. No wonder why some of our egos sometimes enjoy and crave for it.

End (3615).

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Separate Lust from Sex - (3631)

The two are not the same. One is the fire and the other the suffocating toxic smoke (lust).

Sex is a universal creative power. An origin of all things. Something that goes far beyond any human ideas. Something that stands as a reality by itself. Something whose energy surges through all of existence. 

As sex is the origin of all things it is in all things. Its energy, the vital life forces that it summons in its act of creation are imbued in everything.  

It is something vast, expansive and altogether cosmic.

Our issue with it, is that we bottle it up into images of the human sexual act, we further bottle it into various emotions, and later into uses, with most of them being subconscious.

Lust uses sex, but lust is not sex. Lust is a limited psychological creation. It is not an originator or a creative force. But a mechanical user of it.

Until Gnosis or a real esoteric doctrine, lust is the master of the sexual force. Lust is a whole collection of memories and imitations - a kind of informal education passed onto us by society through stories, movies, and the examples of others who in turn learned their sexuality from others before them.

All of the stuff that makes up lust, all that mind stuff that is packed inside lust, has little to do with the cosmic reality of sex.

With the esoteric teachings we can make our sexual force our own instead that which society, movies, books etc. have given us. We don't possess our sexual force really, it is not our own until we begin to transmute the sexual energy. 

We think it is our own because we can do what we want with it but tell me what you do with your lust has all been done before, but YOUR REALISATION HAS NOT BEEN DONE BEFORE BY ANYONE!!! 

End (3631).

Know the Frivolous Variation Quality of the Mind - (3630)

A quality of the very nature of the mental substance, is variety. The mental substance likes to vary and jump from one thing to the next.

For sure the worst thing to the mind is concentration but on the other hand that is the only thing that causes the mind to release its power, and that is also when it is most useful to us.

We see this in the behaviour inherent in many egos. 

The ego specialises in distraction. The ego of lust is always looking at others. The ego do to with spiritual ambition is always looking for different teachers, groups and books. Pride is always looking at different others to be better than, and so on for many of the egos that we have.

With focus we void much egoic influences and behaviour.

Loyalty is another word for that focus. This is easy to see in relation to spiritual ambition, lust and pride. In relation to spiritual ambition it would be focus on one's work, in relation to lust it would be focus on one's work with one's Being and Alchemical partner and in relation to pride it would be to focus exclusively on the work one has to do without comparison.

Much more comes from loyalty than disloyalty. 

End (3630).

Alchemical Principle at Work in the Psychological - (3623)

Two opposite poles unite and via their union a third is produced which transforms the original two.

In our psychological work we have that.

When we work on an "I" we are discovering an unknown part of ourselves. It is like the encounter of the 'aware of' and the 'unaware of' parts of ourselves. In other words an encounter of two opposite poles of ourselves. 

As we work (observe, study, comprehend) on the 'unknown' we come to certain realizations about the 'unknown'. We finally see the essence trapped and as we work we bit by bit transform or better said de-condition the 'unknown' trapped essence.

The 'unknown' slowly as we work and work becomes more of the 'aware of', as it becomes more accessible. In other words the virtue begins to appear out of the defect. For example, we are working on lust and slowly the yearning to leave all those ways behind and unify our sexuality into one peaceful way of  transmuting - using our sexual forces in a dignified and loving way that enriches the essence and energises the Being within us.

Then the new 'aware of' (emerging freed essence) joins the already 'aware of' (existing free essence) and both are enriched and transformed as per the fundamental Alchemical notion.

End (3623).

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

We Project Ourselves onto Others and We Reject Ourselves - (3629)

Someone says I'm going out and we get upset and we say: "Where are you going? To the pub?".

We are projecting onto others something of ourselves. Most likely from our own short comings.

What happens is that when we project our short comings onto others we get upset with them and then  we maybe reject or become distant with them.

But the thing is that we are actually rejecting our own projections, which means our fantasies which also means a part or parts of our own psyche. Because its our psyche that fantasizes.

Being upset with the person also means that we don't relate well with those projections which come from our short comings or in other words from some of the egos we have.  

If we relate badly to something inside of ourselves it means we havn't accepted it and become conscious of it yet, all because we have not seriously worked on it yet. Seriously means to work to eliminate.

End (3629).

Will is Necessary to Drill the Mind - (3628)

A thought that causes upset emotion appears. We know it is not quite true. We ask our mind is it true? The mind and our essence reply: "No it is not!", but the emotion persists.

Well we then need will to drill and drill the truth that it isn't true into deeper levels of our mind to eventually reach that level where the mind is persisting in thinking or believing that the premise of that thought is true.

We need to use will. We don't have another internal resource but that power of causing within us - which is our will. Of course our consciousness which is above will is using the will to make the mind get freed by realizing the truth in its deeper levels.

End (3628).

Public Talks in Como Next Few Thursdays Starting: 02-06-2020 - (3611)

If you are new to Gnosis and you live in Perth and are you interested to start studying Gnosis then you are welcome to attend a talk of an introductory type to Gnosis over a three week bracket. Of course if you like what you hear you can stay for the course that will follow.

Or if you know someone who is interested in Gnosis you are welcome to pass on the invitation with class starting at 7:30pm.

End (3611).

Some Notes as to the Origin of the Functioning of the Defect of Lust - (3621)

We know that within us there are the male and female divine principles. The human soul (Manas or Tipereth) and the spiritual soul (Buddhi or Geburah).

In order to create certain aspects of the inner universe of our Being, these two Divine parts complete the sexual act. A divine act. They combine and create within our interior from their divine union.

When these parts unite there is further unity and completion in the Being. When all parts of our Being have been found there is unity and completion. 

That unity is of happiness and sexual energy being an energy of unity and an energy ultimately of the inner Being is also happiness. The nature of the divinity is happiness and this is present in the sexual energy.

That is why many people seek the sexual act, out of the instinctive knowing of the quality of that energy. Usually the interior states that need compensating for such as sadness, boredom, feeling low, cause a person to seek the sexual act.

It has been said that the utmost authentic happiness of the Being occurs when the Being unites all of its parts.

With the fall, the unity within the Being was broken. A great divide and a great disconnection occurred within the Being. 

The initiatic path is about repairing this inner disconnection, one stage at a time.

The defect of lust, like all the other egos has its functions. One function is to try and repair this great inner divide.  

There exists this impulse that arises from deep within and it takes that impulse and adds to it, its mechanical modes of functioning, in order to take that impulse to fruition. But of course being mechanical it does not do things very well and can make that divide much worse. 

Lust and sex are something separate really. Lust uses sex but it itself is something else. It is a psychological person within us that has its use, thinking and desires related to sex but it is not sex itself.

We know also that the defect of lust constantly searches for relationships. It always looks at others for that possibility. It is unknowingly acting on that impulse trying to bridge this disconnection between the two souls within.

It searches to help out that impulse to reconnect the inner disconnection between the two souls within the Being through external means, through the senses, through relativity, through sensations, etc.

End (3621).

Monday, 1 June 2020

Emotional Crisis Gives Us the Power Not to Think - (3627)

It is really hard to not think about something that bothers us so much. 

Really the thoughts are the ones that bother us. Our projections, our assumptions, our imagination, our memories that inevitably send us into psychological crisis.

Working and working and holding on we begin to pass through the emotional storm and as we emerge we begin to notice that we have a new quality which is to at will not think any those thoughts that bother us so much. 

Those thoughts arise, the mind says: "well what about that again hey, think of that, that will happen!" then we can just ignore it and switch our attention elsewhere without feeling that awful emotion that previously we felt for a long time after and was really bothersome.

The capacity to not think an ego is really hard earned for at times. 

End (3627).

Fantasy Very Damaging - (3624)

Not just the wacky unrealistic class of fantasies - not that, but anything out of reality of the present moment.

The many thoughts that don't have anything to do with the present moment cause us trouble especially when a big painful ego is in our human machine. 

If we stick to reality we see how that helps us so much to feel better and how that can help us to cut through the many ways through thoughts that that big painful ego has a hold over us.

The important is the present, focus strictly on the present. We can feel the future by virtue of making the present right now clear. That future is different to the projections that scare us. 

The projected visions of the future that don't come from being conscious right now in the moment here and now scare us and will disappoint us when we pass through that future event.

End (3624).

Big Ego Threat, No-Thinking Refuge - (3625)

There are a few refuges: our interior divinity - our heart temple, the guru and a quiet mind.

When a big ego painfully and frightfully assails us, the above are a refuge!

Though there is a fundamental refuge that makes all the others more effective. It is the no-thinking!

Just one thought, one association, one memory can cause painful havoc inside of us. If we begin to 

We really really practice no-thinking when we need to, when an ego so frighteningly assails us. 

Just like when Buddha held a disciple underwater and pulled him up asking him: "What did you think about when under water?" The disciple said "Air!". 

So then that is when we really practice no-thinking. 

End (3625).

A Tiny Bit About Ubiquity - (3622)

In the later years of his life Master Samael made it known that his inner Being - Samael the Logos had the gift of ubiquity.

He told a gathering of students in Mexico that while he was talking to them he was also in Tibet, dressed in the traditional Tibetan style leading a caravan.

He was then asked is it that the essence is divided into fractions, to which Master Samael replied "No it is the same soul.".

For me that was very difficult to understand. However it is easier to understand if we see that the human soul of master Samael is one and from that one human soul derives the essence. One essence, two essences, three essences etc. can derived or taken from that same one human soul.

Thus we have a bit of an understanding about where a Monad's one or two or three different vehicles come from. The vehicle is really the essence, no the physical body but the essence.

If our Monad has two or more vehicles, well we are the one working on ourselves and we are the one our Monad is investing in to work for Its realisation. 

Why a Monad has two or more vehicles is a mystery. We can only theorise. Perhaps to learn more, to learn about life, to develop qualities that are not possible within the human life of one vehicle. Or for the Monad to express in various different ways? These are just the faintest of ideas I'm sure drawing pale before the reality.

End (3622).

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Grasping the False Self - (3620)

We are not use to seeing ourselves as only awareness or consciousness.

So we are constantly habituated at grasping for ourselves.

We grasp inwardly in our thoughts and emotions for ourselves. For that sense of ourselves.

What we find alas is something false. Something that our mind has created.something set up by our thoughts about ourselves. 

If we discard that sense of self generated by the thoughts about ourselves which generate a flavour of our selves, we are left with nothing - like a clear openness.

We find ourselves in that openness, in that clarity of awareness. 

We have to stop that grasping and beg the Divine Mother to dissolve all those false senses of self that we have. And get use to seeing ourselves and finding ourselves as that awareness.

End (3620).

Dead in Projects from the Start - (3621)

If we die to the outcome of any projects that we undertake we can be guided by our inner Divinity and and we in turn can put the course of the project in their hands for them to determine the outcome best for them.

End (3621).

Thoughts of the False Self are False - (3619)

The sense of self we have is false. This is hard for us to understand, but it is quite true.

This false sense of self, this sense of "I" is upheld by thought. There must be some thought to set up or create this sense of self or "I".

The thought "I" is enough to do it.

A perception of our will, our body, our clothes, creates thoughts and that creates a flavour of the false self - that false sense of self gets created. 

The thing is that that sense of self does not exist. It is false. 

So if there is a "I" there has to then by duality be the other. Then we have the potential for conflict.

If the sense of self or "I" is false then whatever thoughts it begins to generate they are also erred.

We are really what's left when we take away that false sense of self. And that is a clear awareness.

End (3619).