Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Question with Pride is… - (2177)

Dignity, Majesty and Deserving is More…

The point with pride is that we think and feel that our dignity, majesty and deserving are more than others.

Question it!

That ought to be questioned.

When one sincerely questions this core belief of pride we see that there is not a solid base for this belief to exist, much less for it to be so strong!

When we come to this conclusion we give the dignity, majesty and deserving of others an equal amount as ours.

The challenging one is the 'deserving' part. The dignity and majesty part is easier, but the deserving part when it touches human life is difficult. It is so easy to fall into relativity and feel that we are more deserving while the other is less, and so on and so on.

End (2177).

Voices to Trust and Not to Trust - (2176)


Truly this is an important theme.

Voice is a big part of our outer and inner constitution.

There is the voice which we speak and there is the voice inside of us which we think with.
Then there is also the voice of the silence.

Then there are voices, which we can hear especially when we are drowsy and are drifting off to sleep.

Voices Classified

Many Voices

The voices that we hear when drowsy are the voice of the different thinkers or “I’” dwelling in our subconscious that take on an almost autonomous life within us. That is why one can listen to them rattling on about things totally unrelated to the issues and events of our physical life.

When we are mentally ill we experience the same thing but when we are far from being sleepy or drowsy. Those different voice that the schizophrenic people hear are the voices of their own “I’s”.

Mind Voice

The ego is a primarily a voice. It must use the voice of our mind. Each ego insufflates a particular content, tone, vocabulary, logic and reasoning into this voice.

Voice of Silence

The voice of the silence is the voice that does not use that voice of the mind but with our intuition and consciousness we hear or rather understand what our Intimate, real inner Being is telling us.

There is also another voice that we have and it is the voice of the consciousness or the voice of one’s conscience.

Voice of the Consciousness to be Obeyed

There is a though a voice that our consciousness uses in us and it is not the voice of the ego or “I’s”.
It is typically a voice that suggests, commands and directs.

It’s directions are common sense and sometimes radical and daring but always to take one into the direction of obeying the work, the consciousness…

This maybe be called the voice of our conscience. This voice we often do not obey and most of the time we regret it sorely. This voice works with our intuition as well.

End (2176).

Pride and Fear Intimately Linked - (2175)

An Intimate Connection there Exists

We all know I think that there is a connection between pride and fear. However, we may not be fully aware of what exactly it is that links them.

We have all had that experience of having an argument with someone and then feeling a little scared having to face them a few days later at a meeting. Or perhaps feeling scared of meeting people that we know from work or Gnosis while we are out shopping, at the cinema, walking in the city, at the markets, or inviting the same people to our home.

Justice is the Link

Justice is inherent in pride. Pride hates justice and wishes intently to escape it. It always feels to be above justice and it always feels that justice is unfair.

When pride knows that we must face justice then fear immediately appears.

In all the examples mentioned above there is justice to be faced and pride uses fear to avoid having to face justice.

You may ask where is justice in meeting people at the shops? Well, there is justice to do with image, consistency and word.

We for example, at Gnosis present a good image of ourselves to other Gnostics with our word and behaviour, and in justice it is understood that that good image be upheld in every environment. It just happens that we feel while at the cinemas that we are not upholding the values of that good image and so we feel fear that justice is going to strike where our contradictory reality will become exposed. In other words we must face justice for the lies we have been projecting.

The exact same thing applies to meeting with someone after an argument where we feel that justice will come upon us after we have hurt another with our pride.


If what we do is just we have no cause for pride and fear. Being just, which is done by exercising justice in our thoughts, feelings, actions and words keeps out of pride and fear.

There is a saying in Spanish that goes: “El que no la debe, no la teme”, meaning the one who owes nothing has nothing to fear. That saying sums it all up. If we have been just, that is we have not allowed our pride to go beyond the limits of balance then we shall have nothing to fear.

End (2175).

Monday, 15 January 2018

Absolute Guarantee for Success: Embed Yourself in the Path - (2174)

By Reciprocity

If we embed ourselves in our Being and the path. That is, we give all that we have to the work of our Being and the path, we are going to receive the path as a reciprocal agreement.

My marvellous missionary has been saying lately, “if I accept the light may the light accept me!”.

The law of reciprocity works as all the laws do if one fulfils their conditions. One can trust completely in the Universal Laws. Universal Laws are constant they do not change as fickle human beings do.

To fulfil the condition of this law’s condition one has to give. How can we get something that we don’t want. Giving something shows that we want it, and giving more shows that we can get it and giving even more shows that we have merit to receive it.

Well we can receive something without wanting it. But that is because we have gained the merit for it from sometime in the past. What the Law wills is what our Being wills.

End (2174).

Have You Put Your Being in Your Heart? - (2173)

In Your Heart Already

Your Being is in your heart already but it is better if you put your Being in your heart.

Everyone has their Being in dwelling as a force and as an atom in their heart but few are those that have put their Being in their heart.

Only those who know about the Being can put the Being in their heart. As the Gnostics know about their Being, because Master Samael taught us, we can put our Being in our heart.

We can put our Being as a cause to fight for in our heart. As the reason of our life, as the reason and goal of our day, as the hope of our life, as our primordial eternal love, as our force, as our beloved etc.

There You Are Close to Him

If we put our Being in our heart, our Being is close to us. Even if our Being is not incarnated or not. This is a huge difference to not having our Being as a cause as a love as a trust in our heart, as an inspiration as a warming comforting and strong force in our heart.

End (2173).

Talking to or Helping People who are not in Gnosis Like One's Parents - (2172)


I have thought about this so many times before, just if my parents or your parents were in Gnosis, how they could benefit. Especially when they get upset and when they face old age.

Gnosis is so deep and broad that it can certainly help. The thing though is that it all depends on the intelligence of the one who delivers it.

The aim of this post is to put forward an idea that has worked for me. It seems to be a lack of love to have this wonderful knowledge and not try the many different ways to help people who truly give a lot to us.

Talking about Dogmas Brings Nothing but Clashes

If one talks about dogmas and beliefs one is going to get nowhere really. This is because people are not going to leave their belief especially if they are older in age.

What happens too often in practice is a clash where the result is that they stop listening and future conversations go the same way.

The person who presents Gnosis has to come from a place of clear understanding.

Talk About the Psychological Human Relationship with God

For me the solution has been to speak to people from this point of view. Especially if the people are religious one can speak to them about eh human relationship one has with God.

Does one trust in God? Does one love God? Would one like to serve God? What are the obstacles that one has within oneself that stop one from coming to trust and love God? Are some of the points that one can open a conversation with.

One can also speak with the wisdom of the consciousness from the psychological work. One really does not have to use the word Gnosis at all but impart words from the consciousness which are universal and touch the consciousness of the those that you are speaking with.

What one learns from the psychological work, one can speak about using a human and neutral terminology to quite often end up with good results.

End (2172).

Don’t Know Who We Are and What We Want! - (2171)

Lost our Identity

We often don’t know who we are and what we want all because the ego has taken our true identity. So much so that we don’t even know that we have an identity.

Every Time we Identify with the Ego we Lose Our Identity

To be identified is to have assumed the identity of a given ego. In the normal person this happens so often, that is, losing the identity of their at peace and happy essence to the desiring, turbulent, worrisome identity of the ego.

Because this happens so often there begins to come a time where one forgets their essence and tries to find their identity in their most constant egos, that is their strongest egos.

If pride is their strongest ego which is quite common, one builds an identity where one thinks of oneself as good, always right, strong and stronger, more experienced and intrinsically superior and better.

We can even develop a way of thinking that we are something and others are nothing. The truth is though in consciousness we are awareness and neither something nor nothing. We are not something nor are we nothing, we are awareness.

We Don’t Know What we Want

Because there are some many egos with contradicting desires we don’t know what we want because we identify with so many egos that all have their different desires, wants and commitments.

The Identity One Gets with Time

Aa people age they find a kind of an identity for themselves, but it is not our real identity.

Over time people come to know what they like, what they value, what is important to them, what is right for them etc. Some of that knowledge does indeed come from their essence but not all of it does.
Some of it comes from the egos that they have and their personality. It is in effect a mixture. People end up with a mixture of values, and knowledge which forms their identity, which in all effect which is really a false identity.

The real in depth, that is, nothing beyond, is the identity of our inner Real Being.


The less we identify with the ego the closer and closer we come to knowing and understanding that our identity is not he identity or flavour of any ego but awareness and beyond that is Atman and beyond that is Kether and beyond that is Adhi Buddha and Master Samael says that there are even several identities in the Absolute beyond Adhi Buddha within the Absolute.

End (2171).

Friday, 12 January 2018



Another mantra for the day. This mantra is basically to invoke the undines of nature to you while you perform an invocation on the banks of a river or by a lake or at a beach.


The Secret Doctrine of AnĂ¡huac, Chapter 15.

“The ancient magicians, when they called the undines of the rivers and the lakes, or the geniuses of the clouds or the nereids of the stormy ocean, they cried with a loud voice pronouncing the following mantras: VEYA, VALLALA, VEYALA, HELAYA, VEYA.”
Samael Aun Weor

End (2170).

Mantra for the Day: B - (2169)


This mantra develops the chakra of the spleen which when active allows one to Master Samael says the power to command the undines of the waters both internal and external.

But more importantly for us to that this mantra will improve the health of the spleen, helping it along with its functions.


Practical Magic, Gimel, The Empress, Chakra of the Spleen

“114. He who develops this spleen chakra acquires the power to command the creatures of the water.
115. The chakra of the spleen collects during the night the energies that the Sun has left during the day.
116. With these energies the chakra of the spleen transmutes the white blood cells into red blood cells.
117. The chakra of the spleen is the centre of the etheric body. This is where the life of the sun enters our organism.
118. The letter B belongs to this chakra.
119. This chakra has 6 petals or ripples.”
Samael Aun Weor
End (2169).

What if One is Diagnosed with Cancer? - (2164)


I really want to present a post on this topic.

This is so to have a clear didactic there ready within my psyche for any eventuality, whether it be for myself for any other person. Sometimes it can be a worse impact if such an eventuality is for a loved one than it is for ourselves.

I don’t have cancer nor does anyone close to me, though there have been a few close calls.

I also wish to deal a very strong blow to the “I’s” of fear and anxiety that latch onto such an issue.
As we hear about this so often in life these days I think that such a post could be useful.

AS a disclaimer: all things in balance if there is a solution then go for it. This post is more for when the case is difficult and no promises can be made.


In the times that I have felt anxious, deep down in me there was the searching for a special force, that I imagined would enter into me like a soothing wave of calm, calming the tempests of anxious emotion and burning humiliation.

I deeply felt something like this was the solution, but I didn’t know what this force could be, I didn’t have a name for it, nor did I know how to access it. I suspected clearly though, that this force was something different to the sheer force of will that I using to step through the many events that would make me anxious and fearful.

It was not until last year that I finally learnt, thanks to my marvellous missionary (not really mine – yours too) that that antidote is TRUST!

Trust is that special tranquil and calm force that moves into our psyche and appeases the worrying and frightfully stormy waves of anxiety and fear.

If we can call upon trust each time we are worried or anxious, we will learn more for ourselves about trust. What it is, why it works and how it works in us to sooth anxiety and fear.

There are many times in life in which we need trust. Receiving bad medical news as this in the title of this post, is definitely the time to call upon trust!

Understanding the Law and Applying Trust

Trust in the law is key!

Trust Your Own Karma

Can we trust the Law? Do you trust your own karma?

We don’t fully do we? We feel a little anxious when thinking about our karma don’t we? We feel that the Law is out there to get us and so we can’t trust something that is against us can we?

I want to say that the Divine Law is not ever out to get us, they just have to enact what we did against ourselves. It is always ourselves that is against ourselves. Hitting you is to hit myself a little later down the track. We are all one, what I do to you to the same as doing it to myself. Karma makes the unity that unites us all something real here in the physical world.

Our Own Karma

When it comes to our own karma we feel we don’t deserve it or that we should fight it? What if we accept it and trust it! That would include our cancer diagnosis.

We feel so humiliated to have to accept that diagnosis don’t we? “Am I so bad? Am I worth just this much to have cancer?” I hear these words echoing from the depth of the psyche.

Will of the Law is the Same as the Will of the Being

The will of the Law is also the will of our Being! If the Law wills that I have cancer it is also my Being that wills that I should have it.

Obviously, there is no effect without any cause. There is a cause to have cancer and being justice, how can my own Being go against justice and avoid paying it.

One with Karma and Trust in the Being

What eases our suffering is to accept, trust and love our Being that sends us this cancer. “I don’t have time to finish the Being’s work” may be a protest that emerges from within us, “we are not an initiate yet”, “we have not awakened our consciousness yet”, “we need more time”, yet if we trust in our Being, we trust in our Being’s decision to have brought this to us now!

This cancer has to be brought to us for a reason, if we trust in our Being we trust in his wisdom to bring this upon us now. It is for the better.

Our pride cries and wishes for it not to be so, and wishes to wage a tremendous all out war against it. To win means to be able to do all that it feels it will be missing out on. However, in doing so, pride distances ourselves from the very Being we are fighting to get close to, and it creates a war within. Resulting that in the overall feeling of distrusting our Being. We distrusted the wisdom of our Being in favour of our own. Yet who is wiser our Being or us? Does not the limited wisdom that we have come from our Being’s greater source of wisdom?

Summing Up

The main thing when something like this happens to us or another person that we love, or that we just know, is to trust. To trust the Law and the Being for having sent it. It has come because of justice, because of some unseen debt. Justice is everywhere in the universe holds true and steady, it is one thing that we can trust as sure as the law of gravity.

Trust will ease the anxiety, fear and the many feelings of loss - because there is so much left yet to do.
It is our pride that rebels against justice and does not want to accept it even when it is obviously just. But in this case, it is more difficult because we can’t see how it is just.

Trust allows us to become one with our karma. Distrust keeps us fighting and feeling ever more anxious.

When we trust our karma we feel at peace, which is something totally different to anything we could feel without it – trust that is.

What Works: Meditate Upon and Meditate Upon

To make trust work in us we have to meditate and meditate upon this understanding of accepting and trusting our Being and the Law. The more we meditate upon it the deeper it will enter into our consciousness and the more powerful it will be in us and the calmer it will make us.

End (2164).

Wisdom from the Movie “Kingdom of Heaven” - (2168)


There are some movies that leave you with some pieces of advice that at point or another in your life or in the lives of others prove useful.

This movie: “Kingdom of Heaven” was terrible to watch (too many battle scenes and people dying) but offered some very useful messages.

In this post, I have presented a few, that have come in handy at point or another.

Just to give you a bit of context, the movie is about the crusades, where the French and English were trying to defend the “Holy City” – Jerusalem from Islamic occupation. The topic of religion and God is a constant theme in the movie. It is very violent though, matching it frankly, quite awful to watch.

Your Soul is in Your Keeping Alone

An interesting dialogue between the French appointed king of Jerusalem and French Knight, the protagonist of the movie. Note, the king wears that metal mask because he has leprosy.

King Baldwin IV: Come forward. I am glad to meet Godfrey's son. He was one of my greatest teachers. He was there when, playing with the other boys, my arm was cut. It was he, not my father's physicians, who noticed that I felt no pain. He wept when he gave my father the news... that I am a leper. The Saracens say that this disease is God's vengence against the vanity of our kingdom. As wretched as I am, these Arabs believe that the chastisement that awaits me in hell is far more severe and lasting. If that's true, I call it unfair. Come. Sit.

[they sit down on opposite sides of a chessboard]

King Baldwin IV: Do you play?
Balian of Ibelin: No.
King Baldwin IV: The whole world is in chess. Any move can be the death of you. Do anything except remain where you started, and you can't be sure of your end. Were you sure of your end once?
Balian of Ibelin: I was.
King Baldwin IV: What was it?
Balian of Ibelin: To be buried a hundred yards from where I was born.
King Baldwin IV: And now?
Balian of Ibelin: Now I sit in Jerusalem, and look upon a king.
King Baldwin IV: [Baldwin chuckles] When I was sixteen, I won a great victory. I felt in that moment I would live to be a hundred. Now I know I shall not see thirty. None of us know our end, really, or what hand will guide us there. A king may move a man, a father may claim a son, but that man can also move himself, and only then does that man truly begin his own game. Remember that howsoever you are played or by whom, your soul is in your keeping alone, even though those who presume to play you be kings or men of power. When you stand before God, you cannot say, "But I was told by others to do thus," or that virtue was not convenient at the time. This will not suffice. Remember that.
Balian of Ibelin: I will.

War Over the Holy City

Saladin: Will you yield the city?

Balian of Ibelin: Before I lose it, I will burn it to the ground. Your holy places - ours. Every last thing in Jerusalem that drives men mad.

Saladin: I wonder if it would not be better if you did.

All of Nothing

Balian of Ibelin: It is a kingdom of conscience, or nothing.

True Image Made

Godfrey of Ibelin: You are not what you were born, but what you have within yourself to be.

Ethics for Humanity

Balian of Ibelin: What man is a man who does not make the world better.

Where but in my Heart

Balian of Ibelin: [praying to his wife] how can you be in hell when you're in my heart.

End (2168).

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Alertness Transforms Tedious into Novel - (2167)

No Job is Tedious Once Aware and Alert and Filled with the Excitement of Self-Discovery

If one has this attitude of being in love with what one can find coming our of one’s mind then one will naturally be alert to catch all that comes out of one’s own mind and then any task that we have to do will not be tedious but a gift since it allows us to discover many things about ourselves, which gives us material to transform darkness into light!

Anything that we considered to be tedious before is now a catalyst for us to become very happy transforming darkness into light.

End (2167).

Want a Good Gymnasium for Pride? Then Find Someone as Strong and Proud as Yourself? - (2166)

Same Star Sign – Two Taurus, Two Leos, Two Virgos or Just Two Big Egos

A special psychological gymnasium exists between two very similar people that have similarities in their egos of pride.

This can often happen between people of the same star sign.

It is a specially charged gymnasium that brings out pride with a different and deeper charge to it.

It is in short, a very good gymnasium to learn how to control the volatile impulses of pride and the sense of fairness and unfairness so inherent in pride.

End (2166).

The Gnostic is not Happy with Relief from a Difficult Situation Just Passed - (2165)

Typical Situation

What happens very often is that we are in a difficult situation and because of that, some “I’s” that we have are put under pressure.

Naturally this is very uncomfortable, so we begin to work on ourselves to remove he uncomfortable feelings.

We may already the “I’s” causing the discomfort or we may not know.

The point is that we find ourselves doing something and this is very good. It is for sure the right thing to be doing.

The difficult situation then passes or is solved and we then feel a tremendous relief. We feel fine again. The pressure that those “I’s” were under has been relieved.

Despite the Relief, there is More to be Done…

Despite the relief we feel it is not the best. What is best is to feel the relief right in the middle of the difficult situation.

A Gnostic that wants to die in those “I’s” really and truly must procure the situation, where one’s work is at the level that it provides relief right in the very middle of hardship.

When one wants this level of death one does not feel happy with the relief felt once the difficult situation has passed.

End (2165).

See the Sexual Energy as the Being in us that we want to Fuse, Unite With! - (2163)

Who Do we Make Love to?

We may say that the answer is our husband or wife. But not really, the answer is our very own sexual energy.

The common mode of ‘make love’ is our emotions or passions exciting our sexual energy to produce more emotions where the emotion of affections mixes with those previously mentioned emotions.
The key agent is the sexual energy. If human beings did not have any sexual energy how could anybody ‘make love’ with anybody?

It is our own sexual energy that makes any sexual involvement possible and it is our own sexual energy that allows us to feel anything, we feel our own sexual energy, it is our own sexual energy that ‘makes love to us’.

Our sexual energy and our consciousness here and now, are envoys or agents of our Real Being within us. Isn’t our sexual energy and our consciousness parts of our own Being?

So why not yearn to integrate with our sexual energy, to fuse with it, to draw all of it into our consciousness. In other words; love it. This is to make love. When we ‘make love’ we ‘make love’ with our sexual energy and with our own Being, even if we are practicing Alchemy with someone or not, and this is done by transmuting our sexual energy. What it is that we love is part of us, fuses and vibrates within our Being.

Lust is the opposite of that. It is to throw out the Being in us. It is separate the Being in us, it is in many regards the opposite of uniting with our very own Being. In a previous post, I gave some examples of how the many forms of lust are all about separating the vital and ethical principles in sexuality which are at the core of our Bine g from the person.

Conclusion – Very Practical Application

This apparent abstract post has a very practical application. Often people just want to be with another. They desire emotionally or sexually to be with another.

Their concepts and desires do not allow them to discover the point made in this post, which is that even though we may be with another person, it is still all thanks to our own sexual energy and it with our sexual energy that we feel, and really truly make love. Lovingly, in the sense of yearning to fuse with the our sexual energy through transmutation, while seeing our sexual energy as part of our Being, we can gather the understanding to set us free from this desire. But this does not mean that we do not need the Alchemy, we still do: “right until the doors of the Absolute” Master Samael said.

End (2163).