Thursday, 20 September 2018

Right Choice: "If I Want to Feel Good I Pray" - (2634)

In one part of the documentary a teenage girl was explaining why teenagers go out on the town, drink, go to bars and clubs and behave in the wreckless way that they do. The teenage girl said that they basically do that sort of thing to ‘feel good’, to ‘feel happy’, ‘to enjoy life’.

The Amish teenage girl then said if I want to feel good and happy I pray!

How marvelous is that. Here we have the search for the same value. One seeking it through the outside means of ‘life’ using the wreckless, the dangerous, drink others etc. and another seeking it through the Being, through God.

Always the one value can be sought in two ways - duality at work in creation.

Awakening we are taught is to be able to chose.

There is always a choice, between the internal - the inner Being and its self-edifying, self-dignifying and renewing means and the outside – ‘life’ with its consuming, exhausting means.

End (2634).

The Attitude to Love Leads More to Love than the 'Know How' of Love – (2633)

Love is in giving less in receiving. Receiving is a product of first haven given first. The completion, the joy, the rest, the peace is in giving.

The joy of love resides in the choice to help others.

Authentic love is not dependent on receiving, circumstances, receiving. Love always starts in the small details, that is in small actions. To smile at a stranger is an act of love.

There is love in movement in the teacher who is tried after having spending the whole day working to make the money necessary to live, stands up in front of a group of people to impart to them the knowledge and keys to benefit their human and spiritual lives.

Don’t dream of giving your life or accomplishing grand acts of love if you can’t even accomplish small acts of love for the same person, like being patient, not getting annoyed, washing the dishes, etc.

No real act of love is worthless, every act of love enhances our essence and brings us joy. In that joy  from the act of giving is where there is refuge. Even if what we give another is put straight into the bin...

Nothing is ever wasted, what is given, somehow by the law of reciprocity comes back to us.

End (2633).

Is Love a Feeling or an Action? – (2632)

A Feeling You Say! – Ah Come On! – Think Again! More Like an Action Mate!

If someone just feels love and never does anything about it then what a waste.

An action is the result of thinking and feeling. An action is more complete.

We love our Being and others through actions!
There are so many feelings of love: “I love chocolate”, “I love yellow”, “I love my mum”, “I love palaeoanthropology” and “I love you”.

All very complicated as to which feeling is really love. Is “I love chocolate” really love, that is the same love as the love for a spouse or a friend? But there is nothing clearer than action.

End (2632).

Five Languages of Love – (2631)


I was listening to an audio book while driving to Gnosis from work and these so called five languages of love sounded through my car speakers. Even though it is not a Gnostic teaching, I find it quite practical and in my experience quite valid.

So, these five languages are the languages through which we express love to others. In other words, love speaks through these five languages. In many of us, our love may already be speaking through these languages, but perhaps not all five, maybe one or two only.

To know about these languages and to use them consciously I find certainly enhances our expression and giving of love to another person, people or our own Being.

The Five Languages

Quality Time

Means to give our time, our interest and attention to a person, or even our own Being.


To affirm our love, to appreciate, to honour and this is essentially done with words and body language, as the language of the body speaks many words.


Fairly obvious but only really for people close to us. In terms of our Being it may be to put heart into the equation.


Implies to do things for the person or for our Being. That would be to help the person, clean, tidy up, cook, make life easier, pay bills, even work physically for the person. When it comes to our Being, we can serve humanity, transmute, work psychologically etc. for our beloved inner Being.


This does not only have to be material things it could be gifts of kind gestures, kind words, consideration, activities together, travel, make dinner, a flower, a surprise, a break from the routine, etc.

End (2631).

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Work to Drive Your Will into Mystical Death – (2630)

Drive Will

Make your psychological work of dissolving the various “I’s” as your main preoccupation of your life.

To do this we need to gather up our will and channel or focus it into our psychological work.

To do this requires a high level of definition. This level of definition required implies clearing the way from many distractions and other unrelated occupations.

Our will is finite and it gets syphoned off into many other distractions and activities. Then we lack the will to move forward.

We have to focus and guard our will by clearing the way. Constantly!

Our will is always caught up in something. It is always driving, hoping, desiring towards something. There is always a main drive in our life. The key to move forward is to make what we want to progress in our main drive.

To rise to the dimension of will in ourselves is to rise to come to rule over our psychology.

Consciousness and will operate together constantly within our psychology and they are the cause. Mind, emotion and action are simply effects of those causes.

With intense alertness and stillness we can rise to observe the dimension of will within us and see directly consciousness and will operating together forming effects within our psychology.

Then in that dimension of ourselves while we are alert and seeing consciousness and will operating within us, we can introduce new causes within. With new causes then come new effects.

An ego from the causal projects its will and then we can introduce the new cause which is the will to transmute with the conviction that we don’t need lust, but rather to be responsible for our own sexuality and to transmute our own sexual energy, and come closer to the Being within.

Any “I” is terrible because it has will trapped and polarised against us.

End (2630).

Outline of Gnostic Anthropology Posts – (2629)


1. Why Study Anthropology?

2. Importance of the Origin of Man to Us

3. Darwinian Theories of the Origin of Man

4. Effects of the Darwinian Theories on Man

5. Origin of Man According to Gnosis

6. Unfolding of Man According to Gnosis

7. Important Events in the Unfolding of Man on Earth

8. Rise of the Intellectual Animal

9. Intellectual Animal and Humanity

10. Implications of the Intellectual Animal

11. Extinction of the Intellectual Animal

12. Humanzee Attempts in Science

13. Intellectual Animal and the Path

14. ...


These post titles may change slightly or the list of titles to be added to in time.

End (2629).

In Gnosis What is Your Weakness is Your Biggest Strength – (2628)

We have created our biggest weaknesses and because they are so big they have so much of our previous energy trapped within them.

So, when we unravel and free this trapped energy we will have transmuted that enormous weakness into a great strength of ours. Always our greatest weakness with work becomes our greatest strengths.
So be so happy if you find a great weakness and be even happier when you go to work on it. Because your greatest strength is coming!

End (2628).

In Gnosis What Baffles You the Most Will Instruct You the Most – (2627)

The biggest help to you in your Gnostic studies is to try and understand what of the teachings really baffles you.

When you make the effort to understand what baffles you, you will receive the most light or understanding about the teachings you have ever received.

There is a terrific guidance and messages of instruction in what baffles, bothers and disturbs us in the teachings, in life and in our relationships with others.

If we pay attention to these disturbances, instead of avoiding them, we can really help ourselves to progress in our development.

So many times the guidance that we seek is present right here and now in what we dislike, reject, are confused about, baffled by and are ignorance of.

Seek these out and you will have the guidance and light you require.

End (2627).

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

We Lie to Cover the Subconscious and Be Acceptably Excused – (2626)

When we have a reason for not doing something and that reason is something that is not really acceptable (illogical, absurd, silly, invalid like fear, jealousy, resentment etc.) or it is something that we can’t really express out loud (because it would cause big trouble) then what we do to cover that subconscious reason is to fabricate a lie. We fabricate a lie to cover up the subconscious reason (keep it hidden) and make the fact that we are not doing something or are doing something acceptable or forgivable.

Lies are a bridge between our subconscious and what is seen to be acceptable or forgivable.

It is very good to know this mechanism of lying, because human beings use this mechanism continuously – daily in fact.

End (2626).

Keeping Personality Passive – (2625)


Keeping our personality passive is best done when we know how to do it – of course – pretty obvious nothing new there! The thing is though that we mostly don’t know how to do it, but we really want to.
So then, to do it, we have to know when our personality is active. To know when it is active we must first of all know our personality.

Knowing when our personality is active is about knowing when what constitutes our personality is active. That is, if we know the characteristics and properties of the personality we can know when they are active in us, and then therefore we can know when the personality is active in us.

So here is a little list of some of the properties of the personality.
  • Name
  • Role
  • Job
  • Nationality
  • Social Class
  • Marital Status
  • Country
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Traditions
  • Upbringing
  • Sympathy with personal likes and circumstances
  • Preoccupations
  • Vanity
  • Reputation
  • Personal likes and dislikes
  • Human life matters
  • Fashion
  • Personal traits and characteristics
  • Personal concepts and beliefs
  • Personal ways and styles of doing things
  • Rules to do with eating, dressing, behaving socially etc.
  • Security


When Active

Typically, our personality is active when it seeks these things and or defends these things. An active personality mostly implies action.

An active personality either accepts or rejects, but is very seldom neutral.

An active personality is one which seeks out information and also seek to control events, people and circumstances so to assure its interests and likes are taken care of.


Once we know when the personality is active we can then make an effort to pacify it.

In order to pacify our personality it is necessary to see and think outside of the box of personality. 

Only with the esoteric teachings or the consciousness can we really think outside of the box of our personality.

End (2625).

Drop Your Heart Rate – (2624)

In a retreat last year we were all taught a very nice and simple technique to lower our heart rate.

The technique is to relax and begin to breathe. Breathing out for a longer duration than you breathe in for.

Here are some photos showing my results of practicing this.

Here is my heart rate at work.

Here is my new heat rate after deliberately relaxing and breathing out for a longer duration than what I breathed in for. I did this for only a few minutes. Such a change ~ 25% decrease.

Master Samael taught that we all have a determined number of heart beats. So, it implies the slower our heart rate the more we prolong our physical life. So the key is to relax, relax and relax and breathe out long and slow to drop your heart rate.

End (2624).

Transmute 'Having' to 'Being' – (2623)

‘Being’ is higher than ‘having’. In many ways and from within many egos we have to transform ‘having’ into ‘being’.

Many egos are about ‘having’. Lust is certainly one of those egos. When we truly transmute we actually leave behind the having of lust and embrace ‘the being’ and this takes us more into our Being.

End (2623).

Self-Remembering has to do With Our Origins – (2622)

When we remember our Being or we practice some kind of self-remembering it is always reacted to remembering our origin of some kind. When we remember our Being we remember always our source, our origin from which we replenish ourselves with renewed energy, light and strength.

We have many origins in time. All of our origins in creation are relative, though the primordial Absolute origin is our inner Being.

End (2622).

Two Ways Master Samael Suggested to Keep Ourselves Conscious During the Day – (2621)

Two Ways

Master Samael suggested not in the same talk but in various talks, that to keep our consciousness active we can practice these two keys.

One is definitely more difficult than the other to apply.

Passive Personality

If we are able to keep our personality passive we can keep can provide access for our consciousness to take place in us.

Keeping the personality passive also keeps the mind passive.

Don't Allow Mind and Emotion to Interfere with the Practical Matters of Life

This is very difficult, because when things are close to us we get emotional and we decide based on our emotions and we get very involved. To not get involved emotionally but to act with our consciousness is the way to apply this key.

End (2621).

Monday, 17 September 2018

Language of and Contacting the Superior Centres – (2620)


Each centre has its language as I have mentioned in a previous post. There is the language of emotion, the language of action and the language of the intellect. The language of the superior centres is symbolic. That is why we really the consciousness active in ourselves to communicate and understand these two centres.

We mostly come into contact with the language of the superior centres in dreams and in meditation. When we see a symbol in our imagination while in meditation or when we see certain symbols or archetypes in our dreams we are witnessing the language of the superior centres.

Contacting the Superior Centres

In order to make contact with the superior centres we need Master Samael says to make our personality passive. If we wish to live in continuous contact with the superior centres then we must dissolve the ego and the personality.

End (2620).