Thursday, 21 September 2017

Attitude to Face the Ego - (1973)

Right Attitude

When facing any ego have the attitude that it is just a matter of facing it, working on it and happiness is going to appear.

The attitude that working, changing transforming ourselves will solve everything is what we need!

Why? Because such an attitude makes us to go ahead. Other attitudes stop us in our tracks and leave us more or less without resources to solve the problem/issue.

Wrong Attitude

Attitudes such as where we believe that the issue is too big a problem to be solved or too important and sensitive to be touched or that the problem/issue can’t be solved by working on ourselves etc., just end up keeping the suffering going and the problem persisting.

The attitude that that issue or problem is untouchable and too important for the work - stagnate us.
The attitude that we can face it and work hard on ourselves and with the work come to dissolve/resolve/solve the problem is much better. Because there is spiritual progress and growth and the problem gets solved/resolved/dissolved.

Whatever issue/problem we face don’t take it lying down, take it with the work on yourself, no issue is too important, critical, delicate that we can’t solve/resolve/dissolve it by working on ourselves. The work on yourselves brings out your very best and hence the best solution/resolution.

With the work you are going to be happy and you are going to solve the situation. Trust the work!!!

End (1973).

Think Egoically and Get into Trouble - (1972)

As soon as we Think

When our mind is quiet all is fine. The trouble starts for us when we begin to think. We are fine with someone and as soon as a different comes along and says this and that about the person things are still fine until the moment we elaborate a thought about what we just heard. Then the weather begins to change, dark heavy clouds roll in, it thunders, lightning strikes and we are in the middle of long storm. Which all could have been avoided is we were not to have thought.

For those few negative thoughts we ended up with a storm with no useful outcome, a lot of psychic energy wasted and some egos made stronger.


Alertness, watch the thoughts and select the thoughts knowing full well the effects they are going to roll out into our interior. Wisely select those thoughts that will have a positive effect or a neutral effect.

End (1972).

Don’t Forget those who are Unwell - (1971)

Include them in Your Prayers

I try not to forget those who are unwell. After doing a practice psychological or mystical, I feel that it is a grace to be able to have done, it is natural to remember those who are not well and to ask help for them.

PAN CLARA AEGAE GUF (mantra for healing)


S M HON (mantra for healing of the mind)

May they who are unwell be healed and made strong and healthy again!

End (1971).

We Have a Karmic Psychology - (1970)

Does not Seem Right at First, Though Just Observe…

This may not seem quite right, but knowing how our psychology works it is a conclusion that we come to.

Why does our psychology work to produce pain in us, when we are insulted for example?

There are so many ways that our psychology can react to an insult, however the reaction that our psychology chooses is the one that produces is pain.

I would say that our psychology has been conditioned to react in the way that causes us pain.

To notice this and to begin to undo this painful conditioning is to begin to wake up and to begin to modify the karmic nature of our psychology.

Without awakening we can not undo our karma. Awakening and paying are debts go hand in hand.

The beauty of it is that the karmic pain produces the spark to start in the little fire of awakening in us.

End (1970).

Round Global Memory - (1969)

Need A Global Round Memory

The memory that can develop is a round memory or a global memory that encompasses all three realities as well as all three times: past, present and the future.

Make Your Memory Round

We tend to have a linear memory, not a round one. Time is round not linear. The future comes from the past, and the present is from the past and the present becomes the future, they are all join as in a circle.

If we know this, we will understand that our past is conditioning us and making us to behave the way we are right now, all because of what we are remembering. If we change what we remember we will change our present and our future also.

Unfortunately right now, we human beings don’t have this type of memory we have a memory very much like the one below!

Our Current Memory - Selective

Our memory is like this:
  • We remember the drama not the good result.
  • We remember the problem not the solution.
  • We remember all the smaller in number bad things of a person and not the greater in number good things.
  • We remember the mistakes and not the triumphs.
  • We only remember one aspect, the psychological or the physical, of an event but not all three at the same time.

Our memory in summary is very karmic. Developing the round and global memory helps us to change this karmic nature. I say karmic because it is a use of our memory that makes us to suffer and feel pain.

Our memory is such that we can chose to remember things that help us but instead we remember things that harm us and make us suffer.

Remedies – Making Our Memory Round and Global

If we have a positive selection of our memory, we can do away with resentment and many negative states that spring from remembering the negative things.

If we balance our memory with bad and then good things we will feel differently. If we remember the esoteric, the psychological and the physical of the events all together we will have a very different recall of the event and we will feel very differently.

Change what you remember! Chose to remember both positive and negative or just he affirmative or positive. Don’t chose to remember pain.

End (1969).

Naked Man in the City – Made Me to Reflect - (1968)

The Event that Made me Reflect

After Gnosis class one night I drove through the city and made a short stop in the CBD.

As I was walking along I noticed on the opposite side of the city’s central street was an old man wearing a white Cuban hat bobbing up and down and jogging in and out of the shadows close to where a bus stop was and the entrance to the grand foyer of a large Australian bank.

I looked again at the man from a good distance of say 50 or more metres, and I realised that he was naked, wearing his Cuban hat, socks and some loafer type of shoes. He was running with his hands covering his lap.

I wrote this post as an aid to help us understand the enigma of sexuality. One aspect of this enigma is that it
is governed by laws and principles.
As I watched thinking “my goodness what he is doing?” I noticed that no one else at noticed him yet. The young Asian lady at the bus stop hadn’t and it seemed that none of the passing cars had either. I thought: “it is just a matter of time”. I thought should I go and tell him: “get dressed before the police get you!”. I decided not too, I instead watched him get a bit bolder and run across the main street from the shadows to the left of the bank building’s entrance to the eve of another building’s entrance on the other side of the street.

I was amazed it seemed that no one had noticed him. I was feeling a bit scared instinctively and I began to think: “What does this guy what, why is he doing that?”. In the meantime, he tried to cross the street again to return the bank entrance I imagine from where I initially saw him. He had to stop because some cars where driving by then he ran across. I decided to keep walking and left him behind thinking to myself: “he is going to scare someone and that it’ll be it”.

The Right Sexuality is Law Abiding

When I walked back to the car, walking past the spot where I saw the naked man I realised that he had been caught. It looked as though a security guard had alerted the police and police men were taking statements from both the security guard and the man who was previously naked but now nicely dressed still wearing his Cuban hat, but this time under the bright glow of the street lights and not in the shadows.

(Error in the shadows and correction, what is right, balanced and in accordance with the law in the light!) This is an interesting key, what is done and accepted in the light is right. Use this to discern from what is right and wrong. Very useful when working on our egos.

This scene made me to reflect and I began to reflect along the following lines:

Naked but Broke the Law

He was naked, which is no big deal we come into the world that way, it is our real nature, we are like that walking around at work, in the city, driving a car - just that we have clothes on top, we can be naked all day and night at home, but yet he has broken the law, he was being fined I supposed.

When we err we are fined internally by the police of the Divine Law. Some people have dreams
about being fined, put in custody etc. by the police.

Lust Breaks Laws

So his lust was thinking something and because of his lust he acted outside of the law. Obviously to get naked falls under the realm of sexuality.

Lust is always that which breaks laws, not only human physical laws but the esoteric cosmic principles and laws.

Sexuality of the Being or Spirit

Therefore, I understood quite clearly then, that the right sexuality, the authentic and real one is the one that does not break any principles or laws at all. Not the human, not the psychological and the not the esoteric.

If a human being were to follow all the laws and principles that concern the area of sexuality one enter into supra-sexuality and live the sexuality of the Being or Spirit.

The sexuality of the Being is sexuality under the ethics and principles of the Being/Spirit.


The sexuality that is clear to the light and obeys all the laws and principles is the right one and that is also the sexuality of the Being. The Law governs sexuality also. With sexuality we break the law. With the superior law abiding sexuality we stop breaking the law and slowly erase our debts for having broken the Law. Namely karmasaya.

A life within the law is a life free of stress and anxiety and a life where trust reigns because no debt = a clear future (no unknown threat of what difficulty could come).

End (1968).

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

For Goodness Sake if you are Having Trouble with An Ego Talk to Someone - (1967)

Just If…

So many really regretful and lamentable things have happened because we didn’t talk to someone.

Just if we would have talked, we could have stayed a step away from the edge, in a pace where we could have quietly withdrawn from to safer grounds.

A Mistake

We knew we were in trouble but we didn’t talk. In hindsight that was a mistake.

At the time we always think no one wants to listen, no one cares, they are all too high to care, they will think I am useless and not doing anything etc.

Still it was a mistake. What is worse to step over the edge or to have asked help from someone willing to help and from someone who is there to help?

Just Talk to Someone

If we are really having trouble with some kind of ego, talking about it will help to such a beneficial degree that right now you don’t think is possible, but it is.

Just talk to someone, it does not have to be the same person that berated you, find another one but with the purpose of comprehending more, finding a special key that will help you, discovering more, overcoming more, taking a step forward in its dissolution etc.

End (1967).

Pride Stops us from Surrendering to the Being or Spirit - (1966)

Look Inside

If there is something that we do not want to let go of to give way to the work or the inner Being or Spirit in us, pride is behind it.

Whether it be resentment, greed, eating (gluttony), laziness, a grudge, a certain fear, an avoidance, lust of one kind or another… pride is behind it.

Pride wishes us to stand apart with our desire, vice, problem etc. and not surrender to the Being or Spirit within us. The simple act of just standing separate is pride. The fact of believing more in the desire, vice or problem than the Being or Spirit is pride.

To believe more in something that is not of what is essentially us is pride. To believe in the more, the less, the extra, the additional, the diversion instead of what is essentially us is a separation and that separation is always pride.

Pride always separates us in relativity, it always separates those into the more and those into the less. However, in our case this separation occurs within us.

Remedy to the Inner Separation Caused by Pride

This inner separation can be remedied by reversing the relativity and duality imposed by pride. When we believe more in the inner Being or Spirit we merge we then surrender. If we believe that the Being or Spirt is more the solution, is more contentment, more happiness, more fulfilling then the separation by pride closes.

To do this we have to work on it and practice it and reaffirm it and comprehend it deeply. Educate our free essence that the Being is better, best and the real.

End (1966).

Love the Sexual Energy and the Transmutation - (1965)

Of Major Help

A major help to ourselves is to cultivate the love for the sexual energy and especially for the transmutation of it. The sexual energy is a grace, a gift and the transmutation is another grace and gift. To have sexual energy but not be able to transmute it is incomplete and sad.

A person has to really love how they can transmute their sexual energy, and furthermore fall in love with the way their own transmuted sexual energy via the conscious effort to transmute energises them, lucidifies their consciousness, draws them higher within themselves, makes them vibrate differently, produces the ‘to the core’ fulfilling feeling of having done something meaningful, having benefited their Being, having accrued some dharma etc.

This Love Holds Us

As love always does, it holds us strong during the difficult times, If it weren’t for love we would have given up many times in many different avenues of our life. This love for our sexual energy and for our inner Being or Spirit and for the transmutation holds us strong and joins us more and more with supra-sexuality or the sexuality of our inner Being or Spirit.


It is worth everything to love our sexual energy and the transmutation. You can relax a little and rest once you feel that love for your sexual energy and the transmutation quietly buzzing and alive within you.

End (1965).

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

To Trust Our Mind is to Distrust Our Being - (1964)

Antidote for Fear

The antidote to fear is trust in the good and in the Being (the Spirit dwelling in each one of us). When we don’t believe or even trust in the Being or the Spirit, or in the prevailing power of good, fear arises in us!

When we trust in our mind there is not much trust left over to be used for anything else. When it comes to trust, trust is like a spotlight that works by being focused on something. When it is put onto something that something is what we trust. It is very much like our consciousness.

When we trust our mind we trust the negativity that there is in our mind and we forget totally the Being. There is no space for the Being or the Spirit within us when we are trusting the negativity in our mind.

Thanks to my marvellous missionary we have this God-Send Helpful teaching of Trust!

Trust the Consciousness in Your Work

We when we work on ourselves we sometimes trust more our mind. We want to put our work and its progress into the various boxes that our mind creates. We have a line of progress in our mind and we believe that our work’s progress should obey that line. Too often it doesn’t and we just suffer and have no other option but to suffer until we drop the line of progress imposed by our mind.

In the work we must follow the ways and methods of the consciousness and trust that the consciousness will make results happen. It has to, if the consciousness is active more often by applying the ways and methods of the consciousness we are going to make it flower more and more and make itself brighter and larger within us.

One of the ways of the consciousness is awareness, alertness and no-thinking. There are many more  ways, this was just a few.

End (1964).

A Diet of Impressions is Always Useful - (1963)

Impressions are Powerful – Time is their Power

The impressions we receive may not seem like much at first, but over time they become powerful!
Many times the effects of the impressions once accumulated become too powerful to control!

A nagging spouse or child does not get what he or she wants initially but over time, you can be sure that they will get it. All because of the fact that impressions grow in power by working overtime.

Impressions accumulate, that is why they are powerful over time!

Effect of Too Many Impressions

Receiving many impressions without being able to digest them makes us mentally ill. We feel overloaded, confused, blinded, mentally bloated and not knowing where to start and what to do next.
In other words receiving too many impressions destroys mental order and organisation, and that is critical for the mind. The clearer and more logical and organised we keep our mind, so much the better for us, our work, our life and others in our life.

Want to Decrease Something (like Desire) then Reduce the Intake of Impressions

If we want to decrease something within our psyche, one of the first things to do will be to impose on ourselves a diet of impressions. This will clear our mind and bring clarity, organisation and direction allowing us to know what we must do next. Whether that ‘what to do next’ is in relation to dissolving the ego or in solving a certain issue in life.

End (1963).

Monday, 18 September 2017

How Many Chances do we Have? - (1962)

Answer: 7!

Master Samael did not say this as far as I am aware but my marvellous missionary has told us a few times through some experiences that he has had, that we can have up to 7 encounters (chances) in a life time, with an esoteric school possessing the knowledge of the initiatic science.

This means that a person can leave an esoteric school possessing the knowledge of the mysteries up to six times.

As far as the person is interested and the Monad of the person really wants to work for its self-realisation that person can have up to seven serious encounters or chances to study and work in an esoteric school possessing the keys to self-realisation.

Certainly Not Advisable

It is certainly not advisable to do this, to leave six times and come back! You waste time! You break continuity.

In my experience I have seen people leaving Gnosis and coming back maybe 2 or 3 times, then after that, they just give up. Maybe they will come back later, if their Monad is still willing that is!

Long Absences – Be Careful Not to Burn a Chance

There are people that don’t come for months, then come back, in those cases such people have to be careful that these long stints of absence are not counted as a chance.

This behaviour is very common with the Latinos. Sorry but you guys have the tendency to be irresponsible in your attendance.

Maybe even large mistakes can be counted as a chance burnt.

Once All Chances Are Burnt

I would assume that once a person’s seven chances are all burnt up the doors are closed and their life takes a very different turn. Perhaps if the person is very repentant and earnest the doors may open a again.

End (1962).

Love Chocolate but there’s not Much Prana in It - (1961)


I am trying to find a very interesting book on prana that I once read through.

It was a book, where applicable, they were trying to bring the ancient Hindu philosophy to do with prana into scientific investigation. They had come up with a system whereby they were able to gauge the amount of prana in various foods.

Prana In Foods

Using their system they found to my initial surprise that chocolate is very low in prana. They also said that red meat was not very high in prana as well. The foods that were highest in prana were fish, oysters, most seafood and most vegetables and fruit. With of course some vegetables and fruit being higher in prana than other types.

It seems that the foods lowest in prana are the ones that contribute more to easy putting on of weight?
It seems better to eat food higher in prana so to nourish the body with more prana.

End (1961).

Stiff Upper Lip – Personality - (1960)


The British “stiff upper lip” is a clear and common feature of the personality worn by many British people.

“Stiff upper lip” essentially means to not show emotion. This is a very British or English trait.
(Try making your upper lip go stiff, then you will see that you can smile, laugh, cry or anything, stiff upper lip = no emotion.)

It is really amazing how just one feature of the personality can influence so much of a person’s life.
If we look deeply and extensively we will find that the “stiff upper lip” features in many human interactions, many attitudes, expressions, ways of acting in events, ways of speaking, gestures, social norms, you name it.

This “stiff upper lip” in turn influences much of the way the egos in a British person manifest and react.

The ego has a very cultural component to it.

What About us

If the British have such a single feature that characteristics much of their personality, their egoic reactions and interactions etc. then what about us, we can have the same thing working within us, why not?

You only know that that this is not true in you, when you have searched and discovered that it is or is not!

Just one feature that has such a major influence? The Australian personality has one, see if you can find it.

End (1960).

Make the Most of Life - Awaken and Die - (1959)

To get the most out of our precious time and life, the best thing to do is to dedicate ourselves to the effort of making our consciousness more active during our day and doing practices to die in the ego.

It seems that nothing else that we can do in our day really has as much meaning and long standing value than these two things.

After all these two things are what survive physical death!

End (1959).