Monday, 21 October 2019

Who are you in Your Heart? - (3262)

Our spiritual progress is about who we are in our heart.

We don't see the heart of others... If we do we see it, we see it in the combination of their words and actions.

Who we are in our heart is something alive and something that lives in our human life as it does in other expressions of our greater one life.

Only really the Beings, the masters and the Divine Law see our heart as it is and who we are in it...

On Earth, only really we know who we are in our heart.

Our heart is our truth and the challenge of life here on Earth is always to live true to our heart...

How interesting, our truth is found in our heart, at our spiritual core. Who we are is something of the nobility of the spirit. We are something spiritual.

When we try to find out who we are in our heart, what is alive in our heart is us, and this will also be present in our human life living out its life.

When we ask the question about what values we have, we are left with an empty feeling. What we are not remains as an empty feeling in our heart.

As Master Samael says the fire ascends according to the merits of the heart. Who we are in our heart causes the fire of the Divine Mother to ascend.

End (3262).

Transforming Power is of the Essence - (3264)

To transform is in the very nature of our essence.

To transform an insult into understanding and tolerance is of the nature of our essence. Actually even beyond that.

The nature of the Christ in anyone is to transform the negative.

When a great master crystallizes the second logos within him or herself then without a shadow of a doubt such a great master is a super transformer of all types of impressions and energies.

Anyway down to our level we must never tire of transforming!

Transforming impressions, transforming our sexual energy and all of our energies into more positive uses.

End (3264).

Why we Look at a Ferrari - (3260)

I was at Yelo the other day and a middle aged man rolled up in his nice new red wine coloured Ferrari. He jumped out ordered a coffee and sat on the same table as me.

I observed myself looking at his car. I observed that a look for some seconds is of a neutral quality within one's psychology. One is like being aware of what one is looking at.

However as the looking continued, things changed and a new element appeared - fantasy and further to that I observed what sustained the looking was fantasy.

Within a minute or less one sees that it is a nice car, not very practical though (seating only two), very expensive to maintain, something that is corruptible - very quickly it looses its value and wear and tear inevitably takes a bight out of it and furthermore it is something that I really don't want when it comes to it, and something that I will never have.

There is always fantasy with desire, and fantasy maintains the fascination. If we stop fantasy we void ourselves of the need to look and wonder...

This exact same principle applies to anything else that we may look at or take a second look at. ..

Fantasy issuing from the subconscious which is very subtle deceives us (tricks us) and keeps us looking. If one notices the main gist of the fantasy and realizes how unrealistic it is one can drop it and everything else drops within you.

End (3260).

Sexual Organs are a Sacred Altar - (3259)

Through the sexual organs one connects to their inner Being. The sexual organs of a person are the instrument of that person's Monad to realise itself and later integrate itself amongst all of its many parts - especially the essence.

This is the exact same function as an altar. An altar creates a channel through which man here on Earth connects to the God inside of him and to the Gods of the Macrocosmos and beyond.

That is why it is said in the practice of sacred sexuality one is at the altar officiating. Both man and woman become like a priest and priestess whom officiate at the altar of sexuality. 

Sex is the stone and all altars are of stone. 

Sacred sexuality is liturgical and the first altar was sexuality and the highest and most primordial prayer is in sexuality as the transmuted energy is a connection, a channel and of energy communication linking the human being to their Monad.

End (3259).

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Transmutation the Tincture of Transformation - (3258)

Transmutation is the template of transformation.

If we follow its principles we can transform things.

Its principle is to take the thing (not squash it, break it or destroy it but take it) and chose the right side of duality (the right that benefits us - the work - the essence) and then bring it inwards into our interior and then sublimate it (give it a use for our work or the essence), that is cause it to rise to a higher octave within us.

It is a template that anything within our psychology can be acted upon so to transform it.

Any impulse, idea, desire, want, apparent need, confusion, etc. can be transformed using the template principle of transmutation.

End (3258).

What are you Doing in the Work Today? - (3257)

We organise our normal house and working day really quite well. But our esoteric day we don't organise as well.

If we did organise our esoteric day well - as in we knew what we are going to do today and how we were going to do it and that we wanted to do it by the end of today we would do a lot of good things for our essence!

End (3257).

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Leverage Points in the Psychological Work - (3256)

A leverage point is something well understood that allows you to get a wedge in under the ego and lift it out of your human machine.

There are so many leverage points. Every leverage point is a particular truth. Only truth has the power to truly produce a real effect inside of us.

Each indiviudla has his or her effective leverage points. These leverage points are so worthy of sharing.

For every ego, for every identitifiaction, for every negative internal state there is a leverage point.

The Gnostic teachings are full of leverage points.

When we find one, we ahve to treasure it and use it as much as we can to get the maximum out of it.

One leverage point is to not get identified with the ego is to not lose oneself. To lose oneself is where time escapes you, things blurr, you lose the depth perception of your psycholgy, your natural relaxation and point of watching your psycholgy goes, you fall asleep and time passes before you wake up again.

End (3256).

Thoughts of Premonition - (3255)

One sees a cat crossing a busy road late at night. It hurries across looking left and right partly seemingly aware of the danger. A sigh of relief it makes it across safely and slinks away out sight through a gap in the fence. One then thinks if that cat does that too often one day it is going to get hit. 

The right turning arrow turns green, accelerator and, straighten - the home stretch now. Home is a 600m down this road. A white flash from the left hand side of the car, head lights show up a poor cat recently run-over on in the middle to left of the road. Clunk and clunk, the dead cat gets twice run-over. How aweful, poor cat, what a way to go then have its body treated that way. 

There are many thoughts in us that descend from a higher plane wihtin us that are like premomitions. 

It is always wise to listen and remain alert.

End (3255).

Art Marks the Peak and the End - (3254)

The medium of art leaves humanity a legacy and a kind of record of the knowledge, insights and understanding of the great cultures as well as in some cases their esoteric teachings.

It seems all that remains of the great civilisations and cultures is their art... Little of their science, little of their politics, little of their culture remains, but that left through their art. 

While a culture is in full bloom art also blooms, expressing the culture’s splendour and values and they evolve through the lifetime of the culture.

Usually when a culture is agonising and facing it last moments it appeals to art as the medium to keep what is left of it alive. 

End (3254).

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Victim of your Experiences - (3252)


Dreams or experiences can be 'spot-on', 'hit the nail on the head', at times and at times there exists a strange relationship between people and their dreams or experiences. Which this post is really about.

I have noticed that sometimes we can fall victim to our own dreams and experiences. Which in any case is not very good. So I am writing a bit about this point here.

Normally when we fall victim to our dreams we say the following:

"I had this experience and I don't know what it means. Tell me what it means."

"I had this experience and I don't know what I should do with it."

"I had this experience and I am wary of that person now."

"I had this experience and I can't do what the dream told me to do. What do I do?"

"I had this experience and it was good but it is not coming true."

"I had this dream and I am shaking in my boots now. I am confused and worried."


I think you get what I mean now. The solution to stop being a victim is always knowledge and  comprehension through investigation. Once we comprehend we get some consciousness and then we can act in order. Action mostly in relation to most dreams is to forget and discard but not always that is where our careful discernment must enter into play. 

End (3252).

We don't Feel Lonely Because we Don't have Someone! - (3253)


As the title of the post goes, we are not really lonely because we don't have a partner, spouse, friends, family etc. 

It is more an interior state that at its root has to do with the relationship we have with our Inner Being.

These states of loneliness are due to a lack of remembering the Being within us.

Inherent in any lonely state is the feeling of 'two'. That is duality. We feel as if we are the unlucky 'one', the neglected 'one', the forgotten 'one', the disliked 'one' etc. etc. See all 'ones', where that 'one' is not like the other 'one' (read below for the 'other one').

The lonely state then looks at others who have family or spouses and friends as the lucky ones, the 'complete ones', the 'ones with good fortune' and the 'ones well set up'. See - 'ones' again, which are the 'other ones' that I mentioned in the previous paragraph. 

In the end these lonely states are about two sets of  'ones' - i.e. duality. So bring the duality together and we arrive at unity and we dissolve the lonely state.

Remembering the Being

When we remember the Being we can do it in duality, that is 'me' here and the Being 'up there'. But this does not help. It does not displace the state of feeling lonely with its sad, resigned, feeling neglected type of inferior emotions.

Remembering the Being not as 'two' but as 'one', is what really helps.

Remembering that you are an essence and that you are of are in the Inner Being is very different. So you then walk around feeling within the bosom of the Being, as if that Being is walking around in you. But you are not better or worse, you are the same as you always were you just did not remember that. and everyone else is the same as you with their Being walking around with them through their essence.

The key is in the right remembering of the Being.

The role of these states of loneliness is to learn to firm up the relationship between ourselves and the our Inner Being. To revamp and deepen our self-remembering.

End (3253).

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Devoid the "I" of Meaning - (3251)

Loss of Meaning

When a person loses meaning in life they become idle, aimless, lost, confused, disorientated and depressed.

So the same thing with any "I" or ego that we have. Because any "I" is really a person living within us.

So when we are able to devoid a particular "I" of meaning we really do something in the work of its dissolution.

For example, lust gets itself involved in so many conversations and things that have no meaning and and if it is not dissolved it will continue doing this forever. 

To understand that many egos search for impressions that do not have any real profound meaning nor do they nourish the essence nor is anything real or useful about them.   

Seeing the meaninglessness of any ego gives you the chance to devoid it of meaning and that takes power from it, a good deal of the hypnotic grip from it actually!

Importance of Meaning

We are essentially people who seek meaning for our life. Our very meaning is always to be found in our inner Being or deep in our essence.

Meaning is a fundamental thing for every human being, our essence, our inner Being function by virtue of it. This is because meaning is of the Being, it cascades down from the higher parts of our Inner Being.

End (3251).

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Donkey Stubbornness is a Good One for the Abyss - (3250)

Stubborn Donkey

The abyss is for the stubborn!

It is for those who didn't learn the many lessons about evil, balance, pain, pleasure, money, power,  etc. in life. Either because they were too stubborn and they just didn't want to change or because they were too stubborn to see...  

Anyway the abyss is for those who were too stuck in their ways and were unable to change, that is for them there was no promise or potential to change. so there having their stubbornness being broken down.  

The way to the abyss is begun here on Earth and is one's place is booked an secured while we are here.

Try hard not to get stubborn!

Help Flees

Stubbornness causes help to flee and sifts us into the pan of a helpless case.

I'm not sure if you have seen the movie in Italian titled "Pinocchio". You see there the stubborn and naughty boys get turned into donkeys where they suffer terribly and end up in a kind of retrogression or involution. Indicating that a key quality to involute from the human condition is to be stubborn in error.

The abyss is also as Virgil says to Dante: "for those who have lost the good intellect". Which makes total sense because their stubbornness in vice was so much, so obsessive, so overboard that the only avenue left was the absurd, the abyss.

End (3250).

Gaia has Chakras - (3248)

That's right our beloved mother Earth has her chakras.

Master Samael saud that the Earth does indeed have chakras and it makes sense that Gaia would have chakras.

Where are they?

Master Samael never said anything as to where they are. However, several other authors write that they do have definite well known locations.

They say one is in Australia, in Ayers rock.

A chakra, whether it be in the Earth or in a human body is a vortex of energy, a magnetic centre, a hub of energy and a centre of transformation of energy.

So that would mean that at these locations on the planet Earth, there would be a very powerful fount of energy. Meaning that if one is a little sensitive one could feel that and be affected by it.

End (3248).

Monday, 14 October 2019

From the Subconscious we Forget - (3247)

When we do things from our subconscious we very quickly forget what we did.

Almost as if we were hypnotised. A hypnotised person usually does not remember what they did or spoke about while under hypnosis.

The deeper from within the subconscious that we acted, the quicker and deeper we forget.

The reason for this is that we did not act consciously and therefore the memory of that event is only partly registered in the consciously accessible part of our memory.

This sis a huge impediment because the subconscious actions are the ones that we desperately need to know and work on.

This forgetfulness is also useful to the myself because we this forgetfulness it diverts any threat of being uncovered and worked upon.

Repentance is a force within us that does not forget and allows our essence to penetrate into the deeper layers of our memory to unearth knowledge and understanding from it.

End (3247).