Friday, 22 March 2019

Self-Compassion Comes from Karma - (2961)

Remember what Japan did after WWII, it decided to limit itself by only equipping itself with military might capable of defence. Germany has done a similar thing in many ways, where one of these ways was to let in several hundred thousand new immigrants of very different culture and value set to native German people in an effort perhaps to compensate for the atrocities of WWII.

Self-compassion is the ego that does the same, it is something that works from within our subconscious punishing ourselves. Going against ourselves, castrating ourselves, diminishing ourselves, lowering ourselves etc. 

When this ego is very karmic we punish ourselves even when we really don't want to. Those people who destroy themselves with drugs, sex, alcohol etc. have the ego of self-compassion laden with a heavy burden of karma. The karma does not allow them to so easily leave those ruining activities.

When we have this ego working in our subconscious it actually attracts abuse and so often it happens that instead of getting consideration we get struck with reprimands, insults and the like.

That ego wishes for that abuse because it believes deep down that it deserves it. All the while pride is suffering the unspeakable...

This ego of self-compassion is created from having made various mistakes and not having transformed those mistakes into improvements, change, learning, light, new resolution and an upward movement on the Level of Being.

What a hell of a dark post the next one will be totally different.

End (2961).

Why Justice Depresses Pride - (2960)

Pride deeply believes that it is right and being the ruler in its own style and environment, often is unaware if it is really right or wrong. However, when there is justice there is an authority outside of it that bears down upon it surpassing it and it is evident that it was wrong and it then suffers a disappointment and a kind of disillusionment which manifests as a kind of depression. 

All these feelings of disappointment and disillusionment are all related to pride, to a lesser or greater degree.

End (2960).

Once a Day Open Yourself Up to Above - (2959)

To look up and open up, totally wishing to connect to the above and totally accepting of what will descend!

This is I feel so needed. We spend our life looking down into the 'humdrum' of life, proud in it and separated somewhat from above.

Look up, connect to above, open up to above - smile.  

What we have is what It wants - Thank you for the day! 

End (2959).

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Ley Lines and Temples - (2958)

Looking for This...

I have been looking for this bit of info for a while now, to complement the posts on temples. So then, the site of many temples are located on the intersection of these ley lines or magnetic lines of energy just as the excerpt below says.

Ley Lines and Temples

"Earth energies such as ley lines are natural paths which usually follow magnetic lines in a network all over the planet, linking natural power points. All living beings have a sensitivity to these paths—they form for example part of the navigation capacity of migratory birds and are also used by sea animals such as whales. The magnetic component is measurable and acts like a carrier wave for the non-physical ley energy. A convergence or concentrated criss-crossing of these lines carries a special intensity, is therefore considered a power point and many such places, for example Stonehenge, have become sacred to religious use of some kind in history. Many great cathedrals in Europe are built on such convergences and hence are thought of as cosmic power points."

Note, this excerpt was taken from the book: "Encounters with Nature Spirits" by Robert Ogilvie Crombie.

End (2958).

Law of Octaves - Practical Conclusion - (2957)

The practical conclusion to this issue of the Law of Octaves and the Law of Seven is then to know that in any project, en-devour or enterprise there will always be 'stops' or intervals characterised by obstacles and that we will always have to renew our efforts so as to drive forward towards results or our aim.

The Nautilus Shell - A Perfect Example of the Law of Octaves.
It is good to know that renewed efforts will become at the due moment super efforts, the higher the octave.

The Law of Octaves also tells us that everything has its right moment and that efforts are best made in an interval and the aim of all things is to strive towards higher octaves.

Also the higher an octave is taken, the more and more spiritual or sublime the endevour becomes.

End (2957).

Law of Octaves - Nitty Gritty - (2956)

First Interval

Here is our octave:

Do Re Me Sol La Fa Si Do

Master Samael says that Do Re Me marks the beginning of the project or enterprise. In the beginning some progress is made however there comes a kind of a 'stop' or pause. 

This 'stop' occurs between Me and Sol.

This 'stop' is characterized, Master Samael says, by obstacles and difficulties. What's more he says that these obstacles are usually from the events and issues of life.

If we lack will, determination and are weak in conviction, this is exactly where we fail or give up or put the project on hold.

What we need Master Samael says is to produce a renewed effort to surpass the obstacles to continue forward.

Second Interval

If one overcomes the first 'stop', then another waits in the interval between Fa and Si. Once again difficulties and obstacles appear, usually of a different nature to the ones experienced earlier.

Once again the way to overcome them, is to produce a renewed effort, that is inject renewed energy, invest more time, inject more will and consciousness so to sail forward.

New Octave Produced

If we overcome the two stops, then we will arrive at producing a new octave in our project or enterprise. Which is what we want. Then once again we will have to pass through the same 'stops' or intervals to give another octave.

End (2956).

Law of Octaves - Why So Important - (2955)

In the Beginning was the Word

The Law of Octaves or the Law of Seven corresponds to the unfolding of Universal Sound.

It was actually sound that made creation possible, and it is even sound that is sustaining creation. Everything is vibrating and therefore in a state of producing sound. 

Before there was creation there was sound, in the way of :"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God"

Orders the Way Any Creation Unfolds

The Law of Seven determines the way anything that we do unfolds. It plays a vital role in any project or enterprise no matter what it may be.

Secret Why we Fail

The Law of Seven actually holds the secret as to why so many of our enterprises or projects actually fail. Therefore if we know how it works we can take any enterprise or project to fruition! YEAH!!!

End (2955).

Law of Octaves Posts - (2954)


I have been looking for this information for a long time now. 

Thanks to m.m.m who brought it to light just the other day actually.

You will find it very illustrative and practical.

It is taken from a talk Master Samael gave and was transcribed and included in the "El Quinto Evangelio".


Before diving in, it is good to have a little bit of a background going on. An octave consists of eight notes. In an octave there are really only seven distinct notes (that is where the Law of Seven comes into it). 

An octave is a spiral where there is a starting point - the first note, then the notes rise in pitch or frequency and the circle or cycle reaches an end - the eight note, which is the beginning note but at a higher frequency (higher or new octave).  

See the following notes below:

Do Re Me Fa Sol La Si Do 

See how the first and eight notes are the same (both are Do). That cycle is an octave, and it is very physical, psychological and esoteric actually. The following posts will show you why and how that is.

End (2954).

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Elementals 6 - Among Them - (2953)

The elementals of nature most certainly do have their kingdoms. They have their dominions where human beings are out of place and do not necessarily belong.

If you have ever been to Milford sound in the South Island of NZ you will know what I mean... 

What a foreboding place, one can really feel that one stepped into a special kingdom that ought to be treated with respect. Waves of reverence emanate from the mountains, the trees and the waters sending the message - "what is man doing here?". 

What force and strength of vitality there is there! One feels so rejuvenated and left in awe of the great vital forces of the Earth that are still in activity. Images of the "Hall of the Mountain King" come to mind, the domain of the giant talking tress, elves and the mountain king bearing down upon you.  

Imagine the ocean depths, the ocean trenches the many lakes, seas, estuaries and rivers, they are the domain of the undines, the high spheres of the Earth amongst the highest mountain peaks are the realms of the sylphs. The fiery bellows of the volcanoes are the realms of the salamanders of the fire. 

It is said that some elementals are happy and willing to help human beings while are others are very wary - well with just reason. Man now days has no appreciation of the elementals or nature spirits and just wishes to use nature (the result of their work) for its own benefit.

The elementals are said to be quite zealous with their domain...So as to protect it and keep it free from prying human hands, that will only corrupt or pollute it.

Even they may be reaching out to human beings to inpsire them to help humanity to take more care of nature.

There are hierarchies and hierarchies everywhere in the cosmos and so amongst the elementals of nature. Sitting at the the top are the Guru Devas who guide, instruct and watch over the elementals. Then there are elemental Kings and Queens.  

There are the workers and the bosses, just as there is everywhere.

Their main job it is said, is to build up and bring the life force delivered tot eh Earth from cosmic sources into nature in the various forms that can be fixed or stored in the life of mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.

They are so powerful as they are all essence and no ego. All their will is free. We think that a little slip of a sylph is insignificant and has no power but we are wrong there.

End (2953).

We Put Ourselves into Psychological Jail - (2952)

Karmic Psychology

In general when a person breaks the law they can go to jail, depending on the law. Fair enough, that is the law. When they have served their time, they are out, their debt paid and a new life begins. They can live rightfully so as a free person and enjoy life just as much as anyone else. If their psychology co-operates that is. Otherwise the person can psychologically stay in jail continuing to punish themselves, feeling unworthy, guilty, wretched, below society etc.

This psychology of punishing ourselves is what we can call karmic psychology and takes up residence in our psychology when we are paying karma and even after the karma has been paid.

A person can err and not break the law of the country. But none the less that person can him or herself into jail by creating a total downwards change in their psychological structure that lowers, doubts and humiliates themselves.

Many people even feel like this without having made an error in years. This tells us that their version of the karmic psychology is active within them. It also tells us that they created this karmic psychology at some point in the past, because obviously they erred. We have all erred. We can not judge. We don;t even know most of the time how we have erred.

The interesting thing about karmic psychology is that we end up paying our debts but the karmic psychology stays. So we must adapt our psychology to the new state which is a state clear of that debt. Knowing that our debt has been paid we don't have to keep that structure alive anymore of lowering, humiliating, doubting, feeling guilty, anxious, worried, uncomfortable, in life. 

The purpose of that structural set-up of our psychology has been served and it no longer serves a purpose and we must adapt our psychology to suit the new conditions.

Even people after some months in Gnosis develop the symptoms of karmic psychology becasue why? Because their karma accelerates and deep down they know it and their own version of the karmic psychology takes hold from within the subconscious and stays there in the background.

Actively working to pay our karma helps to shift this background state.

End (2952).

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

The Start to Separation: Do you Agree with the Ego? - (2951)

Check this Out 

Our psychological death or transformation begins in the intellectual centre, then progresses to the emotion and ends in the motor centre, and our liberation begins in the motor center and progresses to the emotion and ends in the intellect.

So our separation from the ego which is a stage in the death of ego begins in our intellect. Got that?


So then, do you agree with the ego? Do you honestly agree with the way it thinks, with its point of view, with its proposed way of solving things, with its projections, with its actions, with its words, with its pain, with its sense of unfairness, with its needs, etc.

If we honestly find that we do agree with some of the above things from the ego, then separation will be difficult and will require work.

To honesty answer these questions we have to separate ourselves from the ego don't we?

If we have the view that the ego's views, ideas, protests, way of thinking, etc are our ways of thinking, protests, ideas then we can not experience separation, and therefore, progress in our freedom is at a stand still.

Does that make sense to you?

End (2951).

First Chamber Lectures - All the Areas to Awaken In - (2950)

We awaken in areas.

There are people very awake and balanced in certain areas of life, but they are unbalanced, out of wack and unaware in other areas of life.

Usually when there is a big ego, we are quite asleep, unbalanced (out of wack) in that areas of life. A person has a rather large "I" of lust means that person is rather asleep in that area.

There are many areas for us to awaken in. The first chamber lectures area essentially areas for us to awaken to.

People are totally unaware of the Law of Karma. So we have to wake up to it. People are mostly unaware of the power of the word, so we must wake up to it. People are aware that we have an essence, a personality and many "I's", people are unaware about life and death so we must awaken to those mysteries, people are unaware of cosmic laws such as return and recurrence so we must wake up to those laws etc.etc.

Of course, by dissolving the ego we begin to wake up in these areas an acquire balance in those areas. But first comes a kind of incipient awakening into those areas and we see that we must dissolve the ego and as we do our awakening in those areas deepen and we arrive closer and closer to balance in those areas.

End (2950). 

Do you See Me? or the Image/Concept of Me? - (2949)

We don't really see people. We only see the image or the concept or the belief that we have of them.

We all have everyone inside of our head. Of course not literally but in the form of a concept, an image, a belief etc.

It is this concept, image and or belief that we get angry at, feel hurt by, get upset at etc.

This image or concept or belief is not the person, it is ourselves, it is our own creation. We get upset at ourselves - holy guacamole hey!

Yummy for the Tummy
I assure you if you remove this image, concept, belief, expectation etc. that we have of the other person in our mind then all will change.

Just remove it and see what happens in you!

End (2949).

A Thought as a Gift - (2948)

To the essence all is magical. 

The essence is the one that has a sense of awe.

A thought arises from an unknown origin within us. It is like a gift. Something that comes to us. How magical, it came to us by magic, as if it was brought by invisible hands.

What do we do with this gift? Certainly not waste it, use it, convert it into knowledge of ourselves, convert it into consciousnesses by examining it, working it, transforming it into a tiny spark of wisdom. 

Then we have made good use of this gift, whether it was a nice thought or an ugly thought.

End (2948).

No Rest for the Wicked - (2947)

There is significant truth behind that age old saying.

We can see it on two fronts.

One is that we have so much karma and ego that we can not afford to rest.

The other one is that the poor devil (our own inner Typhon Baphomet) when we are fallen and stuck in the mud of so much ego is always so busy trying to help us to learn how to get out of the ego.

When we have no ego left, the Typhon Baphomet becomes Lucifer and can finally rest, preciosity becasue we are no longer wicked (full of ego).

End (2947).