Monday, 30 November 2020

Hey we Have to be in Self-Remembering - (3957)

A few different ways to be in self-remembering, well many ways. 

Each to their own way. 

One common denominator is that the mind is not thinking. 

With self-remembering or remembering the Being we can reach our centre, touch our consciousness, see clearly outside the ego, mind and personality and make the consciousness brighter.

A nano bit more awake and it all accumulates.

End (3957).

Sunday, 29 November 2020

Forget Comparison - (3956)

We know this - "don't compare yourself to anyone". But we forget. 

This is us reminding ourselves right now: "don't compare your path to that of anyone else", "don't compare your work to that of anyone else", "don't compare your circumstances to that of anyone else", "don't compare your karma/dharma to that of anyone else", "don't compare your abilities to that of anyone else" etc.

When we compare we become miserable.

When we compare we stop living our life, we stop fully living our reality. We become a bit cut off from it.

When we compare we create a new point of view which we adopt as our point of view. But this new point of view is based on another person (usually more advanced, fortunate, smarter etc.), which happens to be false for us. 

This new point of view is really a point of view that is about saying to ourselves all the time 'we should', 'we should be like this' and it never really can be because it is not us. We go by a different ‘rumba”.

We stop experiencing ourselves directly, we experience things through this false point of view which diverts and collides things for us making us miserable.

In the end the lesson is don't compare and be happy and work directly with your reality as you are and as it is. This is how we can really change and help ourselves.

End (3956).

Arguments Arguments Arguments - (3955)

This post is just a very impartial look at arguments. Some reflections that's all.

Are they a bad thing or a good thing? It mostly depends on how we see the results. There are some that really damage a relationship. Then there are some that improve the relationship. There are some that are unnecessary and some that just had to be, and couldn’t be avoided and then there are some that really could have been avoided. Some that really hurt and some that irritate and some that don't hurt. 

They usually have a good result when the truth comes out, the truth about one’s position, the truth about 'why' or the truth about 'what' or the truth about 'how' etc.

There are some that you just have to go through and weather the storm, take the heat so that the peace returns. 

What to do? Speak, not speak, be balanced - see both sides, or hold firm, say whatever or state the facts only, be honest or be diplomatic, take control or listen or both. Take charge or stay passive or alternate intelligently. 

Arguments result from two different mental positions and obviously pride and anger always are present in some degree or another.

Frequency is interesting. Over a particular issue they can be very frequent until the issue is resolved, they can be a now and then thing, or a very seldom thing. This is all quite normal. I think when it is everyday and heated, something's wrong and something's going to give sooner or later.

Most of the time they are over a third party, a child, a cat, a friend, a family member, the house, the bills etc. Not all that often are they about a direct personal issue between two people. But of course they can be. 

They can be used as a tool by the ego to achieve some goal.


They are a good evaluation for our psychological work. In an argument we can see if our pride, anger, self-love, self-importance is really dying or not.

We may be keeping calm in the discussion until a certain impression is received and then we lose it This is the point of evaluation. There is always one of these points. Either very evident or subtle but there is always one. It is very interesting to be on the look out for that and be alert to get hold of oneself before that point arises.

After an argument we often are burdened and feel heavy because the ego manifested. We need to clean ourselves out and apologise to get our inner peace back. Sometimes we were in control and maintained our good will and we didn't let any ego out in mind, word and action, then we are at peace.

End (3955).

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Good and Evil Intermingling - (3953)

Good and evil intermingle. Making it hard at times to separate them. So much of us human beings are a mixture of good and evil. Everywhere in life it seems there is that mixture, both the good and the bad all mixed into one.

How to separate them. Well it is not that easy at times and takes work. Basically it is about knowing the point where one ends and the other begins.

Using the knowledge of this point we can keep them separate.

Evil adheres to good to draw strength from it, to become more evil and more rebellious against good. Then good sticks to evil to feed on it, to make itself stronger to defend itself from evil. 

Evil rebels against good and good gets horrified with evil and fortifies itself in defense against evil.

It is the Law that good has the right to do this with evil - that is to feed on it. Just like a plant feeds on the nutrients in the soil but the soil does not feed off the plant. The laws of creation have not given the soil this right.

The Laws of creation are about choosing that the good is made to flourish and evil is transformed into good. Not the opposite. That is just how things are set up in creation.

End (3953).

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Sun's Key to Love - (3952)

Once again it is difficult to talk about love because at some point: now, sooner or later or later on, someone, somewhere is going to find that you are a hypocrite - that is, one is all talk and no real substance.

I think the Sun has something interesting to say about love. Here goes…

The sun provides us with light, warmth and life among so many other things.

No doubt these three things just mentioned are a part of love. So the Sun sends His planets which includes us His love. The Sun clearly loves the most. No one can love more than the Sun. That’s clear!

The Sun draws love from deep inside Himself, from His spiritual part within the Ain Soph Aur – the Sacred Absolute Sun and emanates it out into the Solar System. He has love and gives love and in giving He receives. He receives from the planets. But if he didn’t give freely in the first place He would not receive anything. That is His Law.

People, us, are lacking – meaning we are cold. We are all cold. If we are cold we lack warmth. When we are warm we don’t lack anything do we?

When we are cold we put clothes on, but being warm we take them off, in other words allowing ourselves to be as we are, expressing our truth. The warmth or love we have allows for our truth.

By clothes I mean symbolically - layers of falsehood and protection.

Being cold means we lack love.  

We think we are not worthy of being loved, that no one loves us and we can't really love anyone etc.

When we are warm already inside of ourselves we don't need warmth from others - so much, do we? If we  have lots of money we don't need money from others do we? The same thing really.

So we are cold and the solution is to learn a bit from the Sun. To find love inside of ourselves and then give of it. But we must find the love we have inside. If not we can not give anything and therefore receive nothing.

We often, too often, are all abut receiving. Which is so very lunar. There is only friction, difficulty, disagreement, pain, suffering, opposition and conflict waiting for us, in following the way of the moon - the way of only receiving. 

The ego is all lunar. We don't think we are like this but we are to a lesser or greater degree. When we are our essence we are solar.

End (3952).

A Talk with Our Sun - (3951)

Our life is linked to our Sun, which is called Ors. If there were no sun there would be no life for us here on Earth.

Our realization is also linked to our Sun. 

The solar man is His creation and His harvest. The solar man is the human being with the human soul with the solar bodies, Gnosis says.

Isn’t it true that the closest physical thing we have to God is the Sun.

The Sun has interest in those who are working to become solar human beings, Master Samael says. That is His hidden interest behind creation.

I imagine that the Sun being the centre and governor of the solar system sees and knows everything about His own system.

We are part of His system. We are one of His cells. Can’t we converse with the central sun asking for orientation and guidance for our life and realization?

End (3951).

Fundamentally Behind Many Disagreements - (3950)

Still posting what I didn't get time to say.

The relativity of evil is what is at the basis of many disagreements between people...

One believes a thing to be ok but the other believes it to be bad. 

The struggle to understand one another ensues… complicates, heightens and breaks down.

When both agree on what is bad then the disagreement ends.

Exactly the same with love. Often people do not agree on what is love. When the version of love that each person has coincides with the other’s version then there is peace.

When we can not see any good in what we see as evil, we rebel and become totally defiant and disagreeable. All the time – this is totally natural. No human being can go with what they believe is evil or unjust.

What one can learn from this, is that the relativity of evil and the relativity of love will always create differences. 

When there are differences it is intelligent to act in such a way to blend the differences into a common understanding – which is the third solution.

Life is about the third solution. The third solution is the one that has more value than the solution presented by the two opposites.

End (3950).

Each Day is a Vessel - (3949)

Each day is a vessel that we can put something into.

We can put work into the day.

The emptier the vessel the better.

We are part of the day. If we prepare ourselves emptying ourselves, we can put something into the day.

Whether it be to work on an ego or to be more aware – more awake, the emptier we are to other things, the more fruitful our day will be. 

End (3949).

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Kundry from Parsifal Unveiled - (3948)

The character Kundry is very unusual, and has a mysterious role in Wagner's opera: Parsifal.

As master Samael explains, Kundry represents the archetype of the feminine. That mysterious yet extraordinarily powerful force that can raise a man to the heights of realisation or sink him into the abyss of failure. 

Kundry in the opera takes on a few different opposing roles, one where she is the temptress that seduced the king of the Holy Grail: King Amfortas giving Klingsor the opportunity to steal the Lance of Longinus and wound his side. She then helps the wounded king searching for balms to heal the wound in his side, then she is again the temptress that tries to seduce Parsifal the young knight who tries to redeem the lost lance. When Parsifal is victorious destroying the castle of Klingsor Kundry changes roles to become a servant of the holy grail and the knights of the order of the holy grail.

These are all aspects of the powerful feminine force that is varied and has many different faces and roles. We can also say that Kundry is the archetype of Eve from Hebrew mythology.

The Divine Mother herself has five different aspects and in fact according to Master Samael there are four different types of woman. Eve-Venus, Venus-Eve, Venus-Uranus and Uranus-Venus.

Eve-Venus is the very instinctive woman, driven to satiate instinctive sexual appetites' or desires. Gurdjieff says that the majority of modern woman have this aspect significantly developed. Men are like this too, even worse but this we well know. 

Venus-Eve is the woman who is a good mother, a good and faithful wife and is very responsible in taking care of the home. Venus-Uranus is the woman who works for her self-realisation and Uranus-Venus is the self-realised woman adept.

According to Wagner, Eve-Venus can transform herself into Venus-Uranus and I would also add that Venus-Uranus can fall and turn into Eve-Venus.

In any case man needs woman and woman needs man for the work of the self-realisation. 

End (3948).

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Good Goes to Evil and Evil to Good - (3947)

The virtue and defect are linked. One can not be seen without the other.

They are both a circle actually, just as the yin-yang symbols depicts.

If we exaggerate the virtue we end up in some kind of unintended 'bad' that could lead us to do the opposite of what we always intended to do. 

For example a parent gives and gives in way too much to a child, making the child spoilt and obnoxious. Eventually the parent will get angry with the child and treat the child harshly, which is what the parent in the beginning never wanted to do.

If we diminish a defect we end up automatically without even thinking about it, being closer and closer to the virtue.

For example, if we make efforts to be less and less angry we start becoming calm, serene, quiet etc. all the opposite of anger and closer and closer to the virtue of sweetness, understanding, serenity etc.

Also there is another strange thing. If we exaggerate the defect, taking it to the point of losing control, we eventually, if we don't die or get sick, wind up hitting rock bottom - the point our own system can't handle anymore and we understand that we can't go any deeper but only upwards and out of that labyrinth.

That way is very costly and is unfortunately needed due to karma - we need to suffer that, we need that medicine, because we are also too asleep, our will is too compromised and the only way we can be helped in that condition is through the 'bad'. The good can not help us in that condition only the 'bad' can, so further into the labyrinth we go - with our essence screaming in the background for help, for a force strong enough to really help - most often justice or the will of the Father. 

The above is such a common thing in the West, the beautiful loving parents can not help because the ‘good’ without the co-operation of the person in difficulty can not take effect. How many parents have to watch their children spiral downwards, and all that they can do is just 'be there'. All the applications of the good just don't work. That seems to be the best thing that they can do.

End (3947).

Didn't Get Time Posts - (3946)

The retreat is gone for another year. Today a week ago we were all into our second day.

Tomorrow - back to normal, business as usual, not quite enough time to fully recover from all the efforts of the retreat, but it will have to do. 

The next few posts will be a few things that I wanted to speak about but didn't get the time to.

End (3946). 

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Three Kinds of Love Notes - (3945)

This post like the other ones is a container, holding the notes I plan to use for a talk in the retreat.


Long Introduction

Love is a fundamental value of the Being in each one of us.

Love is very difficult to define. Values such as trust, patience, tolerance, hope, humility are much easier to define and their definition is much more readily agreed upon.

It is difficult to speak about love because everyone has their concepts of what it is for them. Each concept clashes. It is almost like speaking about what is good and what is evil. No one ever can agree.

It is often these clashes in what is love which cause the greatest conflicts between people.

We can't love others according to how we think love should be, but rather find out how others like to be loved and love them that way and balance it out.

Much evil to another has been done because of love and even the great evils have been done with love and for love. 

How many times has great love turned into be a terrible hatred with just as terrible consequences. 

None the less as difficult as it is to treat love, it is still a value of our Being, it is a value at the heart, soul and fibre of our Being and at some point along the way, we need to know how to use it, manage it, cultivate it, care for it and expand it.

Mama mia it is hard to talk about love, one is inevitably going to disappoint others and appear sooner or later as a hypocrite. 

There are three ways to die in the ego. One is from below, the other from above, and the third is from both above and below. 

From below is the direct work on the ego undermining its concepts, beliefs and stopping it, the second way is to cultivate the value opposite to it and the third way is to work directly on the ego while  cultivating the value at the same time.

By studying love, getting it right, knowing what conscious love is we can really help ourselves a lot in the work on the ego. Especially when it comes to self-love, self-importance, pride, lust, jealousy, attachment etc.

Three Loves

Gnostic teachings speak about there being three kinds of love. Sensorial, emotional and conscious.

Each kind of love represents a view, a concept and a mode of love.

Often these loves don't agree and don't understand each other. 

The experience of the first two start of nice but sooner or later, often sooner, turn into thorns, and thorns that hurt. The experience of this pain impulses one to look for another love - conscious love. 

The painful experience of love burns us out often and closes off to the value of love. Because in truth love is like a fire.

Conscious love is the one that does not hurt. It is the one that allows us to enjoy what we expect from love. Love that frees, the love that enhances, that gives one strength and courage, the one that is constant as steady flame etc.

It is the love that approaches the love that is within the Monads, the love that transcends time. That not even time can destroy, life after life, even after recurrences and karma have been paid the love that is in the Monad for another Monad endures, remains. 

Conscious love is law, meaning if we are loving consciously we are not breaking the law and accruing karma. Tricky - each to their own to discover that. 

Love is something Divine that descends to us. However, as it moves through the human being it turns and twists and changes suffering many modifications turning out to be something like the nature that human being has.

Sensorial love is the love that processes through the senses. It is a Love trapped in the senses. Sensorial love considers love to be that which pleases the senses or aligns with the thinking of the senses. So sexual pleasure often falls under this kind of love, but is not limited to that.  

Sensorial love is a lot about having, comforting the senses, etc. Out of time will write more later on this point.

Sensorial love is always mostly possessive and controlling. It often gets exhausted quite quickly as the seeking of the pleasure of the senses burns up a lot of energy depleting both leaving them empty of much inspiration, magnetism, attraction, magic and mystery that enchants etc. etc.

Emotional love is the one that is about emotional needs. It is the one that feels great emotion and as emotions are subject to coming and going, that great emotional love also goes. Just like the age old story of the man who cries at the funeral of his mother begging death to take him instead of her, and lo and behold death appears and accepts his offer, but he quickly and adamantly reneges.

It is the love that pleases the feeling of being loved, the feeling of being needed, the feeling of being useful, the feeling of being wanted, the feeling of being appreciated and valued, the feeling of  'can't live without" etc. If one can not feel these things to the emotional love there is no love. Conscious love would not agree with that. Often emotion love is dependent on this kind of love and is very demanding for actions from another to make them to feel all of these things.

Conscious love always as a pattern functions to dignify, enhance, support the essence. It may use a method that does not seem very loving but its results will always be positive for the essence.

Broader View of Love

The goal of this talk is to present a broader, more esoteric and more conscious view of love.

Love is a cosmic force, it is everywhere, it holds the whole cosmos together. It is diluted into everything that exists. It is in every atom, every molecule, not just in a human action. It is something that nourishes and enriches life, something that sustains and maintains life in its march.

Love is not just to have another person in your arms. Love is much broader and wider than that. People often look for love in the body of another, not even in the whole body but in small parts, love is much more than that and more profound than that. It is something cosmic that goes straight into the heart of the creator.  

It is important for everyone to be able to have found the love that one has within them. Often love comes out of us from a mysterious place, a hidden place that we didn't know about, but it still all came from us.

If we have found love in ourselves we have something to give. Then we can really counteract the ego of self-love. Then more importantly we can love. We can cultivate love. We have to start off with something. Knowing that we actually have love. 

So often people are not aware of the love they have, thinking that they don't have it or are not worthy of it. We have to make love flow. That is the key, make it glow and flow in us. Then we have the means to counteract and overcome self-love.

Love is a transforming element. It transforms one's view of everything.

Love should give one courage, strength, happiness, a certain fulfillment and joy. Love for the Being is what survives many of the battles that really hurt in our path and pushes us onward towards the next battle. 

The knight the human soul taking courage and strength from his love for the Spiritual soul fights his way through many battles each time striving for victory so as to be closer to her. Deep in our soul is the love for this damsel, this princess which is our consciousness etc.

We can teach ourselves how to love by following the same principles as nourishment. We typically only eat what is good for us right. To start to love we need to do the same. Absorb, take in what is good and enhancing for our essence. Love starts at home and our essence is home. We allow in so many harmful and damaging thoughts and emotions. To love our essence is to choose the best food for it. 

End (3945).

Talk on the Sun Notes - (3944)

Here is a link to a post on this blog that contain notes about the topic of the Sun.

Sun Talk Notes Post

End (3944).

Posts Soon to go on Pause - (3943)

Just a note to let you know posting will go on pause for a week starting from tomorrow.

I'll be attending our annual big retreat. This year because of the COVID circumstances it will be local only, which is something new, we have never run a local retreat for such a duration before. 

A new experience it will be, maybe to bring some new things to learn about and work on or work with.

End (3943).