Tuesday, 20 March 2018

"I Would Like to Introduce You to a Friend Named: The Work." – (2292)

An Argument is Brewing…

The conversation begins to get heated... Stop, wait a minute, there is someone I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine whose name is “The work”, and he/she will be sitting in on this conversation, and he/she will be the ‘go between’ you and me.

At Any Moment

This is something that we can do at every moment of life, especially while in the difficult and more challenging moments with people.
Bring the work with you, and go through it when meeting and dealing with people. Process yourself with the values and principles of the work.
Don't leave the work behind. It can make a huge difference and it even save your life.
End (2292).

Monday, 19 March 2018

Something to Perhaps Consider when About to Help Others – (2291)

Possible Advice

This is what my marvelous missionary would advise someone if they are about to get involved and help pout another person.

“We can help others when our dharmic value is greater than the karmic value of the situation or problem. Not having enough dharma can mean a lot of complications when we try to help others.”


Obviously if we do not have enough dharma and we get involved we will become part of the karmic value and so we will have to pay somehow as well. Not as much but we will have to pay something, and by something, I mean inconvenience, delay, hardship, sacrifice at some personal cost etc.

There is also the issue that those involved are in that difficulty because they lack the dharma to resolve it and leave it behind them, so they will not be able to repay you so quickly if at all for a long while.

End (2291).

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Dealing with Violent Thoughts – (2290)


This topic is something of an unknown because it is not commonly spoken of. Mainly because it is very unpleasant and nobody wants to hear that content. Plus speaking about one’s thought is not always convenient among those who do not know you well and you have not built up a level of trust with them
This topic is more something that only the person him or herself knows about. However, this certainly does not mean that everyone knows how to effectively deal with such thoughts.
In effect, this post is limited, because it can not state things like: ‘everyone has these thoughts’, or that ‘these thoughts are common’, rather this post will reach its maximum usefulness by explaining how to deal with them.

Things to Know About These Thoughts

The following points are helpful to be aware of:


First of all it is just a thought, it is not happening and you are not doing it.


Each thought comes from a thinker, that is there is an ego behind those thoughts. Remove the thinker and the thoughts disappear. Meaning the thoughts can be modified. They are not permanent.


The thoughts come from an ego, and you as essence are pristine and clear of corruption or damage. However you conditioned a piece of that essence in violence, and that piece has to be unravelled.


Thoughts denounce a certain will or intention. This is the key, remove the intention or will and there is no reason for the thoughts and images.


Thoughts contain images and those images are from the messy stockpile of memories of the things that we have seen in movies, books, magazines and even the things we have imagined while hearing about this and that event.


Thoughts come and go. If they persist they will just keep coming and going more often. They are not a problem, if we let them go and see them as birds that fly across the sky leaving no mark or trace we have taken a tremendous step. We have separated from them and there is no more panic, self-deprecation, worry etc. but work to be done to eliminate the ego that thinks them.

Dealing with Them

1. - Be Strong – It is Only a Thought – Do not Get Scared, Face them with Serene Openness

It is the power of one willing to be serene in the face of these violent thoughts that overcomes them. Not tensing up, making a face, clenching our fists, grinding our teeth, but pouring our effort and will into being serene.

2. - Recognise the Content of the Thoughts in Memory

Seeing how the images are snippets of things we have seen or heard or imagined helps a lot because then we can see the mechanical nature of it, and it is so much easier then to separate from.

3. - Point of Injustice

Violence deep down is all about injustice. Behind every violent thought there is some injustice or there was injustice that first originated the thoughts and perhaps now the thoughts are just mechanical replays.
The injustice supplies the intention and will of the thought.
This is really the hard part because we have to search deeply and widely within ourselves and within the thought.
Please note, this injustice may not be always about what another has done to you, it could be about what we have done to another or what we have done to ourselves as well.

Know the Thought’s Reason

Once you recognise the reason of the thought whether it may be to compensate for an injustice suffered, or to cover a fear, or to cover a mistake that we made, etc. we then need to constantly displace the reason for that thought., telling ourselves we can deal with that injustice in a different, way by dissolving the factor that created the injustice in us or by dissolving the ego that has caused us that pain.
When we see that others never hurt us but we do it to ourselves we can dislodge that injustice from our interior and with that, the reason for the thoughts will weaken and so will the power behind the thoughts also weaken.

Displace the reason and KRIM.

Pray to the Divine Mother with serenity explain how we can no displace the reason for the thought and then begging her to eliminate the ego or egos behind those thoughts.


Doing this will definitely change our nature, making us softer, kinder, more good willed and more intelligent. As it takes a good degree of intelligence to solve things without violence.
In the absence of violent thoughts, we can really begin to see it possible to develop the compassionate heart and a kindness and warmth that is untainted with interest and is open to all.
End (2290).

Friday, 16 March 2018

Swear Words by Duality Point to What Humans Consider Most Sacred - (2289)

An Interesting Observation...

By duality the worst swear words or expressions show us what human beings consider most divine, holy, sacred and precious.

In the English speaking countries and cultures all the worst swear words and expressions have to do with sex and motherhood. In other countries the worst swear words are about the church, religion and the Christ as well as sex and motherhood.

Now applying duality even if human beings don't accept it, the things that human beings deep down within themselves consider sacred, special, divine and precious are: sex, motherhood (Divine Feminine) and the Christ (the Son).

The question is that the human being has big egos that block access to the place in the human being where these things are known as sacred, precious and very special.

Just as an interesting side point, if we apply duality to many aspects of human attitude, thought and behaviour, we can discover many interesting things about the essence, nature, creation and the design of  things.

See the duality in play.


What interests me about this observation is that many people consider sex not to be sacred but rather something unclean. However, it is right in front of their nose that deep down within them they know that sex is sacred, becasue the swear words that they use to deeply offend are always against what is most divine, such as sex.

Why this Post

I wrote this post, becasue swearing is a considerable part of people's spoken and written language. Some of course much more than others, yet we are we are not really conscious of why these particular swear words and what we are really doing when we swear.

Amazing Refinement

An amazing refining effect to our own word can be achieved by not using swear words. The effect also modifies the three brains in a positive way as well. Here's why...

This one thing has quite far reaching implications for our word. As soon as we try to stop using swear words we begin to think of other words that and naturally this makes us to modify our own thinking and then therefore our emotions, and then out of this toning down of thinking and emotion we naturally chose different words to express our surprise, disappointment, frustration, irritation etc.

In summary, the effort to not use swear words makes us use our three brains positively and this skill when it becomes a habit changes our reactions to life making them more balanced. I say more balanced, becasue it is out of proportion (unbalanced) to be using a swear word declaring oneself against something very sacred and divine, when we drop a glass on the floor, especially when it only takes five minutes to sweep and mop it up.

End (2289).

Let Go of Mind – (2288)

If we can let go of our mind we will be more present to the real outer reality and our real inner reality.
We find it so difficult to surrender mind to reality. We wish to hold onto our mind and the reality it projects because that is who we see we are.

To surrender our mind feels as if we are to give away ourselves and our identity.
Reality is outside of the mind. Even the inner reality is outside of it, because the inner reality comes from the Being and the consciousness which is outside and beyond the mind.
A discipline is involved here to constantly let go of projections imposed upon reality so to see and connect to the reality outside and inside.
End (2288).

Amazing! Use the Law of Three – (2287)


This post is to expand a little on something my marvellous missionary has said now and then. I find it very so helpful.
If we apply it, we can solve and avoid so many problems when comes to relating and interacting with people.

When Relating to Others

If we seek balance all things are always going to go alright!

The key to seeking balance is to seek it inside of the three. Not between the two but through the third.
Just like there are there the two sides to every event plus a third side which is the synthesis or comprehension of the event which is also happens to be the truth of the event or closer to the truth of the event.

The Law of Three in Relationships

In a relationship there are the two people or the two groups and then because we are working on ourselves there is the work making three aspects in total.

If there is no work, then it must be ethics or values. Anyhow we have the work so I’ll continue…

If we only deal with and consider duality, that is between only the two (i.e. person to person with no third aspect or intermediary such as the work), we will be always become stuck and in engaged in conflict of some kind.

Bring the Work as the Third

Whenever dealing with people bring the third aspect, the work along with you and put it in between you and the person. Or if not the work, a set of higher principles, ethics and values and process the relationship through these things avoiding the personal hurt. Even when hurt, process that hurt with the other person using the work and the set of higher ethics and values which also belong to the work.

In an Alchemical couple, love between the two people is through and by virtue of the work. Which is the third aspect in the three. It is the purpose and glue of their relationship.

When we use the third aspect, the work, we are producing balance.

End (2287).

Thursday, 15 March 2018

7 Cosmoses - How are the Number of Laws for Each Cosmos Derived? – (2286)


The numbers of laws in each cosmic order is easy to remember, but to know how they are derived is a little different.

So, this post is about exactly that, explaining how the number of Laws for each cosmos is derived.

Cosmic Laws

Here are the number of laws for each cosmos.

Protocosmos:                     1 law (spiritual suns - Absolute)
Ayocosmos                          3 laws (clusters of galaxies)
Macrocosmos                     6 laws (galaxies)
Deutrocosmos                   12 laws (solar systems)
Mesocosmos                       24 laws (planets)
Microcosmos                      48 laws (human being)
Tritocosmos                       96 laws (first region of the abyss)

After the Protocosmos the number of laws simply doubles. Here’s how that happens.

General Means of Derivation

Law of Three

The Law of Three is introduced into the Absolute, where the Law of One reigning in the Absolute unfolds into three separate laws. That is, the one becomes three new laws, which we know of as the three primary forces, the Holy Affirming, the Holy Denying and the Holy Reconciling.

This is how the Law of Three acts on the Law of One. It unfolds one into three.

Origin of the Law of Three Come From?

Where does the Law of Three – the Holy Triamazikamno come from? The absolute is the answer.  That is from the great diversity of laws and principles that exists within the Absolute.

Action of the Three

Then the Law of Three acts on the three laws just established. Then the Law of Three acts on those laws and so on and so on all the way down to the ninth sphere of the abyss.


The Law of One reigns in the protocosmos. Master Samael says that this is the world order of spiritual suns.


From the Protocosmos unfolds the Ayocosmos, which is the unfolding of the one law into 3 laws, to form the number of laws in the Ayocosmos, which is three.

Then later, what happens is that the Law of Three operates in the Ayocosmos to produce new unfoldings of these first original set of three laws that are present in the Ayocosmos. Hence the Macrocosmos unfolds from the Ayocosmos.

Macrocosmos (Galaxy)

In the Ayocosmos we get the 1 law unfolding into three laws, let’s call them 1, 2 and 3.

Now in the Macrocosmos, the Law of Three operates on the first set of three laws which we are calling them 1, 2 and 3.

When the Law of Three operates on these original three laws we get the following unfoldings of laws:

Law 1 unfolds into: 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3.
Law 2 unfolds into: 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.
Law 3 unfolds into: 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3.

This gives us a total of 9 unfoldings or combinations.

We must though eliminate the three repeats of the original three laws, that is eliminate: 1.1, 2.2 and 3.3 because they are the same result as the original three (1, 2, 3), they unfold to be the same.

In the end, we arrive at: 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.3, 3.1 and 3.2 as the unfolding of 6 new laws.

Deutrocosmos (Solar Systems)

In the Duetrocosmos the same principle applies. The six laws of the Macrocosmos are acted upon by the law of three unfolding the combinations above into the following:

Law 1.2 unfolds into: 1.2.1, 1.2.2 and 1.2.3.
Law 1.3 unfolds into: 1.3.1, 1.3.2 and 1.3.3.
Law 2.1 unfolds into: 2.1.1, 2.1.2 and 2.1.3.
Law 2.3 unfolds into: 2.3.1, 2.3.2 and 2.3.3.
Law 3.1 unfolds into: 3.1.1, 3.1.2 and 3.1.3.
Law 3.2 unfolds into: 3.2.1, 3.2.2 and 3.2.3.

This gives us 18 new unfoldings, however some are the same as the previous set of laws. For example 1.2.2 is the same as 1.2.

Once again we must discard the repeats, which are: 1.2.2, 1.3.3, 2.1.1, 2.3.3, 3.1.1, and 3.2.2.

Giving us: 1.2.1, 1.2.3, 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, 2.3.1, 2.3.2, 3.1.2, 3.1.3, 3.2.1 and 3.2.3.

Therefore we are left with 12 new laws.

Mesocosmos (Planets)

In the Mesocosmos the exact same workings apply. The 12 laws of the Duetrocosmos are acted upon by the Law of Three and the result is that we get 12 x 3 new unfoldings which is 36. However, in the unfolding of one of the 12 laws there is always a repeat meaning that we have to take out one making meaning that there are only three 12 x 2 = 24 new unfoldings. See how this works below.

Law 1.2.1 unfolds into:, and
Law 1.2.3 unfolds into:, and
Law 1.3.1 unfolds into:, and
Law 1.3.2 unfolds into:, and
Law 2.1.2 unfolds into:, and
Law 2.1.3 unfolds into:, and
Law 2.3.1 unfolds into:, and
Law 2.3.2 unfolds into:, and
Law 3.2.1 unfolds into:, and
Law 3.2.3 unfolds into:, and
Law 3.1.2 unfolds into:, and
Law 3.1.3 unfolds into:, and

We must eliminate the following unfoldings: 1.2.11,,,,,,,,,,, and

Leaving us with 24 unique new laws or unfoldings.

Microcosmos (Human Being)

In the Microcosmos the exact same workings apply. The 24 laws of the Mesocosmos are acted upon by the Law of Three and the result is that we get 24 x 3 new unfoldings which is 72. However, in the unfolding of one of the 24 laws there is always a repeat meaning that we have to take out one making meaning that there are only three 24 x 2 = 48 new unfoldings.

Tritocosmos (Abyss)

The Tritocosmos is very interesting. Because the Laws of the Tritocosmos unfold in a very different way. They essentially double and double again. See below:

1st Sphere of the Tritocosmos: 48 x 2 = 96 laws.
2nd Sphere of the Tritocosmos: 48 x 4 = 192 laws.
3rd Sphere of the Tritocosmos: 48 x 6 = 288 laws.
4th Sphere of the Tritocosmos: 48 x 8 = 384 laws.
5th Sphere of the Tritocosmos: 48 x 10 = 480 laws.
6th Sphere of the Tritocosmos: 48 x 12 = 576 laws.
7th Sphere of the Tritocosmos: 48 x 14 = 672 laws.
8th Sphere of the Tritocosmos: 48 x 16 = 768 laws.
9th Sphere of the Tritocosmos: 48 = 18 = 864 laws.

This shows us the law of two is at play, in that the abyss or the tritocosmos is the duality acting on the duality. Meaning it is one side of duality that unfolds into two again. Because you know that the Kliphos is the dual opposite of the tree of life so it is one side of duality, i.e. an unfolding of duality already, giving it the initial doubling of laws and then the usual doubling of laws applies giving each sphere times four the number of laws (48) in the microcosmos.

Duality – The Law of Two in All of This

Observing how the number of laws doubles is directly duality. Once there is creation then there appears relativity and duality. The two sides of the unfolding each world order form the new world order. For example, the Macrocosmos has six laws and both sides of the six laws gives you a total of 12 laws.

End (2286).

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

A Brief Commentary on Mistress Litelantes and the Science of Jinas - (2285)


From this brief story of how Mistress Litelantes learnt the science of Jinas, one can derive many things for one’s own learning.
This post presents just a few of these things.

Destiny – Merits

Obviously that great soul whose Real Being is named Litelantes had the merits to learn and know the science of Jinas. I say this because it practically knocked on her door. It practically came to her, rather than her going to it.

When things knock on a person’s door in life it is because it is either due to the Being of the person or the Law. In either case, the person has the dharma to receive what has just knocked on their front door.

In Mistress Litelantes' case it was both because she was born an adept they say, and her having the ability to put her physical body into the fourth dimension so to be able to travel internally and seek knowledge from the masters of the white temples was of a very important help to Master Samael and to the mission with humanity they had before them to accomplish.

The science of Jinas Master Samael says, assists one tremendously in the awakening of consciousness. So from early on, Mistress Litelantes having this ability afforded her much awakening which again was indispensable.

When a person does not have merits to receive what they once had perhaps, that person has to pay with great longings, sacrifice, hard work and repenting tears sometimes to get back what they once had, but lost.

We lost it because we abused it or corrupted it in the past. That is, mixed it with the ego.

For most of us living in the west, to learn the science of Jinas is very difficult, there is definitely no one around that can help us as the young Arnolda was helped. And so the path described in the previous paragraph is the one that we would have to take to learn the science of Jinas.


How beautiful is that to have a disciple one with whom you can leave a treasure of esoteric knowledge and skills to. Each master has to have a disciple that will carry forward the knowledge and skills of his or her master to humanity.

I often ask myself what would I leave behind to a disciple?

The more we work and the more we learn, the more of a treasure we can leave behind to such a person, and the better off they will be and the better humanity will naturally be.

End (2285).

Mistress Litelantes and the Science of Jinas - (2284)


As we may well know Master Samael’s priestess wife, who was also an adept, was a specialist in the science of Jinas.

The name of her inner Master is Litelantes, with the Venerable Master occupying a seat among the 42 judges presiding in the halls of Cosmic Justice. Her physical name was Arnolda Garro de Gomez.

This post is about how it seems in her own account the young Mistress Litelantes first learnt the science of Jinas.

How She Learnt it

It is written that she gave an account, where as a youth of thirteen years old living in Columbia, she would help an old lady by carrying water up to her abode, located on a hill top, roughly a one kilometre high climb.
As a kind of a reward for her efforts, the old lady offered to teach the young Arnolda the science of Jinas, as long as she abided by this one condition, which was that she would not use it to see her boyfriend or to see any other man.
The young Arnolda agreed and so the old lady taught the secrets of the Orphic Egg to initiate her into the science of Jinas.

Retiring to Bed Elegantly and Fully Dressed

The young Arnolda was very fortunate to have found a white Jinas in that old lady and so she learnt how to move positively in the fourth dimension. As her skills and ability developed she began to explore and travel widely to encounter many white temples. One of them being the temple of Montserrat in Spain, where the holy grail safely resides within the fourth dimension.

It was also written that the young Arnold would retire to her bed at night fully dressed and her sisters became very suspicious of her as to why she did that and they even perceived that she was leaving at night. She would give the excuse that it was much better to sleep fully dressed so that in the morning one is completely ready to go.

Practice of the Orphic Egg

The practice of Jinas invoking the Venerable Master Harpocrates while holding a hollowed out painted blue egg that Master Samael gives to us was the same practice it seems that the young Arnolda was taught by that old lady.

See the image below for this practice and some other practices that Master Samael gave to develop the science of Jinas.

End (2284).

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Walking the Path of the Moment - (2283)

Attention, Organization, Relaxation and Silence

Here is a very effective practice to use to arrive at the silence of the mind. This is a practice that my marvelous missionary took us through one day.

The above four words (Attention, Organization, Relaxation and Silence) are stages of arriving at the silence of the mind.

This post explains this particular practice, which some, I think will find effective and which others may not, as with everything...


With the body relaxed, place your attention on your mind. Do this carefully and serenely. When your attention is placed on your mind your awareness of how your mind is and what is happening in your mind will gradually increase. This is good and necessary. If you are a little patient and keep your attention in a relaxed yet aware way on your mind this will happen.

Once we are aware of our thoughts we can begin to organize our mind.


This is the more difficult stage and this may take a little while. But it is certainly worth it. 

In this stage, see the various thoughts appearing and then see what each thought represents. Is it a thought of the past, is it about the future, is it about a problem, does it belong to an ego?

If it is about the past or future say to yourself there is nothing that I can do about it now while in this practice, when the right future moment appears I will deal with it then.

If it is about a problem tell yourself that you will solve it later or leave it as it is and solve it when it is the right time to solve it, or just forget it and it will be solved as you go.

If the thought is about an ego, see if the thought is true or half true. Is it a projection? In any way we that we look at it, the ego thinking these thoughts is not worth feeding it, because that only makes it worse.

Seeing the thoughts and giving them their correct place is to organise the mind. Organising the mind leads naturally to relaxation, because the mind comes to see that there is not such a great need need to think.


In this stage is where we begin to stop thinking, this is achieved by letting the thoughts go. Each thought that appears should be let go of, allowing the mind to rest from its constant thinking.

The more we do this the greater the gap between the thoughts will be, and so silence can then begin to appear within us. Relaxation leads to silence.


In the silence reigns the living path of the moment. It is the place where we are the closest to ourselves and know ourselves the best and it is where we can hear 'the voice of the silence', that is the voice of our inner Atman or Spirit-Being as Master Samael says.

End (2283).

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Stop Dreaming Thinking you can Work at Work, and Practice More! - (2282)

True We Can Work On Ourselves at Work But…

It is very true that we can work on ourselves while at our physical work place, fulfilling our daily work duties. But… a big but…
After a while this can become a form of self-deceit, where we work all the time and are busy doing things all the time, thinking that we are working on ourselves or that we can work on ourselves and we end up being in a state of alertness for only two minutes and learn nothing and do nothing.

Stop and Practice

The order is to create a foundation for ourselves which is a discipline, where we have created space and time in our life to practice entering within ourselves so to know ourselves more and to transform our darkness into light.
Once we create this discipline we can work while at work. Because to work while at work is much more difficult. It is very silly to think that we can work while at work when we can’t even work at home.
So no more self-deceit and create that discipline of practicing everyday without fail and then expand it outwards.
This discipline will serve you very handsomely and will pay out handsome dividends and will also serve as your base of energy, information, wisdom, light and peace.
A discipline is the difference between a serious esotericist and a normal person bobbing along attending Gnosis classes.
End (2282).

We Don’t Look for Causes, Only Effects – Practical Ramifications - (2281)

The Question…

The problem with us human beings is that we only look for effects.
Someone may say that’s right, results is what counts here. And in many ways they are right. However when it comes to the psychological work, if we really want to change we have to look at causes.
There are two principles at play here. They are: one - that the causes for what we think, feel and say are within us, not outside of us, and two – that changing the cause changes the effects.
Let’s have a look at a few rough examples.

The Drinker

A man is about to go to a bar and drink, he thinks: it’s a hot day, nice cold drinks, friends, conversation, laughter and enjoyment – a good night out. Seeing those effects of what he is about to do, off he goes to the bar and drinks.

But what about if he were to look at the causes? He would certainly see a very different side to the projected pleasant things (they seem pleasant but turn bitter quickly) that he saw earlier. He will see the gluttony to drink to excess, escapism, an inner weakness of not being able to control his inner states and use alcohol and friends instead produce the illusion of control over his emotions, his lust that looks and talks at the bar, etc.
If he were to honestly see the causes which are mostly ugly looking, he would think twice and read a book or meditate instead.

The Adulterer

Imagine a person toying with the idea of adultery. If they focus on effects they may do it. If they were to honestly see the causes that are inside of them they wouldn’t it. Because those causes are ugly. And seeing those very ugly causes one can then only see very awful consequences. But if one just focuses on projected effects one remains blind to the consequences. 


Look for the causes and this will change everything. Once you see the causes you can then change the causes and then change the effects. Our life’s circumstances and happenings within the events of our lives are all within the realm of effects. So changing causes within us changes these mentioned effects. To change causes we first of all must look for causes.
End (2281).

Why Lust Looks, and Separation - (2280)


When the "I'' of lust looks at a person, it does so to feed its fantasy.
The "I's" of lust maintain a set fantasy and all that changes are the people that feature in it.
Lust looks at a person to assess whether that Perron could feature in its processes.
When a person sees and clearly understands that it is the ''I'' of lust or one or another ''I'' of lust that looks for its own purposes, we are in front of a great opportunity. That great opportunity is the chance to separate from it.


We can separate from this ego, because it is not us that looks in the way that lust does and there is no subconscious purpose to look.
The essence which is us, has no need to feed anything and it doesn't. The essence sees rather than looks, and the essence does not avoid either, because it is aware of life and it sees with a clear psychological background and it has no hidden motives.
It is the ''I" of lust that looks for its very own purposes. It is not us that has the interest to look but one “I” within us, that does.
Separation is an aspect of psychological thinking and it is like a mindset even that we can use to great advantage with any ego that we want to work on.

End (2280).

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Lessons from Around the Home Part II - (2279)


Someone wrote in saying that they quite liked a previous post that described how interesting bits of wisdom can be learned from observing things in one’s home.
We can see many laws and principles at work and these laws and principles also are at work within us here and now.
So for that person, here is another post with two lessons.

Exaggeration Destroys the Virtue

Balance is always best.
We sometimes think that a lot of a good thing is always good. But it certainly is not. Just look at the piano top in the photo below. Beautiful, elegant and expensive statues they are, but there are too many of them, so much so, that the whole piano top just looks tacky.

The beauty and elegance of the statues and piano is all but gone and one gets an overcrowded, 'just too much' kind of a feeling.
We Gnostics can make this mistake psychologically in our dealings with other people. We can be just too nice that it rightfully so shows up as fake, and that displeases many people (just like the piano top) or we can be too agreeable, that we do things that are not good for us, and we do not help those others very much either.
This saying: “Exaggeration destroys the virtue” comes from the axiom of card 14 of the Tarot. See the book “Tarot and Kabbalah” by Master Samael Aun Weor.
This is particularly good to have present in our system when we deal with others.

Maintenance is a Law

At home there is no such thing as a one off cleaning.

If you clean the place perfectly, and you hermetically close off that house, and come back a few months later it won’t be as clean as when you closed it off and left it. Dust and dirt will be everywhere.

Dust always accumulates in a house, and so it does in our mind.
In our case it is the dust of untransformed impressions and concepts that collect. This psychological dust is
swept away by the river of our consciousness active in the now.
Everything in creation needs some kind of maintenance. Some things of course require more maintenance than others, especially when those things are placed in an environment adversely different to their origin. Such as an iron ship whose base material was mined from the Earth, is placed in sea water. If this iron ship is not maintained regularly it will rust and sink.

This law applies to our psyche or essence as well. If we clean our psychological house it won’t stay clean. We have to constantly clean it and be vigilant observing how it is at all times. This is just a law of creation.

If we connect to our Being, that connection will weaken if we don’t strengthen or revisit it often. If a friendship is not revisited and strengthened it also fades.

The law of maintenance is another name for the law of universal nourishment of all things, where everything requires nourishment.

End (2279).

Separation Opens the Door for Us to Mortally Wound the Ego - (2278)

A Gift…

Because you had the special insight that you are not the ego that bothers you, and that that ego is something totally separate from you can now begin to really die in that ego.

Before that moment of separation arose in you, you were like hitting yourself rather than hitting it, and secretly finding that ego as something impossible, and as something that you were secretly resigning yourself to live with, even though you knew it would be very difficult to do so.

Separation comes to us as a gift, almost as a grace from our own consciousness.

Armed with Separation

Armed with the insight of separation you know that you are definitely not it. You see that you are no longer weak, you do not have something wrong with you, you are not weird, you don’t have a complex, an issue, a problem, a phobia, a trauma, a special condition, You just have an ego that is weak, weird, problematic, weird, scared, crazy, stupid, needy, etc. etc. You as the free essence are none of those things.

We see that we are the essence that is perfectly at peace, complete and fine without that ego and that it does not need that ego and it can function in that area of life in a much better way!

Then we can die in that ego, and make it die in us while we feel completely happy and fulfilled in doing so.

First Step

The first step then to take that ego down (as the Americans say) is to stop feeding it!

You can do this because you don’t need it and you don’t feel that you need to buy into its thoughts anymore.

You don’t suffer it is the one that suffers. You can separate that suffering from yourself now.

Second Step

The second step would be to increase the separation and understanding of that ego.

Third Step

Third Step is with the Divine Mother, asking her to break open the capsule (mental form) which contains and conditions a piece of our essence.

She hits that capsule when we ask her to do so and sparks of essence are at times liberated. That is why after praying to the Divine Mother and chanting KRIM we suddenly naturally understand more about that ego and feel so much better.

End (2278).