Sunday, 24 June 2018

When Besieged by the Ego – (2441)


Read and follow these steps. They are useful measures. If you honestly do them you will definitely feel different. That I can honestly guarantee you!


Tell yourself that what you are feeling, no matter how compellingly important, meaningful, pleasurable, critical, disastrous, catastrophic etc. etc. YOU ARE NOT THAT!!! YOU ARE REALLY DIFFERENT and SEPARATE TO THAT!!!


Create Space. Let the thoughts go! Let them go. See them bombard your mind one after the after and each time gently let them g. Let them go! Persist and persist until a space clears within your mind!


Speak to your Divine Mother telling her that you can not give in to those thoughts and feelings. Beg her for her help to solve the situation and understand trouble spot in me that is causing those thoughts and feelings. Tell her that you understand so clearly that going into those thoughts and feelings is not going to help you in any way!

Then KRIM KRIM KRIM begging for the Divine Mother to eliminate the ego and some sparks of new insight or understanding will appear.


The more you do this short and simple practice the more atoms of essence you free from the ego and more atoms of light you bring to yourself.

End (2441).

Admiring the Fire - (2440)

The Fire

There is the fire of life, the very special energy of life that brings forth life, and that is the spark of life. The vivifying energy that is behind life and that produces and sustains life. The energy that is present in everything that has life. The fire is intelligence, light and energy. The fire is something cosmic and also something microcosmic.

Gnosis teaches that the fire is something which has its source within the Absolute. It is the essential living energy of life that is present in our essence, in our creative force, in our interior Father-Mother and in our coccyx.   


As has been told to us through the legend do of Prometheus, that the fire given to man was taken from the Olympus, the dwelling place of the Gods (Absolute). 

Fire in the World

The fire that is present here in the physical world is the same that we have within us but on a microcosmic and spiritual level. The fire here in our fire place at home is an expression of the cosmic fire and even shares much of the properties of this special life bringing cosmic fire. 

All from Fire

The Christ has been described as a living fire, the Christ as the son of the Divine Mother is also fire. The fire is that which gives life its energy. There could be no creation without the involvement of fire. Everything created has been touched by fire and contains fire. Even physically, nothing can be made without fire. That is, without the involvement of energy, heat, electricity, movement etc. If nothing moves or vibrates then how can anything be made.

A Redeemer

The fire is a spiritual element one that consumes, transforms, brings light, enlivens, rises and climbs, liberates, renews and spirits away from one dimension to another.

The cosmic fire is multidimensional and contains its many layers and aspects of mysteries. This mysteries of the life giving energy must be captured by the Divine Monad, because in doing so, the Monad of any person can understand the mysteries of the absolute which are to understand Itself.

Mysteries of the Fire

The fire to liberate its mysteries must consume that which holds its mysteries. When fire consumes a piece of wood it liberates the fire that is latent within it. Fire is sacrifice in motion, to liberate spirit by fire, matter must be sacrificed. That of the lower quality is sacrificed so to gain the superior order of things, such as light, wisdom and energy etc.

The fire in our coccyx must be breathed into life out of its smouldering. As it ascends the spinal column it also liberates that which is contained in each cannon of the spinal column. Each cannon or vertebrae of the spinal column contains a mystery. 

Fire Knows how to Ascend

The fire knows how to ascend that is innate within it. We all must start the fire and feed it and ti will ascend all by itself. It knows how to climb. Every flame in the physical world knows how to each up to form a vertical column.

The fire is fed with the sacrifice of the psychological inferior. That is with the work on the ego and with the merits that result from the sacrifice of the ego.

Fire Consumes Each Body

The fire so to reveal its mysteries needs a body. Each body that a Monad has allows the fire to reveal its mysteries in that dimension of itself. There are physical, vital, astral, mental, causal, Buddhic and Atmic mysteries of her fire. 

So the fire must be awakened and made to ascend liberating its mysteries in each body so that the Monad can learn and absorb all of these mysteries in each dimension. 

Seven Flames in the One Flame

There are seven flames within each flame. The fire gives way into light. And in its superior octave as light, there are also seven dimensions which are the Venustic initiations. Which culminate with the fire in itself in the form of the Intimate Christ, the living fire sent o redeem us. It descends into us to slowly consume all the inferior (egos), which is to sacrifice the inferior so to liberate the fire (essence) that which belongs to it, the free essence which is also a form of fire. This way the fire redeems spiriting us away from dimension to dimension through its inter dimensional climb back to its Source.

End (2440).

Friday, 22 June 2018

How do you Know you have the Solar Bodies? - (2439)

Master Samael Gives the Most Infallible Method

The most infallible method is the method Master Samael gives us, which is if you have a body you know that you have it because you can use it. For example if you have an astral body you know that you have one because you can project out of your physical body with it and move around the astral with it.

But what about if we have had some astral experiences but not mental or causal experiences? How can we find out?

There are some indications to find out.

Look to the Causal

People who have the bodies have very special qualities. They are definitely not the normal type of person.

Those who have the bodies have a very coherent, logical and powerful emotion, mind and will. Basically those who have achieved great things in history where great will, mind and emotion was needed are those who have the bodies. 

Fallen Bodhisattwas

The fallen bodhisattwas all have the bodies. If a person has been in Gnosis for a long time, for several years and has continued to battle and fight then we can be sure that one has the bodies. A person without the bodies would not be able to sustain such an effort. A person without the bodies is very jumpy, flighty and does not have the ability to set things up in those dimensions within oneself.

If you have ever made long and intense efforts and have been able to give everything for a prolonged time towards a cause, a project, an achievement and in doing so you overcame many obstacles and you had continuity of purpose then it is a good indication that you have the causal body. And if a person has a causal body it is certain that he or she has the mental and astral bodies.

Look at Simon Bolivar, Napolean, Michel Angelo, Leonardo, Socrates, Plato etc. Obviously these fallen bodhisattwas all had their ray and using the powers of their bodies achieved great things in line with their ray.

It can be that the egos use the bodies as well which makes what the egos do quite powerful. 

End (2439).

Thursday, 21 June 2018

First Quality of the Ego's Darkness - (2438)

Layer of Darkness

The first quality of the ego's darkness is that it makes us to feel that the ego is something exclusively particular to ourselves.

In that darkness that has the flavour of a special fascinating exclusivity is the feeling of superiority.

Within that darkness we can even think that with the ego we are superior to others. Due to that quality of darkness we can even think that our ego is superior to the same ego in another person.

Once Removed

As soon as we hear about the ego in ourselves being the same or behaving, thinking and feeling the same as it is in others, that first layer of darkness can be removed.

That is a relief and a 'kick yourself' moment. Because we realise that we were asleep in that darkness.

It is the same relief that after having been sick for a while you see the doctor and he or she says what you is this and that, and it is relatively well know and treatable.

Removing that darkness allows us to see that it is something that can be worked on and dissolved. We also take a step closer to seeing our reality. The reality that we are as others are, and there is no great difference or special separation.

End (2438).

When Interacting With Others Take Care for Your Values - (2437)

Interactions with Others

When we interact with others the best thing that we can do is to care for the values of our essence. Meaning to answer with the values of our essence. 

If we change our perspective to be interested in our values and not interested in our image or the value of our ideas or our external personal dignity or in the way we are treated (real dignity is not how we are treated but in how we react to unfair treatment) we can do this, that is start to act from inside rather than from outside.

We Always Get Something

We are always interested in getting something, when we know that we are going to get something everything turns around in us. We react with the ego in interactions with others because we feel that we are going to get something or get something back. If we use our values we are going to get something and we are going to get more of our values, more of our essence, and more of what our Being is like. 

End (2437). 

If a Mother is Powerful in Her Love Imagine Your Divine Mother – (2436)

As Below So Above

If we want to understand something esoteric or know a bit more about something esoteric the Hermetic axiom proves very helpful.

If a mother makes so many sacrifices for her son or daughter here in the physical world and the love of a mother heals, nurtures, educates, remedies and transforms then we can be sure that our own Divine Mother is exactly like this and more.

This is trust! This is faith! To know and feel secure and firm in our own Divine Mother that She can heal, remedy, transform and educate us is faith.

End (2436).

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Anecdote - Power of an Old Lady Praying – (2435)


My marvelous missionary was told a story once, back in the days when he was doing his missionary course or a short time afterwards, about how powerful an old lady praying can be.


The story is meant to be real, set in Costa Rica I think. Where a mother and son lived out in the country in a semi-remote area. The mother’s son was rather tricky and attracted to evil and dabbled in spells and things of that sort, i.e. black magic.

Then one day the boy wanted to take his dabbling to a much serious level and invoked one of the entities that his spells and dabbling was related to, with the purpose that this entity would take him away from his remote abode where he could experience another kind of life.

One night the mother was praying and felt something strange, the demon or entity that her son had invoked was arrived to take here son away. The demon took the form of a dark, strong, aggressively powerful horse, that the son would mount and ride away on. The mother upon seeing this began to pray with all the her heart and soul and her son desperately want to get up off his bed and mount the horse but he could not move. The power of a mother praying with all her heart and soul froze him against all his desire to mount that horse. Event eh demon could not break the power of her prayer and eventually it left.

Master Samael I was told said something to the effect of never under estimate the power of an old lady praying in front of a candle.


The moral of this story is that our prayer when done with heart and soul is very powerful and change things such as events and circumstances.

End (2435).

See the Ego as a Being Relationship Remedy Pointer Outerer - (2434)

A Different View of the Ego

We can see the ego in so many different ways. From seeing it as something totally demonic to something that we have to love, and many things in between.

Trouble Spots

We can see the ego as something that like pain points out where the trouble spots in our interior are. These trouble spots among many things are spots where we do not relate well to our inner Real Being.

These trouble spots are areas of life and areas of relationship with life and our Real Being that we do not understand well and that we have not come to balance as yet. We have not produced for ourselves in that area the elasticity that is a product of the comprehension and balance processed by our own consciousness.


The first step to correcting something wrong is to know in full detail what the problem is. If we look in the direction of what is wrong in relation to the quality inside of ourselves that relates to that area of life we can slip stream our work.

End (2434).

Make your Work Consciousness! – (2433)

Would You Work On Yourself if you were alone on the Earth?

If the answer honestly is an immediate yes, then congratulations. You have the work deep within you independent of anything or anyone else.

Would You Work On Yourself if Master Samael Appeared and Said Gnosis is All False?

If the answer honestly is an immediate yes, then congratulations. You have the work deep within you independent of anything or anyone else.

Remove External Reference Points for Your Work

When we work on ourselves because we are tired of our suffering, and we are tired of being who we are and we honestly want a change then we have made our work consciousness.

When the reference point for our own work is our own consciousness we have made the work consciousness and obviously when this takes place in us we will work on ourselves despite any external factor.


We just need to make our own work consciousness then we will always be in peace with the work.

Everything has to be made consciousness, anything that is not, perishes and withers away, without being taken advantage of.

The work is not outside you, it is inside you, it is inside your own consciousness. Your own happiness is not in Master Samael’s Being but in your own Being. The work is yours, it is only ever yours, and when it is not yours, it is only a dream, a difficult dream at that.

End (2433).

A Look at Self-Punishment, Self-Flagellation and the Like – (2432)

Religious Context

It is quite often seen in religious contexts, where a person sins (using the Christian terminology) and then to help repent for that sin and to pay penance for that sin, the same person inflicts harm upon his or her own flesh.

An extreme example of this can be seen in the book (and also movie) “Angels and Demons” written by Dan Brown. Where Silas, a member of the Opus Dei, after committing the sin of murder severely mortified his own flesh.

Reasons Why

There are two main reasons behind this practice. One is to take the initiative to wash away the karma or debt caused by the action and the other is to leave a mark in the person’s memory and psychology such that this will prevent the person from repeating that error again.

The last reason is an attempt at comprehension but as you may appreciate, it can fall short of full comprehension.

There are many other reasons that Christians of the past practiced self-flagellation, with some of them being to conquer softness, lukewarm faith and to reaffirm the strength of the spirit over the body.

From Lips to Ears

This topic is something that rather belongs to the class of knowledge that is passed on from teacher to student in secret and is not written anywhere. But anyway here is a post about it.

I was told that at a certain time Master Samael may have used such a practice to pay some karma and to help him in the work of the dissolution of the ego.

For a certain periods of time or at certain stages, such a practice can be useful. But practiced wisely and with balance.

True comprehension of the consciousness actually surpasses such a practice. However, while that comprehension is being processed, such a practice may prove useful.

The error is to make such a practice more than what it is and take it out of context, believing that this practice is comprehension and that this practice is a way of life.

Balanced Version of a Such Practice

I have practiced a very light version of this, to hold myself accountable for the actions of some egos. I would not allow myself to get away with any action of a certain ego without having repaired, replaced, apologized, compensated for the harm the ego had done. The way the compensation was carried out had to be in a way that really hurt – in the sense that it was costly in terms of: finance, time, effort, sleep and personal sacrifice. Because otherwise there would not be a lesson, no reminder, no extra help to not do what the ego wanted.

People may deprive themselves of sleep so to practice, expose themselves to cold or heat while practicing, kneel down for a long time on the cold and hard floor etc.


I think this type of self-enforced hardship can be helpful for a while when working on the ego. Though, measures stronger than that could be more harmful than good.

End (2432).

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Emotions Overwhelm – That’s What They Do – (2431)

So Good to Know

The emotional centre - the crazy elephant does exactly that - overwhelm us from time to time! That is, produce such a high wave of intense emotion that we feel overwhelmed.

So what is it to feel overwhelmed? Well we feel overwhelmed when we see that the degree of emotion is something off our normal scale of emotions, and it is something that we think that we don’t have the capacity to accommodate in our system. In other words we “think that we can’t” deal with the emotions or what we are faced with.

After a lot of experience of being overwhelmed, I say “we think that we can’t” handle the emotions because when we are experiencing those emotions, we are actually handling them, we are actually coping with them, we are holding them within our system. But that mind you, is different to being able to practically cope with the work load or whatever it may be. Feeling overwhelmed is an emotional reaction.

It is like a tsunami that floods in but all waves and tsunamis always always roll out!

Remedy – Delay

The easy to apply, and easy to remember remedy is: DELAY!

Feeling overwhelmed is like a tsunami, it rolls in destructively but it rolls out. So if you just wait a little then it will roll out and things will be very different.

Just delay! Just wait! Breathe! Trust! Know that it is a tsunami and then just wait knowingly and with trust in the fact that it will always roll out.

End (2431).

Monday, 18 June 2018

Feasts in Esotericism – (2430)

A Feast

We hear about feasts now and then in esotericism. Obviously, they are not feasts to do with eating and drinking as they are here in the physical world. They are to do with esoteric qualities.

In esoteric feasts, esoteric values are liberated in abundance for all those attending the feast to nourish themselves with.

These qualities are mainly wisdom, light, energies of various types, spiritual help (even blessings), inspiration, love and lucidity.


A retreat is really an esoteric feast. Because we receive much energy, light, wisdom and love from people.

End (2430).

Look at a Sand Timer – Use it to Lower Stress Producing Expectations – (2429)

Sand Timer Neck

A sand timer not only reminds us that our time is limited, it also shows us something else.

If we observe the join between the two bulbs of a classic sand timer we will see that there is a very narrow neck. That neck is what controls how quickly the sand flows from the top chamber into the bottom chamber.

If the neck is wide, a larger quantity of sand will fall through to the bottom chamber. If the neck is narrow, less sand will fall through to the bottom.

The special thing is that the width of the neck is designed so that only two or three grains of sand can fall through at a time. No more!

That is exactly us, we can only do so much and each thing we do takes the time that it takes for us to do it. We can not do more than what we can do, just like no more than two or three grains can fall through the join of the sand timer.


Expecting ourselves to be quicker is not the answer or the way. It is the way of stress and inefficiency. When we know what we can do we can be efficient. Before knowing what we can do, we are all over the place, not achieving very much at all.

Connecting to reality takes stress away!

We are stressed when we are not connected to reality.

End (2429).

Honour the Being in Yourself - The Way we See Ourselves Ends Up Provoking Others to Treat Us that Way – (2428)

Honour the Being

The more that we start to honour the Being in us the more that we change the way we see ourselves.
The more we honour the Being in ourselves the more we will honour others. The more special they will be for us.

When we honour our inner Being we attract treatment that aligns with that.

There is always a special something, called reciprocity at play, where we get what we put out. It just does not make sense to be despising ourselves and receiving reasonable treatment from others.

If you have physical gold we expect that we will be able to buy many valuable things, won’t we? We don’t expect to buy with a kilogram of gold a packet of chips passed the use by date, do we?

Conclusion – Interesting Things

The very interesting thing about our psychology is that according to our self-image we end up provoking others to treat us in the same way that we see ourselves. Which makes a lot of sense. The even stranger thing is, that eventhough we see ourselves in a belittled way we protest terribly and suffer when we are belittled.

End (2428).

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Ego Broken and Open to the Being - Heart Over Mind – (2427)

Suffered too Much with the Rebellious Ego

The ego mounts a steadfast rebellion holding up its position even in the face of so much personal suffering, for even such a long while, but then with our continued efforts to understand it, separate it and overcome it, comes the moment when finally it having been weakened by our efforts and all the suffering having slowly sunken into our consciousness, it bows down and we with gratitude and remorse surrender to the ways of the Being.

Victory of Heart Over Mind

That is what we must do! Especially with pride! Work and work until the love in the heart bends the ego and we surrender to the work and the ways of the Being in us, because we know it is not going to make us to suffer, because we know that it is right, becasue we know that we can progress on the path, that we can stop getting more karma, and finally because our will knows that it is right. The consciousness in our will finally knows that the way of the Being is right and it will finally do the will of the Being – which is as a general rule always the work.
End (2427).