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Why do we Like Poison? - (2075)


We drink, we smoke, we take drugs and we take in all sorts of impressions that just produce ill-feeling and pain. Why do we do that?

It seems that a part of the sleeping human condition is to ingest physically and psychologically elements that cause us harm. 

When we really think about it, it is such a bizarre and strange thing.

Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and negative impressions are all things that are unnatural and are really  a poison to the body and our psychology.

The question remains, why do we take in such elements that are so harmful to us?

A Payment

Sometimes because we can't help it, sometimes because we overlook it but always deep down because we believe that the poison is worth it that it gives us a higher value that is worth sacrificing or comprimising our health, our psychological well-being and our spiritual well-being for.

If we observe ourselves closely there is something within the egos that do this sort of thing, where they are happy to compromise our health, our psychological and spiritual well-being for something else. These egos easily gloss over the loss of our well-being, thinking that we can sacrifice our well-being for now and later on we will get it back. All the while forgetting that to get our well-being back again we must sacrifice that ego that is sacrificing our well-being and that becomes more and more difficult to do, the more we sacrifice our well-being for the interests of that ego.

Reason Enough

It is reason enough to stop these egos by understanding that they ingest poison. Having any kind of poison in our system is never pleasant. Yet we perpetuate this error.

If one thinks for a decent time about this and thinks about it deeply one becomes more aware of how the various egos do this to ourselves and with this increased awareness one can allow oneself some leeway into our psychology to be able to have some more will backed by understanding to stop these poison ingesting egos. Such egos are the "I's" of drinking, smoking, lust, self-love, pride, greed, anger etc. etc.

End (2075).

Why the Black Waters are No Good - (2074)


As always one only really knows what one has until one loses something. Either by going backwards or forwards.

This applies to our states of consciousness, to the degree in which the qualities of our essence are developed, to our waters and to many other aspects of ourselves in the work and in life.

Black Waters

Physiologically speaking a person having their waters black may not really dramatically affect or limit a person. However psychologically speaking, it is a complete different story. This post has a look at how and why this is.

Basically the waters permeate us and are in our psychology as well as in our chakras, our heart and many other places. Having our waters black does not mean anything greatly beneficial in terms of the state of our psychology and our ability to work on it, read on and you will see why.

When we Start our Waters are Black

When we start the work on ourselves, our waters are black, and that is very noticeable within us. Among the many areas where it is noticeable, are when understanding the classes presented to us is difficult, when understanding the ego is difficult, when meditating is difficult, when counteracting the ego is also very difficult, when seeing into our psychology is very confusing and cloudy, when our imagination is weak, when our will is weak to mention just a few.

So if our waters are relatively clear and we go backwards all of the above are the things that we are going to experience. 

An obscured psychology is one that does not easily;y allow light to penetrate through it and so suffering and pain is one very common characteristic of the black waters.

Imagine a Glass of Water with Sand in It

When you have a glass of water and you pour some sand into it and you shake the glass the sand and water mix making a murky mixture which is difficult to see through and very confusing, with particle of sand moving here there and everywhere. 

When our waters are black our psychology is exactly like that. We can not see very far into our own psychology and when we do look into our psychology everything appears cloudy and unclear. 

We have to wait for the water and sand to settle for things to become clear again, that is for us to be able to see the water and the sand. Which is the same as to be able to see within our psychology the essence and the ego.

To Work in Awakening we Can not Have our Waters Black

Because our waters affect our psychology so determinately it is very difficult to imagine that we can advance in the work of the awakening having our waters black.

This is because the black waters, as the waters (another word for the state of our state of consciousness related to our sexual energy) do, permeate right through our psychological and esoteric constitution and they obscure our vision and do not allow us much insight into and dominion over our psychology.

End (2074). 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Posts Recess - (2073)

This is just to let you know that there will be a temporary pause in my posts as we begin our event of the year, which is a long retreat.

Any retreat is a good opportunity to advance more our mystical death.
As of tomorrow 17-11-2017 until the 29-11-2017, there will be a recess in posts. But you never know I may sneak a couple in without photos.

End (2073).

With Self-Love We Protect a False Image - (2072)


Certainly, self-love gets mortified or perhaps irate when the image we are trying to project is not believed or is somehow broken in front of others and to ourselves.

This only happens when the image that we are trying to project is false.

Furthermore the suffering is terrible only when wee actually believe in that false image and have made it our identity base, or have inadvertently made it who we are.

It Hurts

It hurts because we have been believing that image to be what we are and when that image has been broken we feel that we are debased, broken, made invalid etc. and all of that is very painful stuff.

Radical Self-Acceptance

We can radically avoid this with self-acceptance. The more we accept ourselves consciously as we really are, good and bad, the less we allow false self-images to grow or become a base.

We may even have an image that we use in a particular relationship or in several relationships. We may even have several images that we use in several different relationships and when those images are broken, we can end up suffering quite intensely for a while. All because we were not accepting of our real nature and were instead projecting many false images that come crumbling down.

What is false always causes pain and always crumbles because it does not possess the solidity of the truth. That is how you know that you don’t have the truth, when it hurts!

End (2072).

The Mystery is All Around - (2071)

In the Moment All we Find is Mystery

When delve into the moment all that we try find is mystery. we are surrounded by mysteries. 

When we look at the person in front of us talking to us, we find a mystery, who really is that person and why am I in his or her life and why are they in my life. If we are alert and truly in the moment we mostly likely will not be able to find a sincere answer, hence the mystery. This is the 'don't know' mind that is honest and open, and transcends the sensual and intermediate minds.

When we also look into the moment we may ask ourselves: "Why am I here, Why am I in this country? This city? What am I doing here?". Once again a real mystery.

Perceiving the Mystery

The important thing here is to be able to perceive the mysteries all around us and to be in awe of them. The person who does not see the mystery all around him or her is the one who is asleep. And to such a person they will find an mundane, trivial explanation to all of these questions. However, to the sincere seeker these explanations fall short of truly revealing the mystery.


Our goal is to one day lift the veil on the so many of our own life's mysteries.

Being in the moment, alert and attentive we make the possibility of us unveiling a mystery or two more possible and one day it will come to pass that we will lift the veil on the secrets of our life.

End (2071).

Notes on Listening! - (2070)

For the Consciousness

In relation to the consciousness listening is more important than speaking.

We see this clearly amongst the indigenous elders and in general amongst the wise men and women of each culture. Where we would hear that the wise elders would spend more time listening to the ‘land’, to ‘nature’, to the ‘sea’ in an attitude of receptive learning and knowing than talking. If they spoke it was to pass on what they had heard.

If silence is the eloquence of wisdom, we must conclude that those who are wise, are those who listen. Here we have a fundamental key for those aspiring to wisdom; we must learn how to listen.

To listen is to study, to learn by discovery and to touch the mystery of the events of our life.


Listening is certainly an art, that now in this time and culture here in the west, is not taught nor cultivated. Yet it is fundamental to life and relationships, and even more fundamental to the study and practice of esotericism or spirituality.

Everything if we carefully observe, is about listening.

Listening is intimately related to sound; we may go so far to say that if there is sound there is a listener.

Because sound is a fundamental part of creation, as it is said: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Listening is so fundamental.

When we think, we listen to our thoughts, when we pray we listen to ourselves praying and we wait and listen for an answer, when we read we listen to the reading voice in our head, when we talk we listen to our voice speaking, when we relate to someone we listen, we listen to music, and the list goes on… Listening is an essential part of our life in the three spheres of physical, psychological and spiritual reality.

Listening, Reality and the Now

When we listen, we touch reality. When we talk, we do not necessarily make contact with reality. When we listen, we can hear ‘what is’, when we speak we can speak the most absurd things completely disconnected from the reality we are living right now.

Truly listening brings us into the now, the present moment. Consequently, listening activates our consciousness.

Our consciousness appears when we are in the ‘now and are touching reality.

A technique used in meditation to bring our attention into the now is to listen to the ‘now’. Where the agents of the now are our breath, the birds chirping, a clock ticking, a car driving past, our heart beating, noises from the streets etc.

To truly listen is to use our consciousness and when we use our consciousness we strengthen it and constant use leads to making it more activate and awaken.

To listen is to learn by discovery. When we listen, our consciousness discovers. That is, listening brings to us the new, that which we did not know before.

See it is more important to listen than speak!

Listening and Our Psychology

The trouble is that we do not know how to listen, and that is a question of psychological work.
To truly listen we need to stop listening to ourselves.

We always listen, but to who is the question. Is it to ourselves or is it to the other person, nature, our boss, our life?

Usually the reason why we stop listening to another person is because we begin listening to our own thought processes. We listen to our day dreams, our fears, our worries, our protests, our complaints, our problems, our difficulties etc. instead of listening to that which we have in front of ourselves.

In the end listening has much to do with the degree to which we can master our attention.

Mastery of Attention

Master Samael has said that our consciousness is where our attention is. If our attention is wayward our consciousness and therefore our listening will also be wayward.

If we can fix our receptive yet active attention on what we are listening to we can truly listen.

To truly listen is to receive sounds with our active consciousness. That is with our mind in a state of relative quiet.

Our consciousness must be focused on what we are receiving and on what our mind is beginning to judge and then think. If we can keep our mind quiet and receive with our consciousness what we are listening to, we can truly listen.

To listen we need our mind top be receptive or passive and our consciousness to be active. The opposites combined always produces intelligence or wisdom or consciousness. Listening is no exception, the synthesis of the opposites must also be present.

This happens all the time when we don't listen.

Listening Obstacles


Where our listening goes awry is when we interpret what we listen to and allow our diverse egos to absorb.

As soon as an ego interprets what is heard and takes it in and expounds upon it in its own particular strange way, listening has no longer become a possibility.

We must make a tremendous effort of separation in order to listen. We must hold off our interpretations.

Cultivating Listening

To truly listen we must start by mastering our attention.

For this aim, the practice of watching and listening to the second hand of a clock sweep out one minute, then three, then five, then ten up until fifteen minutes helps very much.

We can practice listening at any moment, because everything is listening. Driving, cooking, reading, working, talking, meditating, praying, walking..

The key is quiet mind and attention. Alert attention focussed on no judging.

Healing Power of Listening

Simply listening to another can have a magical healing effect. Upon others and upon ourselves.


How many mistakes could we have avoided if only we would have listened.

So many arguments are over not listening or not listening well. True isn’t it!


Many times we are about to listen to a person needing help, and as we hear them we have no idea of how to help. Yet we resolve to just listen in the hope that our consciousness will catch something to provide the necessary spark to ignite a flow of inspiration to help the person.

It is sometimes just being heard that heals another. Truly being listening to can help another more than what we expect sometimes.

To truly listen to another is to be pen to their reality and it is to invite them into your consciousness, which is trust and this in turn is appreciated, if not expressed verbally out loud it is silently appreciated and expressed with a smile, a sigh of relief, a tear etc.


When we truly attentively listen to ourselves, we start to descend into ourselves either into our subconscious if we are drowsy and or into our essence or consciousness. In any direction, up or down we surely come into touch with our reality and that puts us into contact with our life and that in turn allows us destiny, or control of our life, at least for the moment or for the short term.

This is highly advantageous and beneficial and brings a very different healing type of relaxation and purpose to our life that we total y miss out when we are hurrying from place to place.

End (2070).

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

If we feel Uncomfortable Psychologically Speaking, It Straight Away Means we are Believing Something Untrue! - (2069)

Clear Sign

This is a very clear sign to us, if we ever feel some kind of a pang of pain, or suffering, uncomfortable or awkward emotion we can be very sure that in that moment we are believing something that is untrue.

Then it is high time for us to investigate.

Investigate via the question questioning of thoughts is bound to reveal to us the untruth that we are believing in.

You will find it if you question sincerely and when you do you will find that a sigh of relief, a laugh or a smile breaks out in you.

End (2069).

Cada Loco Con Su Tema! - (2068)

Every Person with their Theme!

One learns a lot about this, when trying to unify people to come to a decision.

Everyone presents their own set of interests at a tangent from the common. It is like a bomb burst flying jet formation, with parts flying out from the centre with each part expressing its interests, reasoning, points of view etc.

We have the same thing going on with us, amongst the many “I’s” that we have. Each “I” expresses it’s own particular semi-related interests. It is obvious that we need a unifier, a leader a cohesive factor to unify all of these interests into a conclusion.

Luckily within us, we have our essence and within our essence is our consciousness. To unify ourselves and others and change that ‘cada loco con su tema’ situation we have to use our essence within us and appeal to eh essence of others. Using reality is a good way to do that.

End (2068).

Kill an Ego and a Massive Hole is Left – Not True! - (2067)

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

This is a law of nature, in that there is a great tendency for nature to fill a vacuum. In physics it is well know that to obtain a vacuum much effort is needed, all because nature abhors a vacuum.

It requires some discipline in our consciousness to experiment the illuminating void.

So, the very same within us. When we create a void within us that void tends to be filled. If there was once love in our inner space and that love was removed then that void will be filled by something. Perhaps another love or by its opposite value – hatred, resentment etc.

Dissolution is the Creation of a Void Plus the Filling of that Void

So, when an ego is dissolved a void is created but thankfully it is filled with the essence that was inside that ego and now it is the free essence that fulfils that function from within our own Being. So as one thing dies in us the opposite is born equally.

If we are feeling a void in us when working on the dissolution of an ego we can ask our inner Divine Mother to fill that void. Before it gets filled with something else that may be inconvenient for us.

Emptiness and Fullness

Emptiness and fullness are together, they are like good and evil, life and death. They set the limit for one another. So, if we are empty of the ego we are full, overflowing with Being. IF we are full of ego we are empty of Being. The illuminating void is full of non-being.

End (2067).

Una Bomba! – Solteros Gnosticos estan Dificiles Como el Infierno - (2066)


Here you go for a bit of fun, I have half disguised the title (only half because google translate will reveal all to you) so you wouldn’t read it. But if you are, here’s a combination of half fun and half truth.

A Smattering of Pride

Sometimes because we are studying Gnosis, we, can come to think, that we are special and deserve a special someone, and that alone or that combined with some other beliefs, is the cause of a few odd attitudes and a few odd things to take place. More about that later on, but for now back to this issue of pride…

Mind you, there are people, men and women in the spheres of human normal life, that consider themselves special because they think that they have a good looking face (they may well have even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder) or a good healthy, in-shape looking body, and because of that, they feel that they deserve someone just as good or even better etc. etc.

There are people that believe because, this is normal – no stress, that they, just because it is them, deserve someone who is special, wealthy, gifted, laborious, kind, considerate, extra-ordinary you name it the list can go on.

This trait which I repeat, is normal, and I would not really feel ashamed about it, gets transferred to the Gnostic sphere where we believe (we don’t like to tell anybody because that would mean to show others how proud and dreamy we are and that we are not working enough etc. – who cares just tell them) that we deserve a top-notch Gnostic. And sometimes that is hard to find, and what is worse we also have these other interests in the background as well that we want someone that is also good-looking, healthy, has a good body, has some money, decent family background, no previous relationships etc.

The low down of this pride is that it is good and bad. Good in that it filters out the pretend Gnostics and bad on the other hand because it stops and delays us and can make us very weary and fearful even. WE may feel scared because we think that we are going to have to accept something because of the work, and that something is someone that we don’t like and we feel just awful – like an arranged marriage type of thing. That does not all have to happen and we should not ever feel scared of that or accept that.

In the End…

In the end, it gets very complicated for ourselves if we are like this…

Being quietly honest with ourselves, we discover it is really a matter of pride, at the bottom of it all.
Vanity is always everywhere. It gets hard doesn’t it? But on the same token we don’t have to get crazy and opt for something that is not right for us do we? Of course not!

So how to get out of that predicament or spider’s web. Using lust is not the answer either, but something else – our Being and of course our good ever reliable and constant friend - reality.

Be Balanced and Use the Being

A single person in Gnosis can’t avoid this predicament because of pride or lust. Why? Because the Being inside the person wants to transform Itself and wishes to complete Its work of inner Genesis, and to do this, the co-operation of another person to complete this task with, is needed.

So we must say to ourselves and our inner Being: “I need the co-operation of another essence and Monad that has a physical body of the opposite sex to me to complete your work. Can you illuminate my understanding to see or finds such an essence-Monad here on this Earth within my possibilities and capacities?”

Then one must wait and if nothing appears one must then using balanced and very logical and practical common sense totally backed and supported by the principles and intelligence of the work on ourselves make a short list and try.

Here you go, here below are some odd things that have happened when were not at all balanced, realistic, sensible and practical based on the work and the path in their attempts at finding an essence-Monad in a physical body of the opposite sex needed for us to love and to help realise and to be helped in the realisation of our inner Being.

Odd Things

One of the odd things to happen are a lot of experiences or dreams that are just odd, meaning they are not really realistic. These dreams could be physically probable and it is possible for them to happen in real life, but it is pretty unlikely. Like for example, why would a young single guy marry or even think about a relationship with a much older divorced lady with children and vice versa. It can happen but not at all likely.

It is even odder when someone has a dream, and the other person in the dream has never showed any interest in a relationship with us. But we tend to gloss over that real life fact and believe in the dream. Which proves to be a disappointing mistake.

The above can be quite embarrassing. All because we don’t screen our thoughts, our logic and our dreams using the filter of reality. We somehow think that the common order in life does not apply to the work but it does we come to see and learn.

Why would a lady who is a missionary consider us if we may be a person without a job, not wanting to be a missionary and be very irregular in attending our Gnostic group meetings. We are dreaming if we think that, the reality will show us that we will not get anywhere there. This rarely happens in normal life and so why should it happen here as well. There is not balance or nor reciprocity. That is what it is about balance and reciprocity.

People can get a little obsessed or fixated and hang around others and bother others with communication after communication and not give up. They hide their obsession with requests and questions to do with practical things of the work but behind that they are obsessed.

People can have delusions that they deserve a person who has much to offer in the work and life while they do not want to offer much in return in the way of work or even things in life, to the other person. They want the other person to do everything even the work for them.

Match-Making at Retreats

It is well known in the background of many singles that retreats are a hope to meet someone ‘special’ or just ‘someone’.

The bigger the retreat, the more people, the longer the duration of the retreat, the bigger the hope and background (subconscious) expectation. Because there are more opportunities (we think) and more time to try ponder those opportunities (which may not really be opportunities at all but they are there at least we think).

People like to find matches for singles in retreats.


As much as we don’t like it, we have to settle for what is real. If we use balance and reciprocity, we put ourselves in a good position to judge things well.

End (2066).

Monday, 13 November 2017

Karmic Accounts - (2065)

Positive and Negative Values

Our karmic dealings are very mathematical.

If we don’t cancel our karmic negative values with their opposite, which the positive opposite value tot eh negative value, the debt or the unbalance is paid or rectified with pain.

Why Pay with Pain

Sometimes we can only pay with pain, which maybe physical pain or psychological suffering.
We end up having to pay with pain because we are too asleep.

Too asleep to have not noticed that pain was coming and then to have corrected them, and too asleep to not have known how to counteract those errors.

Progress and Karma

When we have more dharma than karma in one specific area we can progress.

If our karma is heavier in value than our dharma we are delayed and we find ourselves locked in a payment cycle.

Each action has a karmic or dharmic value or weight. When the accumulated karmic weight of our actions outweighs our dharma we incur in debt and we are likable to have to pay that debt at some point.

That is why some errors do not have such grave consequences or results because we have dharma still to pay for them. But if we continue erring we will run out of dharma and then payment will bear down upon us and if we err and work we do ok but our progress is not as quick as it could be.


If we err the best thing to do is to get back up immediately and correct ourselves and continue working, that way we begin to accumulate dharma again so to counterbalance the karma we received from the error. It is a mistake to not get up again and continue working.

End (2065).

Friday, 10 November 2017

Mistakes but Because we Keep Constant the Law Keeps us Going - (2064)

The Law Allows Us a Grace

Because we are full of ego and are asleep we make mistakes, yet because we are truly working we are given a certain grace or margin in which a certain buffer is applied to us.

If we stop working this buffer grows very thin and the Law begins to bear down upon us.

The work on ourselves offers us a certain protection and a certain grace or buffer conceded as an act of good will from the Law.

We are though watched and given a time to correct ourselves while also being allowed to move ahead. But if this does not happen then well the noose so to speak tightens.


It only makes sense to work and work!

This post is not an excuse to go ahead and make mistakes. But something for us to be more conscious of in our relationship to the work, the path and the Divine law.

This corresponds to the Mercy column of the Divine Law!

By the way, this is not my invention, but a summary of what was explained one day to us by m.m.m (my marvellous missionary).

End (2064).

Look Forward to Difficult Ego Moments - (2063)

Say: “I am Willing”

We sometimes go through a very difficult moment with one or another ego and afterwards we say: “never again!”. After saying that we become very closed and fearful and avoiding. However, this is not the way to live, we can live like that but it is awful.

It is much better to say: “I am willing” to go through it again. Why? Because it will take us back into ourselves and then back into the work on ourselves, this time in a deeper way.

Saying this opens us up and it will if we remain open help us out a lot, in one enjoying our life more and two, in the case that we pass through that difficult gymnasium again, it won’t be so hard.

Willing is Powerful

When we are willing we get help. We have to be willing for the change and willing for our Being and the Masters to help us.

A person with closed hands is difficult to grab by the hand and help and the person with a closed heart is also much more difficult to help!

Be willing, open the heart to the new, to whatever life and the Being in us can bring! Be willing because it is easier, more enjoyable and the secure and sure way to pass through hardship!

End (2063).

Black Vestments, Black Tunics Beware or Not Beware When and Why - (2062)

A Judge of the Law and an Angel of Death

Both the masters of the Law and the masters of the ray of Death wear black vestments. This indicates to us that black is not a malevolent colour when it comes to vestments. It is when it comes to auras but not necessarily when it comes to vestments.

The black of the vestments of the masters of the rays of Law and Death is a very different black, it is one that even being black emits light.

Malign Entities

Black magicians may wear black vestments as well, logically. However, they mostly wear, we have been told, a hood. The black of the vestments of the malign is strange in that it does not emit light, or shines in a very different way to the positive, peaceful, majestic way the vestments of the beings of the rays of Law and Death shine.

End (2062).

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Shift in the Locus of the Point of Control - (2061)

We Can…

We can, with the work on ourselves perform a shift in the play of forces within ourselves.


Normally, we are so scared because of someone or of a coming situation, because we are going to come under the control of another person and suffer a miserable outcome.

Well, it is not really that we come under the control of another person, but what happens is that we come under the control of our own karma or our own weaknesses.


For example, we may be scared to see a person because they will invariably insult us and because of our weaknesses we are going lose our happy state and spend most of the time while are in that event suffering.

Another example could be that we try to avoid someone because they talk and talk and stick to us like glue and we are scared of our lack of capacity to be able to handle the situation.

Another example could be that we are scared of someone of the opposite sex because we are weak in that area and our lust will end up controlling us and we will falter.

Locus of Control is Normally in Controlling Others

In all of the above examples the point of control is outside of ourselves, where we are totally dependent on the other person. How you may ask, well let’s see.

Out point of control is in others in the sense that if they do not insult us we are happy, if they do not kiss us we are fine, if they do not stick to us like glue we are fine. Meaning that our state of well-being is in the hands of the another person and so we think that we must control the situation or the environment. That is where our locus of control is, outside of ourselves and this is not freedom at all, this is slavery and this is why people really do not like this.

Shifted Locus

When we shift our locus of control to be inside of ourselves, that is we control our own weaknesses, we control our own physiology the locus of control is inside and it does not matter what happens outside of our ourselves because we can control the effects of the impressions on our interior that come from the outside.

This is freedom, this is where the freedom starts!


To shift the locus of the point of control we first have to understand that we have our locus of the point of control outside of ourselves in controlling others. Secondly, discover what weaknesses keep that locus of control outside of ourselves. Thirdly to make the resolution of controlling ourselves (stop controlling outside) from our interior, and lastly, to work on dissolving those weaknesses. Then smile and enjoy your freedom!

End (2061).