Friday, 20 July 2018

Love is when there is Full Freedom in the Heart – If there is Any Pain or Sadness there is No Freedom – (2502)

When the heart is totally free, that is it does not need anything from the other, it does not need to be important to another and there is no pain there of not being important, and there is not angst of having to accept something from another, then our love is one with less pain and is of quality that is liberating and free.

When the heart is not free there is debt and there is some kind of needing and some kind of dislike mixed in with the part that loves.

Our love is usually a mixture, both loving and a touch painful, or sad in the background. 

This is because we are still a mixture and because more specifically we still need something and we are not completely fed directly from our essence as yet.

End (2502).

As An Absolute No One is Important – Realise and Accept, then Freedom Comes then there is Love – (2501)

We Always Want to Be Important to Someone

This desire is one great suffering for so many people. Sometimes the emotion of it is so intense we are stopped in our tracks.

This suffering is remedied by using the pain of not being important to someone to go inwards and remember the Being dwelling within and really really making the Being in us important to us and really really loving the Being within us.

Sometimes when a person sees that they are not important to someone or anyone they suffer unspeakably and can get very depressed and worse…

The very interesting point is that really no one is important to anyone and we are not important to anyone and no one is important to us. I don’t write this in pessimistic tone or sad tone but in one that is realistic and liberating.

In the end it is the Being that is important to everyone.

Truth: No One Is Important – It Does Not Exist in the Universe

Physical death shows us this, that when someone dies life goes on. Our body continues to work, our life continues, people continue, problems roll in needing to be solved, souls that are still hungry for a balm giving knowledge are still restless looking for light…

Jesus, Buddha, Master Samael etc. all left and we are here continuing on fighting for the light…

When we realise that we are not important to anyone and no one is important to us, then we are free in our relationships. There is nothing that we need to do to impress or establish in another person and there is nothing that they have to do, to impress us to become important to us. When there is nothing that is needed to be received or given then both people who love are free. Then the two people who love, really love in full.

But that does not happen too often here on the Earth – hardly ever. There is only a relative degree of that.


This freedom that I talk about is one treasured internally within oneself. If you bring it outside you will make a lot of people upset. People are still important to us in relatively but absolutely that is a different question – the Being within us reserving that positon of Absolute important to us!

End (2501).

Thursday, 19 July 2018

A Tradie and His Music Box – (2500)

Judged Him Wrongly

Once a tradie came to my parent’s house to some tiling and he had forgotten his music box. So he asked if I had one. I did and so I lent it to him. Though while I was getting it for him, I thought: “these tradies are weak guy, they can’t do their job without music”.

A Tradie’s Bliss of No Mind

When he turned it on and the music started playing he said: “Thanks, if I don’t have music I keep thinking. I just need something to stop thinking.”. I then thought again: “he is weak, he can’t control his mind and make it go quiet.”,

I never really understood him until recently. It is really bliss to work manually with the mind turned off. It is such a pleasure – progress just flows happily out of you, everything becomes so harmonious, no resistance and no negativity, no tiredness... If music is what can help us turn off our mind it is valid. Who does it hurt?


What we don’t really know we judge, and further to that we mostly judge wrongly.

End (2500).

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Jealousy Rule Book – (2499)


I think that this part of the ego of jealousy is probably the worst part. Removing this part, which I call the rule book makes a big difference when it comes to weakening the strength and structure of this ego.

The “I’s” of jealousy often refer to the rule book and manifest because a rule has been written in the rule book. If there is no rule to go by there is no protest.

The rule book constitutes the rigidity and toughness of jealousy. It also makes up the justice part of jealousy.

Rule Book


  • He/she should not be talking to him/her.
  • He/she should not buy him/her a gift.
  • He/she should be even mentioning him/her.
  • He or she should not like him/her.
  • He or she should not be smiling at him/her.
  • He or she should not be laughing with him/her.
  • He or she should be very serious and only say a few words to him/her.
  • He or she should be all the time with me.
  • He or she should sit next to me.

Erase Rule by Rule

The rules in the jealousy rule book have to be worked on one by one. Questioning their validity sincerely and ruthlessly is a very good method to shake them loose in our mind.

The dissolution of these rules begins by first loosening them and then loosening them progressively and then causing them to be dropped as they are understood as redundant, unfair and flawed. Once they are dropped they can be dissolved.

They are simply mental constructs. Not real principles of the cosmos.

End (2499).

Jealousy is Not Just a Normal and Natural Way of Thinking – It is An Ego with Its Own Logic – (2498)

Reason Why We Never Work on It

A reason why we never work on jealousy is because we see it so normal and natural to want to protect our relationship. We see it as logical, natural, consequential thinking, not as thinking that has a flaw in it.

We even see it as a right and a duty. As long as we think that way it will be very difficult to dissolve jealousy.

When we contemplate the dissolution of jealousy we often experience fear. The remedy or balm to fear is always trust.

By trusting in all the ways we can give our system the space to contemplate the dissolution of jealousy.

Trusting the Real Being in us is a big part of the balm that heals the suffering of jealousy.

The Real Being in us put us into this relationship, and so trust that the relationship serves the Being’s purposes and if it does not, the Being will remove us from it at the due time and provide for us not being in that relationship anymore.

So then we do not need jealousy to be watching out for the relationship all the time because the Real Being in us is on top of it all.

End (2498).

Jealousy Makes Social Encounters Something Rough and Awkward – (2497)

The “I’s” of jealousy make social events awkward for the jealous person and plain awful for the other person in the relationship.

When jealousy intervenes in an event the overall feel is of something being roughly micro-managed, dealt with and shut down. Why? Because jealousy is rough, abrupt, controlling and intense by nature. It is some ways a very masculine ego? Why because it derives from lust and pride.

Jealousy likes to be also be pro-active and control the social event to prevent it making appearance inside the person either invisibly or visibly.

Jealousy dispels grace, gratitude, appreciation, fluid free movement and introduces tension, fear, intense scrutiny and analysing, anger and ill-will.

End (2497).

Prometheus – Without Him and What He Gives We Would Be Without Hope – (2496)

Indeed the greatest gift to humanity was the fire from Prometheus.

I find it useful to know the Greek myth of Prometheus. The conclusion that I draw from this myth is that the fire has a very spiritual high source and without it we would be as the myth says just lumps of clay without the possibility to be like the Gods or to aspire to be akin or similar to them.

It also gives us an account of why we have the ego. It is said that because Zeus believed that man should not have the fire, man was given the ego, symbolised by Pandora’s box.

What I have done here is just a copy and paste of a good recounting of the myth.


"Prometheus and Epimetheus were spared imprisonment in Tartarus because they had not fought with their fellow Titans during the war with the Olympians. They were given the task of creating man. Prometheus shaped man out of mud, and Athena breathed life into his clay figure.

Prometheus had assigned Epimetheus the task of giving the creatures of the earth their various qualities, such as swiftness, cunning, strength, fur, and wings. Unfortunately, by the time he got to man Epimetheus had given all the good qualities out and there were none left for man. So Prometheus decided to make man stand upright as the gods did and to give him fire.

Prometheus loved man more then the Olympians, who had banished most of his family to Tartarus. So when Zeus decreed that man must present a portion of each animal to be scarified to the gods, Prometheus decided to trick Zeus. He created two piles, one with the bones wrapped in juicy fat, the other with the good meat hidden in the hide. He then bade Zeus to pick. Zeus picked the bones. Since he had given his word, Zeus had to accept this pile as his share for future sacrifices. In his anger over the trick, he took fire away from man. However, Prometheus lit a torch from the sun and brought it back again to man. Zeus was enraged that man again had fire. He decided to inflict a terrible punishment on both man and Prometheus.

To punish man, Zeus had Hephaestus create a mortal of stunning beauty. The gods gave the mortal many gifts of wealth. He then had Hermes give the mortal a deceptive heart and a lying tongue. This creation was Pandora, the first woman. A final gift was a jar which Pandora was forbidden to open. Thus completed, Zeus sent Pandora down to Epimetheus, who was living amongst the men.

Prometheus had warned Epimetheus not to accept gifts from Zeus, but Pandora's beauty was too great and he allowed her to stay. Eventually, Pandora's curiosity about the jar she was forbidden to open became intolerable to her. She opened the jar and out flew all manner of evils, sorrows, plagues, and misfortunes. However, the bottom of the jar held one good thing - hope.

Zeus was angry at Prometheus for three things: being tricked by the sacrifices, stealing fire for man, and refusing to tell Zeus which of Zeus's children would dethrone him. Zeus had his servants, Force and Violence, seize Prometheus, take him to the Caucasus Mountains, and chain him to a rock with unbreakable adamanite chains. Here he was tormented day and night by a giant eagle tearing at his liver. Zeus gave Prometheus two ways out of this torment. He could tell Zeus who the mother of the child that would dethrone him was, or meet two conditions. The first was that an immortal must volunteer to die for Prometheus, and the second was that a mortal must kill the eagle and unchain him. Eventually, Chiron the Centaur agreed to die for him and Heracles killed the eagle and unbound him."

End (2496).

Sword from the Stone – Fire from Sex – (2495)

Fire of the Being

Each part of the Being has its fire. The fire of the Divine Mother and the Third Logos is the sexual fire. The Fire of the Intimate Christ and Chockmah is the redeeming fire of light. The Fire of the Kether is the fire of truth and the full restoration of life.

Sexuality Leads to the Fire

Sexuality treated according to the principles of fire, not the principles of extinguishing the fire (we know it as fornication and losing the sexual energy) leads to the first level of fire.

Where we first really tangibly physically, psychologically and esoterically encounter the fire is through sexuality. That is through the supra-sexuality.

Which is represented by drawing the sword from the stone. The sword is the fire and the stone is sex.

End (2495).

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Fire Has Its Principles by Which We Can Prepare for It – (2494)

Fire Has Its Principles

When we spend a lot of time lighting fires in your home’s fire place, you can, if you are observant enough, see that physical fire has its principles.

Basically, fire warms, sets alight, covers, devours, purifies, transforms, liberates and ascends.

We understand that we need the fire, that is we need to ignite the fire in us, the fire of Kundalini, and that we also need to operate as fire, that is liberate, purify and transform ourselves.

The purpose of this post is to show ourselves how by studying fire we can know how we must prepare ourselves to receive it.

Some Principles

1. Provision of a Spark

2. Spark Ignites the Volatile

3. Heating Up and Drying Out of the Less Volatile and Dense Matter

4. Breathe - Air Flow

5. Triangular Geometry

6. Provision of Space for Expansion

Our Preparation

We can appreciate that for any fire to be lit, there has to be preparation. There must be some volatile material of enough quantity that will warm up, dry out and cause the fire from the volatile to jump to the more dense material. Once the heavy wood is alight then the fire has established itself.

All of this can be translated into our experience as human beings.

The volatile quantity is our essence and its love for the work for the Real Being in us. Obviously, we must have a good and stable amount of responsible essence.

What warms the dense matter in us is definition. We must be defined for the work for our Being, that is our life must already be defined to work for our Being and the biggest part of that definition is that we have defined our sexuality to be that of the sexuality of the Being – the Alchemy.

The whitening and yellowing of the waters in the practice of Alchemy is to warm up the mercury to be ready to receive the fire.


The fire can not be received when there is a lack of definition, i.e. where there is no warmth. Where there is no love for the essence or for the Being. Where there is definition there is a stable warmth.

End (2494).

Just Get the Fire and It Will Do the Rest – (2493)

Fire as Spiritual Principle

We can understand fire as spiritual principle. Meaning that it is spirit, it is intelligence, it is cosmic in principle and it is in our Being. The Being of every human being is a living fire, which in the grand scheme of things is a spark of the Great Fire of Life (the Absolute).

We may even say that our Being is the whole ensemble of all the different octaves and functions of fire, which are fire, light, gold and beyond…

The Divine Mother is a fire, the Intimate Christ is a Redeeming Fire, the Typhon Baphomet is Tempting and Light Giving Fire, Atman is the flame of prajna alight in a fine vase of alabaster…

Fire Does as Fire Is

Fire warms, sets alight, covers, devours, purifies and transforms. Or in order words we can say fire defines, then liberates and then ascends.

The path is really about the descent and ascent of the fire, which in its stages really becomes the three mountains.


Fire knows how to ascend and our role is to prepare for it and to co-operate with its ascent. In preparation we warm ourselves (define ourselves) and in mystical death we co-operate with its ascent.

End (2493).

Jealous Strategies – Interrogation and Deprecation – (2492)

Don’t Have Jealousy?

Sometimes we think that we don’t have jealousy but we have pride instead. Though, this point can be cleared up quite easily when we consider some of the typical strategies of jealousy. The most common two strategies or behaviours of jealousy are these two: interrogation and the deprecation of the third person.

Can’t Resist Asking Questions

Jealousy can’t resist not asking questions about what he or she said to the one we are in a relationship with. Where have you been? What have you been doing? Why are going there? You don’t really like her that much do you? What do you like about her? What does she have going that I don’t? And so on and so on.

We may have never asked these questions but we have certainly thought them in a kind of mental protest.

Shakespeare introduced the term: "green-eyed monster" from Othello.
"O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock the meat it feeds on."


This is so typical of jealousy that when the third person enters into the picture, jealousy begins to find fault after fault in the other person. And of course the results of this fault finding activity has to be told to the one whom jealousy wishes that they stop liking or paying attention to the third person.

There is a lot of ill will in this activity and one sidedness. The third person has done nothing to us but we profoundly with jealousy dislike the third person.

End (2492).

Core Beliefs Are Wide Vision Filters – (2491)

The core beliefs that we have in our psyche serve as lenses or glasses or filters by which we see the world and interpret the events that happen in our lives and in the lives of others.

Are you aware of the various filters that you have in operation within your psychic apparatus?

Some examples of core beliefs are:
  • Things usually go wrong.
  • People can’t be trusted.
  • People end up going against you in the end.
  • People should only do the good.
  • God is good.
  • Women get their way in the long run.
  • All men are a pain.
  • What I have and what I do is superior.
  • Who I am is superior.
  • Who, what I think and do is inferior or not what is right most of the time.
  • People don’t really love others or me for that matter.
  • I have the most beautiful mother, son, daughter and yours are not as beautiful, loving, caring…

All a lot of non-sense oozing out of our heads that must be questioned, seen as false and then eliminated. Certainly not believed in as true.

End (2491).

Role of the Second Mountain – (2490)

The role of the second mountain is to cause to die within the new master what the new master can not reach by him or herself.

The second mountain is for the Intimate Christ within the new master.

There is death in the first mountain and it is the death of what is visible. The second mountain is to up-heave and cause to die all that is invisible.

The first mountain converts one into a man and the second mountain converts one into a superman.

What the golden embryo and the soul can die in, is present in the first mountain, though what the Intimate Christ and the Divine Mother can die in is present in the second mountain.

The marvelous feats of death are performed by the Intimate Christ with the help of the human soul in the person.

The subconscious and infraconscious, the seeds of the egos and many other creations that we carry deep within us are all done away with in the second mountain.

End (2490).

Monday, 16 July 2018

Flavour of the Horizontal Line of Life – (2489)


Counter Measure It! It is good to deeply know the flavour of this line and the characteristics of this line. Even so much so, to know why this line has the characteristics that it does.

This post is an attempt at explaining the above points. In the hope that it will provide a clear and didactic motivation to move ourselves more onto the vertical line in the here and now, where we can find ourselves.

Every Man and His Dog…

Every man and his dog walks this line. It is often about dreaming, thinking of a better future, thinking that things will get better for us in the future and the better things all the while just never seem to arrive as expected…

Past and Future

It is about looking back with regret and bitterness, and in many ways it is about carrying the bitterness of the past into the present. In many ways it is about not liking pain but at the same time it is wanting the pain, because that defines us and gives us character and experience…we think.

We may wish to be better but it seems too hard and plus we don’t really know how and it is even believed that others don’t really know how either. So the best way is to just get on with your life and forget about wanting to know more or be better.

The future is scary, the news each day reminds us of this, and so we look for security and we think that the answer is in insurance, money and people, family and friends. Yet not one of these things can save us from getting cancer.

Science and Religion

Science is perceived as having discovered something but still there is so much yet to know. Plus human beings have no capacity to know anything about space and its higher dimensions, and there is still so much unknown about ourselves and about nature, and it seems that no one else knows either. Science is looked to for the answers but many of the answers change from one day to the next.

Science and religion conflict and we are in between, not knowing how to reconcile them…

Religion offers us something that appeals to us, yet it just seems too good to be true, especially when we have to work so hard here in life to get anything and with religion we get the greatest thing – heaven - all for little effort (an hour's mass a week). In the background the scepticism continues, but we are too afraid to question what has been around for thousands of years. And underneath, we remain disappointed and sigh for something objective and real, but nothing in life can bring that to us.

The Aussie version of "every Man and His Dog".

Always Outside

Because of looking always externally we only believe that we are body and mind, and the fulfilment of life is in others, our job, traveling, experiences, a job well done etc. etc.


Death is the worst thing that we can imagine, it is completely unknown, Theories, near death experiences are more and more common, yet it solves nothing, our body and mind will die and so we think all that awaits us is total annihilation. But yet we hear that we are a soul, but what is the soul, still we don’t really know for ourselves, and we move in the hazy clouds of belief.

The ignorance of the horizontal line is the greatest lacking and it is what characterises more than anything the horizontal life of life.


Sex reigns as the ultimate pursuit, yet the way it is used, it becomes ultimate slavery. All external vices become the hope to bring what is truly missing in sex but can never be gotten as long as love is missing and the sexual energy is lost. Pornography, night time venues, affairs, movies, web sites, are all used to bring what is missed from sex but, of course fail, digging the hole of slavery deeper.


Happiness is so elusive and fleeting. Our happiness unfortunately depends on external circumstances while we are on the horizontal line of life. We need something favourable and enjoyable set up from a third party to feel happy once again. Which alas, could be in a log cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. We still need the log cabin and the Alaskan wilderness.

Everyone Else

Everyone else is to blame for our misfortunes, if that person would not have said that or told us that, or yelled at us I would be better off and not in this difficulty now.

If only they would change a little…


Life seems to be just about making money, going through the motions that everyone else does. Buy a house, a car, marry, go on holiday, have wonderful children that turn out difficult to make wonderful and so on and so on.

We all always want more money and when that more arrives we want more or we go off the rails… and what we wanted so much becomes our demise…

No Time, Too Tired

There is never enough time and energy. We are always tired and have our schedule totally full. We always live on our surface and far from the depths of ourselves (our essence)...


This is the flavour of the horizontal line of life, it leaves much to be desired and the vertical line is the opposite of these characteristics.

End (2489).

The Power of Delay – (2488)

A Powerful Key Not to be Underestimated

The key to surpass so many kinds of desires is delay!

The many desires that we have, if we voluntarily delay satisfying them, we will see that they subside in power and a new perspective of “not really needing them” emerges in us.

Whether that desire be to buy something, to tell somebody something, a sexual desire, a desire to travel, a desire to eat, to desire rest etc. etc.

It is understood though when we delay we do not feed that desire with thought, words or impressions etc.

This is a pretty good cure for desire. They are like fires that burn themselves out. While they are burning themselves out we must work on them. However, after repeated efforts of voluntarily delaying we come to bit by bit gain power of the desire and the light of a new perspective with new comprehension begins to dawn upon us.

End (2488).