Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Don't Go Negative Against Yourself - (2668)

There are many egos in ourselves that like to go against ourselves, and they even express themselves verbally and in action.

Some of those egos are: self-compassion, self-love and self-importance.

My advice is not accept anything from those egos. Not their fear nor their disappointment nor their sadness. Certainly not their pain!

With the remembering of the Being within us and a bit of love for that Being we can stop those egos from going further.

If we have made a mistake. Ok fine, let's rectify it and carry onwards. Work hard and makes things better than before.

We fail, ok we fail, it didn't work, a disaster, whatever the outcome no more accepting the pain. It goes against our inner Being, ourselves and does not make anything better.

End (2668).

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Manifestations of the Law of Seven – (2667)


Here are some examples of the law of seven in manifestation. These examples feature in the physical, psychological and esoteric realms.

Note, the Law of Seven is also known as the Holy Heptaparaparshinokh.

Physical Realm Examples

7 Tones in an Octave

The seven fundamental tones of the octave express the law of seven. The addition: Do, of the next octave, that is to say, the crowning of the process, gives rise to the eighth step.

7 Colors

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Violet, (and White which unites them into one whole).

7 Days of Week

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

7 Wonders of the World

Pyramids of Egypt, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Mausoleum of King Mausolus at Halicarnassus, Colossus of Rhodes and the Pharoh’s lighthouse at Alexandria.

7 Seven Seas

Arctic, Antarctic, North and South Pacific, North and South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean

7 Seven Sisters

An old name of Pleides star system.

7 Parts to the Embryo

Amnion, Chorionic Villi, Spinal Cord, Heart, Brain, Umbilical Cord and the Yolk Sac.

7 Parts of the body

Head, Thorax, Abdomen, Two Arms and the Two Legs.

7 Parts of the Human Head

Two nostrils, two ears, two eyes and the mouth.

7 Main Organs

Brain, Heart, Genitals, Lungs, Liver, Kidney, Stomach.

7 Glands

Pituitary, Pineal, Thyroid, Thymus, Pancreas, Sex, Adrenals.

7 Divisions to the Brain

Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Pons Varolii, Medulla Oblongatta, Corpus Callosum, Spinal Cord, Meninges.

7 Parts to the Inner Ear

Vestibule, Auditory Canal, Tympanic Membrane, Ossicles, Semi-circular Canal, Cochlea and the Membranous Labyrinth.

7 Parts to the Retina

Cornea, Aqueous Humor, Lens, Vitreous Humor, Retina, Sclera and Iris.

7 Cavities to the Heart

Right and Left Ventrical, Right and Left Atrium, Tricuspid Valve, Mitral Valve and the Septum.

7 layers of the Skin

Stratum Corneum, Stratum Lucidum, Stratum Granulosum, Prickle Cell Layer, Basal Cell Layer, Corium and Hair Follicles.

7 Bodily Functions

Respiration, Circulation, Assimilation, Excretion, Reproduction, Sensation and Reaction.

7 Levels in the Periodic Table of the Elements.

Shakespeare’s 7 Ages of Man

The infant, the school-boy, the lover, the soldier, the judge, the elderly man and finally the senile one.

7 Sciences

Namely, grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, music, geometry, and astronomy; - the first three being included in the Trivium, the remaining four in the Quadrivium.

7 Root Races & 7 Sub-Races

There are seven rounds and seven root races which are further divided into seven producing the 7 sub-races.

Psychological Realm

7 Personality Types

Solar, Lunar, Martial, Mercurial, Jovial, Venusian and Saturnine.

7 Virtues in Christianity

Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Justice, Prudence, Temperance.

7 Vices in Christianity

Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth/dejection, Avarice, Gluttony, Lust.

7 Sub-Levels of & 7 Levels of the Mind

The mind has 49 levels, which come from there being 7 main levels, with each main level containing seven sub-sections. Producing 49 levels.

7 Interpretations 

There can be seven interpretations of a symbol.

Esoteric Realm

7 Bodies

Physical, Vital, Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddhic and Atmic.

7 Chakras

Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara.

7 Stages of Alchemy

Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation and Coagulation.

7 Days of Creation

Mentioned in the Genesis, in the bible.

7 Seals in the Book of Revelations.

Also mentioned in the bible.

7 Sacraments in Christianity

Baptism, Penance, Marriage, Communion, Confirmation, Holy Orders and Last Rites.

7 Gifts of the Holy Ghost

 Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and the Fear of the Lord.

7 Times Christ Spoke on the Cross -

1. "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."
2. "Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise."
3. To his mother: "Woman, this is your son." Then to the disciple: "this is your mother."
4. "Eli, Eli, lema sabackthani?" which means "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"
5. "I thirst."
6. "It is finished.", "It is accomplished."
7. "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit."

7 Sorrows of Mary

1. “The sorrow of the prophecy of Simeon.”
2. “The sorrow of the flight into Egypt.”
3. “The sorrow of the loss of the Child Jesus in the temple.”
4. “The sorrow of meeting Jesus on the Way of the Cross.”
5. “The sorrow of the Crucifixion.”
6. “The sorrow of the taking down of the Body of Jesus from the Cross.”
7. “The sorrow of the burial of Jesus.”

7 Joys of Mary

1. “Mary joyfully conceived Jesus by the Holy Ghost.”
2. “Mary joyfully carried Jesus when she visited Elizabeth.”
3. “Mary joyfully brought Jesus into the world.”
4. “Mary joyfully exhibited Jesus to the adoration of the Magi.”
5. “Mary joyfully found Jesus in the Temple.”
6. “Mary joyfully beheld Jesus after his resurrection.”
7. “Mary joyfully received by Jesus into heaven, and crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth.”

7 Metals

Lead, Tin, Iron, Copper, Mercury, Silver and Gold.

7 Planets

Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

Seven Systems of Symbolism (According to Ouspensky)

Symbolism of numbers, symbolism of geometrical figures, symbolism of letters, symbolism of words, symbolism of magic, symbolism of alchemy, symbolism of astrology, and the symbolism of the Tarot, which unites them into one whole.

Side Interesting Point

The number and word 7 is actually used 77 times in the Old Testament. Note, just a coincidence I think. The law of seven didn't really manifest there.

End (2667).

Friday, 12 October 2018

Reflections on the "Throwing of the Stone" - (2666)


There is a certain mention in the Gnostic teachings of that of "throwing the stone". Certainly in our Gnostic studies we do come across this point from time to time, and each time, well for me anyway, it remains an open subject, with many details left unrevealed... 

I am in no way an authority on this, in fact I should not be writing this becasue I do not have any real knowledge on the subject.

In this post I will be bringing to light some of what Master Samael said abut this subject as well as some logical inferences that I think we can make from what Master Samael has said.

However, I write this post hoping, firstly to have a record of the main points before I forget them and secondly that it may provide a spring board if you will, for further reflection and revelation in any reader now or in the future... 

It is Said...

When a master achieves the philosopher's stone and later loses it, it is said that the master has 'thrown the stone'.

Where is the stone thrown? We may well ask. Master Samael says that the stone is thrown into the waters of life.

This is of course very symbolic. The beauty of master Samael is that he reveals the reality behind the symbols.

There are two ways Master Samael says that the stone can be thrown. One is through a fall and the other is through a descent. It is the latter that I am going to concentrate on in this post.  

Further Development Required

Master Samael says that when a Monad with the philosopher's stone realises that further development is required and that this development can not be gained through that Monad's present standing, then in order to arrive at this higher degree of development, that Monad may decide to throw the stone. That is to throw the stone in the way of a fall or a descent. 

Which means in all practicality to loose the stone only to have to fabricate it again. This new forming of the stone makes the new stone much more powerful in strength and penetration and richer in wisdom Master Samael says.

Which means among many things that the new stone would bring with it more consciousness that is wider in it expanse and more profound in its reach.

We can understand the philosopher's stone as consciousness, that is the result of much conscious effort, voluntary sufferings and esoteric processes lived through the initiatic path.

This is exactly the myth of the Phoenix bird of Greek mythology. Where the Phoenix bird (Chochmah - big Phoenix Bird and the Intimate Christ - small Phoenix bird), incinerates itself to later rise again more powerful than before from its own ashes.

But just before I go on, I would like to add a detail here. Master Samael recently elaborated his third stone. The two previous stones and this recent one he says, were thrown by means of falls. Now, of late it has come to light that after the third stone the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh stones can be elaborated with descents rather than with falls.  

A descent is much safer, because not as much is lost as with a fall.

A Descent 

Master Samael says a descent is processed by the Master possessing the stone by practicing the Alchemy after it has been forbidden. However, this is done under the direction and guidance of a guru and the energy is not lost, which is the opposite of what happens in a fall. This statement from Master Samael upon a closer look reveals so much to us. 

The key elements of what master Samael says are the Guru, the use of sex after it is forbidden and the energy not being lost.

At this point it is very useful to refer to something else that Master Samael said in relation to the creation of the ego. He said that the creation of the ego began with the creation of the libido, which arose in the very ancient Lemurians when they performed the sexual act outside of the temple. A certain transgression was produced which caused a certain separation in the Lemurians from their inner Being. That separation was caused in their sexuality where they now possessed sexual desire that functioned in them impulsing them to act sexually outside of the cosmic rhythms and harmony, which are also the principles of the inner Being.

This separation lead to incurring some kind of karma and the creation of the ego.


When a fall happens, no one is consulted because the answer would be not to fall. The presence of the guru in the process of a descent, I can infer here makes the process official before the Divine law and validated as a descent. A transgression is produced, because sex is forbidden, however the Guru, which is a Master of the white lodge presides over the process, which makes the transgression like a kind of authorised transgression which, eventhough it is authorised will still have its consequences.

The presence of the guru is needed, to remind and impulse the Master after the descent to rise again.

Also the guru, Master Samael says has the role of establishing contact between the highest parts of the disciple's Being. The guru then knows well how to reestablish that connection and also to re-author the highest parts of the disciple's inner Being. Master Samael said that his guru was the author of the highest parts of his Being.

The guru can also vouch before the law that a descent is occurring and an ascent once again is going to occur.

Use of Sex After It Has Been Forbidden

Sexuality is governed by the laws from above. When those laws are transgressed there are karmic consequences and a separate sexual will is created which sets off the creation of the ego and a separate will in the person, thus a separation, is created. This is what happened with the Lemurians when they performed the sexual act outside of the temples.

An interesting point here is that the practice of Alchemy does not conclude after the third mountain it continues. This is because the four kayas have to be fabricated and the vehicles which constitute the psychological infinite also have to be fabricated.

So this means that for sex to be forbidden this work has to have been completed.

All the resistance to the Alchemy is to not surrender our sexual force over the sexuality of the Being. Because the ego wants to use sex and sexuality for its purposes separate to the laws, will and principles of the Being in us.

The great success of the anti-christ was contraception, as this allowed sex to be freed so to speak from consequences and from the nature in which sex exists for. One of sex's use is to procreate, but with contraception it can be used for anything else.

Lust is all about using sex with the hope of avoiding the consequences.

Energy Not Lost

This is a definite differentiating point. In a fall the energy is lost. In a descent it is not lost. The energy not being lost does not cause the Kundalini to fall. The fire is still present. Of course some fire is subtracted and used to create the separate sexual will or libido.

In a fall, all the serpents fall. This we can infer means that in a descent means that the first mountain remains intact, though the second mountain has to be redone or that of the separate will has to be dissolved.

As in the Lemurians the creation of the libido from using sex outside of the temple lead to the creation of the ego, such a transgression we can also infer leads to the creation of some kind of ego. If the ego is created it will be created in the structure of 1, three, seven and many. However, it is clear that the ego of the descent is very different to the ego of the fall. The ego of the descent is less dense and heavy. Because there is much more consciousness free still present.

Stone of the Descent Reiterated Quickly

Fulcanelli says that the stones are increasingly more quickly iterated. This is because the ego is not as big, the serpents are still present and risen and there is less karma.

Seven Stones

Master Samael says that seven stones can be fabricated which means to throw the stone six times. If the stone is thrown seven times, that is an eighth stone is attempted, that Monad falls under a curse. That curse can mean involution. There are some Beings in the abyss in the process of involution that tried to fabricate the stone 8 times. Master Samael says that when such an essence evolves it will be very special in all the Kingdoms.

When a Descent

The times when a descent occurs is very critical, as master Samael says that all the powers of the Master are in the stone, that is in the consciousness. When the stone is thrown the Master remains without powers. If such a master is need to help humanity, a descent logically could only really occur when the master's help is not needed.

Dissolved Versus Broken

With a descent the stone is dissolved rather than perforated as in a fall. When dissolved, the stone can be easily crystallised using the right procedure and method. Whereas when there has been a loss and breakage of the stone, the stone is best re-fabricated by being ground down and then fabricated from zero again. That is why there is such long times between each stone when the stone is lost through a fall.

End (2666).

A Note or Two on Listening - (2665)

To listen is often a better chance to be more conscious, than the chance to speak.

When we are to listen we have the chance to learn. That is learn on two fronts. One front is learning about what we are listening to, and the other front is learning about ourselves.

We can learn about ourselves as what is being listened to can clash with certain beliefs and concepts we have in our mind. Until that moment of clash we were not aware that we had those beliefs and concepts, and further more depending on the intensity of the clash we did not know that we held those beliefs and concepts to dearly and firmly.

Real listening implies the division of attention. With half of our attention on what we are listening to and the other half on ourselves.

To divide our attention while listening allows us the chance to reap the maximum benefit of the experience.

A wise person delights in the chance to listen as it allows him or her the chance to learn twice. Though one later must also talk, so to give to others what one has learnt by listening for so long.

The ones who talk and talk are wonderful, bless them, they give so much and they, as they talk can be conscious and through being conscious, they too can receive revelations and learnings. Though for them to increase their learning and exercise the consciousness more intensely, they too can balance their talking with listening if they so wish.

I personally like talkers as I am more of a listener/writer than a talker.

There is another aspect to listening, and that is the listening not to others, or to the environment, or to the moment or to the ocean or to the land but listening to ourselves.

We can listen to ourselves in two ways. That is listen to our memory roll and association based thoughts and fantasies (which we usually do when other are talking to us) or listen to ourselves consciously.

There is the conscious listening and the unconscious listening. We need to cultivate more the conscious listening.

So often we don't spend the time to really listen to ourselves. We often ignore our intuition, hunches, or gut feelings and often regret it. We often don't really in meditation go inside of ourselves and listen to what our essence is telling us or what our subconscious or our psychology is telling us.

End (2665). 

Thursday, 11 October 2018

To Have a Totally Malleable, Ductile and Open Mind has Some Mystical Death – (2664)

Have you tried in a conversation to have a totally open mind, a mind that does not see right or wrong, a mind that does not attach to one particular angle or way of thinking or of seeing things? A mind that does not see likes or dislikes, interests or disinterests?

Quite difficult isn’t it? But if we succeed in doing so there is real freedom there!

So often we see something wrong because we think that we know the right or better thing. If we don’t have the right or better thing in our mind we won’t be able to see something as wrong, so still our mind will remain.

Sometimes we maybe right, well we think that we are, and then we unfortunately we feel we must focus on the right thing because otherwise the result will be inconvenient or technically incorrect. This though mostly applies with physical things such as the bus timetable, fixing the car, using the TV remote control etc. However, what we really think we are right about, can turn out that we are wrong. So why not have a totally open mind.

There is also lots of love in us when we have an open and silent mind.

A mind that does not see problems, difficulties, money or time is an open mind. However, we have to descend into the comparison of money, time, difficulty etc. to decide sometimes. If we do it for the benefit of others it is good, but then try go back to the open and empty mind and intimately try hard to live in that state.

End (2664).

When Dying Psychologically – Die from the Angle of Leaving Behind Interpretations – (2663)

What about if you say to yourself to die in this ego is to leave behind my particular interpretations of things and take things with a still mind.

With pride and lust there are many interpretations. Interpretations to words, concepts, sensations, feelings and emotions.

What about if we are to leave our interpretations behind, and receive all of those things without us adding any interpretation. We would be dying to our skewed vision of things and be being born to the way things are, and that would produce different results in the centres of our human machine.

This is a part of the dissolution of an ego. As each ego is a concept and a logic, and because the concept and logic of the ego depend entirely on how things are perceived or interpreted, not adding our interpretation does not allow the ego to function or think even with its logic.

End (2663).

Keep Hold of Your Attention – Study What Hooks It – (2659)

Awakening Mastering Attention

Our process of awakening has much to do with our mastery of our attention. This is really true!

The first thing that we come to learn to master is our attention. The rest of our work depends on it. If we have not mastered our attention we can not meditate, concentrate, observe ourselves, pray etc.

To awaken we need to keep our attention, by knowing that we have attention and that we are putting our attention on something.

If we just place our attention on something we are not awakened! Awakening comes when we divide our attention!

That is when we have a part of our attention on something and another part is on our consciousness knowing that we are placing our attention on something and we are dividing it.

I what to say that having all of our attention on something is very good. It is a good skill. Though it is not to be awakened. We need to add the knowing part that to it.

Usually though we are all much worse than this. We have no mastery over our attention. Our attention is taken here and there. Like a log tossed on the waves of a stormy ocean.

What is so typical in us is to be asleep and have our attention on the wrong thing, like receiving instructions from our boss and we are fantasizing about flying a F-35 fifth generation stealth jet fighter plane.

What Hooks Out Attention

So many times, we are holding our attention and something happens or something is said and we feel are attention leaving our hands and going into our thinking about the implications or interpretations of what was said.

Whatever hooks our attention is always a reason from our subconscious. When we make an attempt of will to take our attention away from our thinking this reason kicks in and says: “No Don’t leave, keep thinking.”.

It is always a reason, that hooks our attention and keeps our attention hooked. These hypnotic reasons must be sought out, understood and overcome to expand and intensify the mastery of our attention.

End (2659).

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Another Way for Your Ray - (2662)

When you concentrate on a temple that belongs to the same ray as your Being does, and you beg the Beings of that ray for their help, if it is indeed your ray, you will feel a very special emotion that you can't help notice.

It is a special feeling that emerges in you from deep down and it rises up all by itself. You don't call it or expect it to arise. It is like the emotion that you feel, when after travelling away from home for so long, that wells up in you when you are getting close to landing.

It is a deeply innate feeling of familiarity, happiness and belonging. It is not because you like the ray or the temple, it is just part of you. It is something that wells up from deep down within your core fibres and you have no control over it.

So this is another way that can also find out or confirm.

End (2662).

Trust Takes You Far in the Psychological Work - (2661)

Very Far!

Trust takes us very far in our psychological work.

It is such an important quality of our inner Being. It is so worthwhile making the efforts to cultivate it.

It remedies nearly completely the bigger "I's" that we have. If it does not remedy them completely it greatly diminishes them.

It is the antidote to fear and it greatly diminishes envy and jealousy. In the form of trust in the inner Being it is a very powerful remedy to many of the branches of pride.

End (2661).

Self-Remembering is 70% of Awakening - (2660)

Seventy Percent

Self-remembering or remembering the Being within us, m.m.m says is 70% of the work needed to awaken and stay awake.

There we have it. Remembering the Being within is the main work and effort of awakening and maintaining ourselves awake.

To awaken we must go to self-remembering or remembering the Being.

End (2660).

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

The Abyss is Not All About Pain – (2658)

There is pleasure there, the abyss of pleasure. In fact, many egos wish for that pleasure-abyss. Such as gluttony and lust.

That is the secret reason why the ego likes movies, because through movies the ego uses the movie’s impressions to project a scene in our subconscious or abyss and there it revels amongst all those projections and impressions.

Being our own abyss then causes us to vibrate with the abyss of nature and so going to our own subconscious/abyss all the time, causes us to begin to live more in the abyss than anywhere else.
Sometimes the more movies we watch the more we enter our own abyss.

Such is humanity! Asleep dreaming in our own self-created abysses of pleasure and also pain, which the ego likes as well.

End (2658).

Learn to Separate One’s Pain – Noble Action Impossible Otherwise – (2657)

If we are in pain, acting nobly becomes a faint possibility. Just as when we are sick, we tend to get impatient and or lethargic.

If we take offence to something that a person says to us, and the next moment the same person asks for help, we are most likely to not respond co-cooperatively.

It is imperative to know how to separate our psychological pain from ourselves to be able to act nobly.

Separating your pain is a learnt and practiced skill or ability. It is a function of our own consciousness and we have to work at it for our consciousness to learn and develop that.

End (2657).

When Things are Getting Out of Control – We Lack Work – (2656)

Work brings things under control again!

Whether that be at our physical work or in our psychological and esoteric work.

Getting to work brings things under control again!

End (2656).

Envy is About Time – (2655)

We envy others for what they have achieved right now. We don’t really envy others for what they have achieved or will achieve. We more envy others for what they have right now, or what they newly acquire.

The interesting thing is, that we may acquire the same, but just at a different time.

Envy is green because it does not trust that it will get what others have achieved. It does not trust our work, working through time to arrive at the goal. It believes that we can’t achieve the goal either. There is distrust on two fronts, distrusting our work over time and distrusting ourselves. Distrust is also quite present in envy – giving it its green colour.

Maybe we feel envy because we lack the trust in ourselves that we can achieve that goal. When we feel trust that we can also do the same, the pangs of envy greatly decrease, or do not even arise in us.

End (2655).

Monday, 8 October 2018

All of us are All Always Working – (2654)

Only time separates us all. It is, even contrary to our ideas, that no matter where one is on the path, one has to work and one is working. No matter if one has finished the three mountains, or is a beginner one continues to work.

The work does not stop.

It is so different to our ideas. A person who has finished the third mountain feels like a beginner in the face of the higher realities just as a beginner in Gnosis feels overwhelmed by the possibility of starting the path.

We are all always working and we are all doing the same work, with the same goal, only we are just doing the same thing at a different octave.

End (2654).