Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Even the Little that We Do Counts - (2839)

i-stop Lesson

My car has this feature that when it stops it shuts off the engine - saving petrol. I don't like this feature very much and so I do my best so that it does not engage, but it still does engage at times.

I have had this car now for three and a half years and as the photos show the engine has been stopped for a total of 41 hours and 37 minutes.

That 41 hours is the result of a minute or even less, here and there at traffic lights all adding up to make a grand total of 41 hours and 37 minutes of engine on standby. So just imagine that if we are to practice even a little everyday over a few years that would add up to be quite a lot.

We mistakenly think that doing only a little is of no worth and so we do nothing or even go backwards.

So no do even a little. Just don't do nothing! Do something everyday, even if a little.

Hare and the Tortoise

Of course though doing a little means we move but slowly. Doing more means we move a lot quicker. 

To quickly like the hare is something to be wary of, becasue we get tired and then we find ourselves unable to do much, and we watch then the turtle pass us by, that is - the method of doing a little everyday turns out to better. 

So much then for the methods of our mystical ambition and pride (I am better so I do more - but get tired).

End (2839).

Monday, 21 January 2019

Mystery Schools to Unveil the Mysteries - (2838)

The role of the mystery schools is to teach and unveil the mysteries by leading the candidate into the revelation and understanding of the mysteries.

Among those mysteries are the mysteries: of life and death, of sexuality, of the initiatic path, of nature, of fate, of karma, of the mind, of the soul (psychology), of the spirit...

A mystery school certainly is not one that makes things more of a mystery to the entrant. But rather one that unveils and makes clear the way, and one that answers the what, the how and the why of that which normally remains hidden to the human being.

The many schools that loose the understanding of the mysteries that they once upon a time understood and knew, now resort to dogma as a substitute to understanding and knowing.

End (2838).

Knock Knock Who's There? Test of Justice - (2837)

That Test

There the test of justice that is placed before us before starting the major mysteries or at some point soon after having started.

One of the purposes of this test is to take from under us any kind of base that we may still have within us.


Depending on the karma we have this test can be rather painful and used in some way to cancel karmic debts.

Typical Scenario

Master Samael says that typically the scenario for this test is that the very same Gnostic people accuse us unfairly of having done something wrong that we haven't quite done. In short the Gnostic people do some seemingly unfair things to us.

However, it does not have to happen that way. It has to happen in a way that it will produce the result of motivating us to remove our bases from everything external. It could be done in a very quite, private way over a number of months even...

Last Frontier of Bases and Dependencies

This particular feature of the Gnostic people wrongly accusing us is necessary to remove the last kind of dependency that we could still have.

As part of the nine minor initiations we learn to remove many external bases residing in our personality and transfer our point of reference to our essence, the work and our inner Being. However we may still have certain dependencies in the Gnostic people, in the Gnostic group and in Gnostic missionaries or instructors. So we have to be bitterly disappointed in the latter things to help us remove our bases in them.

A very good way to be struck hard enough to be motivated to remove our bases from the Gnostic people, and Gnostic instructors is to be betrayed or accused unfairly. Nothing hurts more than something that is grossly unfair.

Once our bases have been taken out of all external things we remain as a relatively individual kind of unit that is free enough to do the path of their own inner Being.

Be ready for this test. A very tough one, but it gives you a very delightful reward.

End (2837).

I Never Want to Go Through that Again - (2836)

We have the right to not want to feel that or go through 'that' again.

At the same time it is a great conditioning and limiting factor.

When it was not a dangerous physical accident that caused us tremendous pain or something really stupid that caused us physical pain or psychological suffering, but something psychological that may not have been entirely our fault, perhaps we can create an openness in ourselves to go through it again if it so happens to happen. 

Otherwise we end up creating conditioning and fear.

The best way to work on fear is to be open to what we fear. Say yes! When we say 'no' we begin to create a new fear, which is the fear of fear. When we are not open we increase our fear, and this now rather large fear becomes like a magnet where it brings to us what we fear.

End (2836).

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Sometimes a Longer Term Contrast is Needed - (2835)

We are a Cross

The human being is so many things.

Of the many things that we are, we are a cross. Extend your arms and put your feet together and we are a cross.

The cross universally symbolizes the balancing and contrast of two opposite qualities which naturally leads us to the supreme value of the cross which is sacrifice.

Where the classical opposite qualities are spirit and matter, light and darkness, male and female, solar and lunar...

When we voluntarily contrast the two opposite experiences we produce a contrast which strikes our consciousness. This then produces creative understanding, and understanding produces changes.

Sometimes though just a practice of contrast may not yield the changes we wish for. But a long term contrast is needed.

A Long Term Contrast

A long term contrast is needed to reach our consciousness at times.

This is because we we need the effects of the spirit or of the light to accumulate in us until we can tangibly see the results or effects of the light.

We should not lose heart becasue things to work within us take time.

After we learn the lesson of contrasting we are able to sacrifice the now understood inferior value.

End (2835).

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Pressure Relief Valve - (2834)

Lots of Pressures

If we take our study of Gnosis in the wrong way we can cause a lot of pressure to build up within ourselves. When the pressure builds up we need a pressure relief valve of sorts. Please note, I am not referring to sexual pressure.

There is the pressure of time, our mortality, the amount of work to do, our daily life duties, our relationships, our job, finances, the pressure to prepare decent classes on time, the pressures from the complexity and desire of each ego etc. etc.

Relief Valve

Basically the right understanding is the pressure relief valve. The right understanding is the deeper kind of understanding that sees behind things and frees us from the box that we may feel like we are in.

For example, as a student you may not see why your instructor insists that you be regular in your attendance. We may think that this a bit of pressure. With the right understanding we see that regularity is needed to accumulate the results of our study and practice and that Gnosis is a long term study and practice.

There are other things that we can do as well. In the way of certain practices that break us free from any mould.

One of those practices is to concentrate on that which is much greater than ourselves. Using a concentration that integrates and unifies us with what we are concentrating on, and where our human personality melts away or is at least forgotten. That of course is our Being, the masters, the Cosmic Christ, nature, anything that is very much greater than ourselves.

To concentrate and relax so profoundly that we melt a little into one of these vast sources relieves us of all of these pressures.

We may start with nature, with the ocean, a lake, a river, a mountain, a jungle, a forest etc. Meditating on the image of ourselves right amongst the very character of the ocean, lake, forest etc. Then seeing our body melt away where we become awareness encompassing some of the greatness of the place.

Of course, when it is over we still have our egos...

We must continue working but this time with renewed energy and a greater perspective...

End (2834).

Friday, 18 January 2019

Envy has to do with the Sexual Force - (2833)


The ego of envy deep down is unsettled by how our sexual force has not been cultivated to fruition, so as to possess what we see others possessing.

A Walk - Great to Observe Subtle Envy

Say we go for a walk along a beach side boulevard, we may be able see envy in its many guises. Ever so subtly, we detect the slightest hint of envy stirring in our subconscious. We don't like to admit it, but admitting it is the way to more deeply comprehend it and dissolve it.

Subtle Envy

We envy the cars that others have been able own, the magnificent houses that others own, the partners that others have and their apparent happiness together, the fitness of others, the sculptured bodies of others, the discipline of others who wake up so early and are swimming, running, surfing and starting their day with purpose and direction, those that are meditating on the soft green grass under the shade of a tall, peaceful pine tree that makes a very mysterious WWWWHHHHHHUUUUU sound when the wind blows.

We remain a little fascinated wondering how they were able to own such a car, such a house, how do that maintain their routine, their body, their exercises, how do they live, etc. etc. it remains like a little mystery. Envy has us solve this mystery by imitation...

Sexual Energy and Envy

All of these things that we envy are the things that the sexual force and the will of others has allowed them to materialise and bring into creation and fruition.

Typically, envy in human beings is about the sadness of how we have not engaged our sexual force and will, to bring to reality the things that we wish for in the material world, such as money, possessions, lifestyle, body, mind etc. etc.

However, there certainly exists the same envy transferred into the domain of the spirit.


In the depths of envy is a lack of trust in our will and in our sexual force to bring to reality the things in our life that we wish for. Such as the elements we need for our realisation, a spiritual discipline, consciousness, comprehension of certain defects, mystical experiences, etc.

If we allow envy to reach our deepest yearnings it can become very painful...

Therefore it is best to work on envy and not allow it to take deep roots within us. 

The remedy of envy is to begin to trust in our will and sexual force and to then engage our will and sexual energies to work on ourselves.

The remedy has two parts and both parts should really be applied in succession, otherwise the remedy in its healing effect is incomplete.

End (2833). 

Thursday, 17 January 2019

2, 5, 7, 10 & 10 + 12 - (2832)


This post is to show the reader how esoteric our physical constitution is. That it has been made based on esoteric or cosmic principles.


The body of the human being can be divided into two. The left and right sides. Where it is said that the left side is the defensive or feminine side and the right side is the active and masculine side.

The two sides it has also been said represent the material and spiritual make up of the human being as well as the light and dark aspects of the human being.

Within the human being, as in Eden, are the two trees. Which are, one the Tree of Life and two, the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil.

The Tree of Life with its roots in the heart and its branches in the arterial system, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil with its roots in the brain and its branches in the nervous system.  

The human being also has two blood circulations. One for the day and one for the night. This is due to the fractioning of our our psyche, that is into one part conscious and the other part subconscious.

5 Points, 5 Centres, 5 Senses & 5th Body

Number 5 is the first number of the human being. Because the human being is also number 7 and number 10.

A human being has five points just like a five pointed star. With one rational central point ruling over the four corners which are irrational powers. These four corners are our four limbs, and they are also the other four centres.

The human being also can form a cross, indicating the balance between the material and the spiritual, and that the five can be reduced to four.

The above statement connects us directly to the Tree of Life. Where we see that the middle level, the fifth level: Tiphereth, is where the human soul the Master is found. From the world of will (causal) the inner Being through the human soul governs the four bodies below. This is the true state of the human being.

The five also represents the five elements, where the fifth element is Ether, where the other four elements come from. The fifth rules over the four.

7 Orifices, 7 Chakras & 7 Bodies

In our head, we have seven orifices and it is the location of the five senses. Two eyes (sight), two ears (hearing), one mouth (taste) and two nostrils (smell). Making seven orifices. The law of seven.

The two superior senses are the hearing and sight. As they can perceive from afar and take us less into the ego than the other senses. It is easy to see a glass of wine and hear it being poured, but to smell it and taste it, most often means that the wine glass will soon be empty.

There is also a triangle in our head, which represents three creative aspects of Divinity (akin to the three forces).

The eyes, nostrils and ears form a triangle, which as a triangle represent these three aspects.

The eyes are the eternal and creative principle (imagination), the spiritual truth, omniscience and wisdom - light.

The nostrils the creative breath which is the preservative and maintaining principle. The two nostrils are representative of the ebb and flow of the preservative principle.

The ears are the material or demiurgic principle that is - the word - sound. That which shapes in matter. Note, the ears and the throat form a intimate triangle.

10 Fingers

There are ten fingers which represent the 10 Sepiroth of the Tree of Life. Master Samael says that the human being is a living decade.

The numbering system which find most intuitive and easiest to use is the decimal numbering system. 

The four fingers on the hands represent the four elements and the three phalanges on each finger represent the three aspects of each element. These four fingers with three phalanges each make 12. Therefore on our hands are the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

When our two hands are put together we arrive at the 24 Elders.

It is said that the thumbs, with their base and two phalanges represent the three forces of Divinity. The creative, preservative and destructive, which is very similar to the three Gunas.

10 Toes

The ten toes represent the ten commandments. These ten Sephirah are the ten branches of the Tree of Life.

It has been said that the ten fingers represent the ten spiritual commandments and the ten toes represent the ten human commandments.

12 Senses and 12 Signs of the Zodiac

The five physical senses plus the seven occult senses makes twelve senses all together. Which is also the number of the signs that makes up the zodiac and the twelve salts in our physical constitution.

These twelve senses are the twelve fruits of the Tree of Life. 


It is our Divine Mother that makes our body. For her to have made our body she must know all these principles in depth. Knowing this we can more deeply appreciate the wisdom and power of our very own Divine Mother.

End (2832).

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Something to Think About for the Shy and Humble - (2831)

Sufficient Impetus

Have a read of this excerpt. Impetus enough I think to at least investigate the factors behind our shyness and humility, and if necessary work down those factors until separation.

Excerpt - Very Interesting

"We don't always possess the right criteria to identify those who are proud and those who are humble. People who are obedient and submissive are seen as humble and are appreciated: they don't disturb others or stand up to them. But is this really a virtue? No, because often, this humility is not inspired by wisdom and real understanding, but rather by fear, weakness and ignorance. 

People without money, social rank, the virtues or the abilities enabling them to assert themselves cannot achieve much. But if they were given such capacities, would they still be humble? Nothing is less certain. We cannot judge people before we come to know them and observe them."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

End (2831).

Spontaneous Happiness & Love Flowing from the Inner Being - (2830)

Sometimes we feel a spontaneous happiness come over us.

An expansive, encompassing and loving feeling

No problems, no mind, no issues, all resolved...nothing to do but expand...

Where does that happiness come from? Could it be that the Inner Being is returning the love we have sent It?

The moral of the story is to then send lots of love: inwards and upwards towards our Inner Being!

End (2830).

Left Foot Forward of the Pharaohs - (2829)

The pharaohs and and many of the Egyptian Gods are all depicted with their left forward.

It is said that when a pharaoh was to rule he would take the stands putting the left foot forward.

This is an esoteric gesture or posture. Indicating the following among other points. One, is that to rule darkness must be know first, and one must have conquered darkness first of all before one can rule.

Humiliation (darkness) always proceeds any exaltation (light). Therefore before ruling one has gone through several humiliations and based on the learnings of those humiliations one is better suited and balanced to rule.

End (2829).

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

When an Ego is Dying - No More Interest, No More Needs - (2828)

The death of the ego solves our biggest problems.

When we have so much interest and fascination in something, the death of the ego related to that thing makes that interest to go away.

When we feel we can't do without something, and when the ego related to that something is dying we then we live happily without it.

End (2828).

Dawn: Best Time of Day for Past Life Practices - (2827)

To wake up very early and take a seat somewhere and then do a past life exercise as Master Samael described or from other sources is a very good time slot. Especially when a bit of sleep comes along.

This is because being the morning it is easier to control the invading drowsiness.

At night it may be more difficult to control the drowsiness.

Master Samael gave a practice to convert the subconscious into consciousness and he recommended to do it very early in the morning.

When we get drowsy the subconscious opens and we can see its contents.

Our past life memories are in our subconscious, so with a particular concentration we can influence what we see coming out of our subconscious.

End (2827).

Transmutation Increases the Volume of the Nirioonosiano Sound in Our Brain - (2826)

There are special moments when we can hear the nirioonosiano sound. If we do prana yama or do the HAM -SAH transmutation practice we can actually increase its volume or intensity of vibration.

Then by focusing on it and going deeper into it we can make out what sound it really is: ocean waves, crickets, mountain winds, etc.

When we concentrate on it and we are a little sleepy - my goodness me - a spontaneous split happens right then and there sitting on your chair.

End (2826).

Scary Big Fat Ugly Pride - (2825)

Before we start working on our Pride, it is really big in all of us.

It can be so big that we believe that we are our pride. That is we are very identified with our pride. Our pride forms our identity.

It is even worse when we constantly find ourselves in a leadership position - always giving orders and directions.

When we are given an order or instruction while having such a big pride, we feel such resistance and indigence, and if we can't avoid not having to follow that order, we feel depressed or humiliated or demoted.

When we don't find a good reason to do something and to be forced to do it, is really awful for pride. So awful that we can't bring ourselves to do it.

To remedy this we must first of all see that we are not our pride, and that we are an essence.

We are not above nor below. We are not more nor are we less. To be told to do something while we see that we are an essence does not mean that we are all of a sudden less. We are the same essence with the same qualities.

We are the same still and we can still enjoy ourselves and our own company while having to do that thing that pride does not want to do. 

If we see ourselves as pride, then to be told what to do something, we will see ourselves as less and as being humiliated.

A very good way to work down such an ugly and huge pride is to put oneself in the position of having to follow orders and to do something that one does not really see as worthwhile and submit to that.

End (2825).