Thursday, 23 May 2019

Talk A Lot About Gnosis in Our Head - (3035)

The reason why we talk a lot about Gnosis in our head is because we think we are doing well.

Talking about the work in our mind is not doing the work.

I asked myself this morning: "Äm I doing well?". I thought well the egos of anger, pride and lust are alive. It would be better that I work on them then talk about the work in my head.

Teachers can quite easily develop this habit.

End (3035).

Coffee Elemental is About Friendship they Say - (3034)

As you do when one travels and meets other people studying Gnosis, one hears various experiences and accounts about things. One of those accounts was about coffee.

One missionary told me that another missionary had told him that the elemental of the coffee bean plant has much to do with promoting friendship, and for that reason, when people gather to drink coffee, conversations of an amicable and friendly nature ensue.

Well, the claim sounds or seems reasonable to me...

End (3034).

Less Time in the Abyss - (3033)

As I was saying in the previous post we are a multi-level castle, and in that castle there is a dungeon which is our own subconscious.

When the various egos project their thoughts and we identify with them we descend into our subconscious or lower levels or our own abyss. 

To be attentive to our consciousness or essence and to be working or reflecting on various aspects of the esoteric teachings is to definitely not to be in our own abyss.

We can as a goal set for ourselves to be spend less and less time in our own abyss or dungeon of our interior castle.

End (3033).

We are Multi-Levelled - (3032)

We have many levels within us - within our inner constitution, that is. We are a complete tree of life with all the dimensions or levels.

Each level is a plane where certain processes occur. These processes cascade down from one level to another taking on different qualities. 

Our life actually is unfolding on each of these planes. They all overlap and they are separated only by time. Where time is really the duration of one process moving down or up to the next plane within us.

Our inner mind is the one that can perceive some of these processes occurring in our inner planes. 

Even our three minds: sensory, intermediate and inner are three different levels. Our sensory mind is in charge of guiding our physical processes.

These processes are usually to do with our spiritual learning, our spiritual life, the unfolding of inner development, and how we act and respond to physical events here in our physical life etc.

At any one time deep within us certain unfolding and even actions are taking place within us and we can perceive those workings. So then we can know a bit of our physical future. Because as always things deep within us function so to come to physical manifestation one day.

We are really just a multi-level house where the real master (Inner Real Being) of the house processes things certain developments according to its will, needs, work and missions.

Obviously the processes of the various egos takes place within our own abyss. There the egos strengthen, feed and even grow and multiply - scary hey!

End (3032).

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Thank you - Overwhelmed - (3031)

It is in times like this that words really fail and words like the ones that I am going to write in this post just fail to really convey the wonderful things that people did.

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful things that people organised for us in Tampa and Atlanta, also for their wonderful treatment, their consideration, their care, their teachings and wisdom, generosity and of course their love.

All of those things were really incredible. 

I really hope that I can honour all of those wonderful gifts. I will try hard.

End (3031).

If there's Energy there's a Change - (3030)

One of the main functions of energy in us, is to bring about a change.

We know a current of energy is flowing inside of ourselves when we feel a change.

First we change inside then outside of ourselves.

Even a change in attitude means that some kind of energy has moved through our psyche.

The most valuable currents of energy are the ones that order and align our psyche consciously and positively. 

That is why it is so important to transmute, because with our transmutation we give ourselves energy that flows through us and changes things inside of ourselves.

This is really important if we are in a low state - moving some energy helps us lots and lots!!! Transmutation - HAM-SAH, Runes, concentration, mantras, Lamasery exercises - all help a great deal.

End (3030).

Talons and Pouch Carried Back Home - (3029)

An american eagle and a flying kangaroo took us soundly and safely back home.

We had the coolest captain on American Airlines flight A1619: "Sorry for the inconvenience
of arriving half an hour early" was one of the many cool and funny things that he said.

How amazing - an A380 flies non-stop all the way across the Pacific - terrific engines -
that's reliability.
Posts to take up their usual rhythm now.

End (3029).

Friday, 17 May 2019

We Are Here Because We Have Learnt Much From the Past - (3028)

We gave experienced many things in our past lives and owing to all those experiences we are here in Gnosis ready to realise and liberate ourselves.

We have fought in wars and we have been soldiers and so many other things and because of that we do not need to be any of those things anymore. We can devote ourselves to liberating ourselves from the wheel of Samsara.

Most of us I think have been to war at one point in the past. You know it, because now in this life
you don't want anything to do with going to war and you feel deep down that you have that
 learning locked in your essence. 
It is worthwhile to do a study of our past lives because with such a study we actually open a door within ourselves through which we can easily catch glimpses of our past life memories. We have to make the effort to first of all open the door within ourselves to our past.

This same principle applies to any other avenue of knowledge about ourselves.

End (3028).

Awakening Good & Bad - (3027)

This is what m.m.m commented recently about that of awakening in good and evil. I like it because it clarifies this ambiguous topic quite well.

Lake Lanier - Georgia, Atlanta
“The Gnostic awakens in the good, elimin­ates the evil and falls asleep in the evil. While those devoted to the left hand path awaken in the evil and sleep in the good.

The Gnostic then transcends the good to be awakened to what is outside of good and bad, that is outside of duality - The Great Reality.

Above duality we awaken in the Being.”

End (3027).

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Oh Dear No Merit Before the Law - (3026)

If we have no or little merit before the Law (Divine and internal) we are in trouble...

We have to ask for a credit. The guarantor for such a credit is our work.

Monument at Lanier Lakes - Atlanta, Georgia
If our work is little we have to ask for someone to vouch for us. That is to take responsibility for the debt that we have on our behalf. In other words we need a lawyer or a Judge or a Great master to do this for us. If we fail in paying our debt the Being who vouched for us will have to pay the debt.

To finish, if we lack dharma-we also have the alternatives of: negotiation, pact and pardon. Ask your missionary...

End (2026).

Subconscious Links Start with a Look - (3025)

Subconscious is about no, not or an ‘un’ as in unfulfilled, unbalanced, etc.

When a man meets a woman, the man through a look can perceive the subconsc­ious of the woman and through a look the woman can perceive the subconscious of the man.

The subconscious of the woman can project not being happy, not being loved, not appreciated, not taken into account, not treated as special, not fulfilled, not spoken to nicely etc. (all about a not or a no or a ‘un’).

Food Court in the Mall of Georgia - Atlanta
The man perceives this and the woman knows he perceives it and the subconscious link has been established. Then the astute man and woman play out the subconscious where the man takes advantage of the not, the no and ‘un’ in the lady’s psychology.

We can severe those links by closing the door within us to the potential happening of the subconscious links.  Once we have closed the door we can keep it shut.

To do this we can use imagination and will. Seeing that we will think, feel and behave differently not in accordance with the subconscious and we will renounce the subconscious using will, this is effectively closing the door and keeping it shut.

End (3025).

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Justify Free Essence Descending into the Subconscious? - (3024)

It is always best to not identify with any "I".

We have to believe in that so deeply.

We have to hold onto that so firmly.

However,-we often submerge into the subconscious, and we justify it.

Honestly, can we really justify it?

What are our-reasons? Do those-reasons really hold water?

Questioning these-reasons. They don' t hold up!!! This is a significant discovery.

End (3024).

First Temptation Is Identification - (3023)

Temptation exists only when there is a higher reason not to do something.

When we know that our real identity is our essence we are tempted to take on the identity of an “I”.

This is really the first kind of tempt­ation that we face.

End (3023).

Ego in Human Machine Comes Darkness - (3022)

When any "I" takes possession of our human machine through identification. That is, the free essence takes its identity we enter into darkness. Our free essence submerges into our subconscious, where there is darkness.

We lose sight, we lose our identity and we lose our dignity.

End (3022).

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Seeing the Human Universe Raises our Perception of Others - (3021)

Seeing other people as a universe totally allows us to make our perception of others rise
above mind, ego and personality.

When a person stands in front of you and you see them as a complete Universe you stop judging and
you have appreciation and respect inside of you instead.

End (3021).