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Want to Know Your Cosmic Ray or the Ray of Your Being? – (1088)

What is a Ray?

A ray is a certain line of unfolding from the Absolute. The primordial and most fundamental ray is the Okidanokh ray that provided and continues to provide the means for creation to unfold outwards from within the absolute.

When a Monad (your Being for example) or as Master Samael sometimes refers to it - a divine virginal spark, leaves the Absolute to enter into creation, it does so in accordance to a certain ray. This ray is part of the order of creation and this order has been established originally by the Absolute itself.

The ray upon which a Monad or our Being has emanated from the Absolute pertains to a certain place and function in creation. This function in turn determines some of the characteristics, wisdom, learnings and nature that a Monad (our Being) expresses in creation.

For example, take master Samael Aun Weor, his Monad Samael belongs to the ray of Force, and for sure such a Being would possess certain characteristics and a nature that pertains to that ray. Some of the functions of eh Being of Master Samael Aun Weor would also belong to providing or supplying force or having to do with force in some or in many of its varied expressions.

The same applies to the Monad and its ray. In the following sections I am going to list some of (I say some, because we only know a small number of actually what is out there) that Monads belong to and provide practices or techniques that could help you to find out the ray of your Being. But first just some background reading.

The Twelve Olympians - perhaps here we have a clue to what some of the rays of the Being are.

Some Quotes on the Okidanokh Ray from Master Samael and Gurdjieff

The quotes below are just for you to have some more of a background about what a ray is.

Master Samael

"During manifestation, the Ain unfolds into the Ain Soph, and from it emerges the Ain Soph Aur, which appears as the sacred Absolute Sun, and from the sacred Absolute Sun arises the most blessed, omnipresent, all-pervading, omniscient Okidanokh. The most blessed Okidanokh is also mentioned by Blavatsky by the name the Great Breath. From the Great Breath, in turn, emerges the trinity, the Holy Triamatzikamno – namely, the Holy Affirmation, the Holy Negation, and the Holy Conciliation. The Holy Okidanokh, although it enters the worlds, does not remain involved in them, and in order to create the Holy Okidanokh has split asunder into its three basic elements, which are the Holy Affirmation, the Holy Negation, and Holy Conciliation. This is how the Trimurti arises: Kether, Chokmah and Binah; Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Positive, Negative, Neutral. Thus, the trinity emanates from the most blessed Okidanokh, which in turn, emanates from the holy Absolute Sun." - Samael Aun Weor, Alchemical Symbolism of the Nativity of Christ


“You must also know further, that only one cosmic crystallization, existing under the name ‘Omnipresent-Okidanokh,’ obtains its prime arising—although it also is crystallized from Etherokrilno—from the three Holy sources of the sacred Theomertmalogos, that is, from the emanation of the Most Holy Sun Absolute. Everywhere in the Universe, this ‘Omnipresent-Okidanokh’ or ‘Omnipresent-Active-Element’ takes part in the formation of all both great and small arisings, and is, in general, the fundamental cause of most of the cosmic phenomena and, in particular, of the phenomena proceeding in the atmospheres." - Gurdjieff

Three Rays

There may be more but as far as I can see from what Master Samael teaches, is that there are three rays that are important for us to know about. They are the terrestrial ray of our Being, the planetary ray of our Being and the cosmic ray of our Being. The planetary ray is very close to the cosmic ray.

Terrestrial Ray

The terrestrial ray is a cosmic mystery school that has an earthly expression.

Phrasing it simpler terms it is a certain unfoldment of the mysteries of the secret path back to the Monad. Each terrestrial ray contains the teachings, keys, secrets, techniques etc. to take one back to the Absolute. Each terrestrial ray has had its epoch of physical expression on Mother Earth where it reached the peak of it physical presence and power. Even though many of these epochs have passed these mysteries still exist, have their immense power and are still very valid today.

Master Samael wrote about there being seven terrestrial rays:

1.)    Lemurian
2.)    Atlantean
3.)    Egyptian
4.)    Oriental (includes India, Tibet, China, Japan, Persia Chaldea etc.)
5.)    Greek
6.)    Mayan
7.)    Aztec

This ray is the ray upon which our Being learns the mysteries of the path and it is also in accordance with this ray that our Being teaches what has been learnt in the initiatic path.

All of the mysteries in each ray have the same goal and the same synthesis which is the three factors: death, birth and sacrifice.

One may have a certain tendency or liking for one ray yet one may belong to another terrestrial ray altogether.

Though one will always feel a certain love, attraction, familiarity and level of easy understanding and affinity with the mysteries or teachings of the terrestrial ray that their Being belongs to.

Also the way one works on themselves and manifests the teachings will be close in nature to the nature or style or way the teachings are expressed by the schools of the terrestrial ray that one’s Being belongs to.

Master Samael says that when a person finishes the minor initiations, that person is internally given a ring which shows the terrestrial ray that the person belongs to.

Cosmic Ray

The cosmic ray corresponds to a great family of Monads that work fulfilling a certain cosmic function. There are truly many many of these rays, and each ray serves a unique and necessary function in creation and in the workings of the cosmos. These rays are essentially cosmic principles and laws that are animated by the various Monads or sparks of the Absolute itself.

They are really the cosmic principles and laws of the Absolute. This is so because each Monad comes from the Absolute and is a piece of the Absolute and when these pieces or sparks enter into creation they do so presenting a part of the Absolute, and what they represent are the principles, values, laws etc. of the absolute. What else could they really represent from the Absolute I wonder?

Here below are some of the cosmic rays that have been spoken of or written about in Gnosis:

•Art, •Command, •Death, •Force, •Jinas and Astral, •Law, •Liberation, •Life, •Light, •Love, •Medicine, •Politics, •Science •Wisdom…

Planetary Ray

We also have a planetary ray and it is closely related to the cosmic ray. I think the best explanation of this can be found in Master Samael’s work called the “The Seven Words”. Here below is the relevant excerpt:

“Master Morya, Master of the Ray of Mars, dwells in the Himalayas, at the edge of a road. He dwells in a humble house; he has innumerable disciples, and his present body has an age of more than nine hundred years. Against Master Morya, death has not and shall not succeed either, because Master Morya is a child of the Resurrection of the dead, and death cannot succeed over any son of Resurrection.

Death only has power over the weak, over cowards, over the living dead, over the children of the Great Whore who have been incapable, who have not had the courage to put an end to their filthy fornication.

Master Kout-Humi is also well known in the West and belongs to the Ray of Wisdom. He is also of an indecipherable age, and has his Sanctuary on the snowy peaks of the Himalayas. He is another child of the Resurrection, and death has not succeeded over him, because death only has power over fools, over fornicators and adulterers.

Master D. K. (Djwal Khul), is another child of Resurrection, another Superman who has known how to take advantage of his sexual energy. This Master belongs to the Ray of Mercury; he helped Master H. P. Blavatsky, by dictating to her a great part of The Secret Doctrine.

He presently possesses the same Physical Body that he had in the year 1675, and death has not had power over him because he is a child of the Resurrection.

Let us now mention Paul of Tarsus. This Master is presently incarnated and he is Master Hilarion. Such a Master is the author of the book entitled Light on the Path. Master Hilarion unfolds in the Ray of Science. He is a Master of the Ray of Mercury.

Master Serapis, Master of the Ray of Venus, is another Child of Resurrection. He is of an incalculable age; he directs the world Art.

Master Rakoczi is the same Count Saint Germain, Roger Bacon and Francis Bacon. This Master directs world politics. He presently lives in Tibet, and possesses the same Physical Body with which he was known during the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in all the courts of Europe. The centuries have passed over this Master without death having any power over him, because he is a Child of Resurrection. This Master is of the Ray of Jupiter.

Each of these Masters belongs to a certain ray, for there are seven rays of Cosmic Evolution:

1) The Lunar Ray
2) The Mercurian Ray
3) The Venusian Ray
4) The Solar Ray
5) The Martian Ray
6) The Jupiterian Ray
7) The Saturnian Ray

What Theosophists state about Initiates entering another cosmic ray in each Initiation of Greater Mysteries is not true.

Each Master evolves and unfolds in his own ray, and never changes Rays. In the internal worlds, each of the seven rays has its Temple of Mysteries.

I, Samael Aun Weor, Master of the Ray of Mars, give testimony to these things, not because I have read it through books (as is done by those who theorize), but because I have lived it. I am a child of the Resurrection, and I give testimony of the Resurrection of the dead, because I, Aun Weor, resurrected among the living dead, and my duty as Initiator of the New Age of Aquarius is to give testimony of the Holy Doctrine of the Divine Rabbi of Galilee, so that this Holy Doctrine of the Savior of the World is spread over the entire face of the earth without distinctions of race, sex, caste or color.

Each of these Rays has its Chief:

1) Chief of the Lunar Ray: Gabriel
2) Chief of the Mercurian Ray: Raphael
3) Chief of the Venusian Ray: Uriel
4) Chief of the Solar Ray: Michael
5) Chief of the Martian Ray: Samael
6) Chief of the Jupiterian Ray: Zachariel
7) Chief of the Saturnian Ray: Orifiel

These are the seven rays of which the Theosophists have spoken so much about and to which they have dedicated entire volumes, without ever having given the exact and concrete explanation about them. The Theosophists have described the rays in such a nebulous and vague manner that they really do not meet the inner aspirations of the Soul. Indeed, Theosophists need to become practitioners; the teachings of the Theosophical Society are useless to anyone because they lack practice.

Every human being can know to what ray he belongs by merely counting the transverse lines on his forehead.

Those who have a single line belong to the Lunar Ray.
Those who have two lines belong to the Mercurian Ray.
Those who have three lines belong to the Venusian Ray.
Those who have four lines belong to the Solar Ray.
Those who have five lines belong to the Martian Ray.
Those who have six lines belong to the Jupiterian Ray.
Those who have seven lines belong to the Saturnian Ray (read Zodiacal Course by the same author).

All of us, the Masters of the Seven Rays, are “Children of the Resurrection,” and we have all gone through the bitterness of Calvary; we have all experienced within ourselves the Ascension of the Lord.

No Master ever leaves his ray; each Master works only in his ray. The Chief of our ray is our Father, who is in Heaven. No Master ever abandons his Father who is in Heaven; that is why it is impossible for a Master to go from one ray to another, as the Theosophists believe.

I, Aun Weor, am the son of my Father Samael, and even when in my past I evolved under the rulership of different planets, I was never able to leave the ray of Samael, because Aun Weor is a spark emanated from the flame of Samael; therefore, I came from Samael, and I returned to Samael.  Thus, I have always had five lines on my forehead in all my reincarnations.”

Master Samael’s Rays

For example, Master Samael belongs to the Egyptian ray and His Being is the regent of Mars and the ray of His Being is Force.

Why is it Important?

In terms of working oneself, that is doing the work of the three factors, it is not so important. If we do the three factors well and we don’t know our ray, no problems, what is important is that we change and work. If we know our ray and don’t work then we are not doing very well.

Knowing your ray though is self-knowledge and explains to yourself many things about yourself. It can explain why you are the way you are, why you have the nature that you do, and why you have certain positive or negative tendencies and why you have always thought and felt about certain things in certain ways. It will explain your attractions, your interests, your longings and yearnings and your affinities. It may also explain your life's learnings and help explain some of your sufferings.

It will also help you feel closer to and even actually help you get a little closer to your Being, this is because with this knowledge your Being is not so dark to you anymore. There is the potential for you to create more of a connection and you can do so by just focusing your consciousness on His ray.

Techniques to Find it

This is what counts right, actually doing the work to find out. Here are some ways that can help.

Sometimes people can find out early in their path and others find out well into their path.

Master Samael could find out so easily who was who, amongst his students and he even told them so, however he later stopped because this created many differences amongst the students that was not convenient. One felt superior to others etc. etc. all because of the ray of their Being and the hierarchy of their Being.


One way is to simply ask and ask. To ask one’s own inner Being to reveal that knowledge to you which is Himself (He reveals it to HImself). Even ask one’s Divine Mother.

We can even ask another Master such as Master Samael or any other master that you have an affinity with.

We have to be persistent though, very persistent.


There is also another way that is not as definite and clear but can certainly point you in the right direction and can certainly confirm the information or revelation actually about your ray that you may receive in a meditation or in a dream or astral experience.

Observe your nature, your affinities, your likes, what you feel comfortable with, what comes naturally to you in terms of the subjects of the various rays. Ask even what others think your ray could be. Sometimes others may see your nature better than you do (our self-concept interferes).

Even knowing your negative characteristics helps a lot. Because what happens with us is that the ray of the Being pervades in our inner nature and as every ray has a positive and negative side we can tend to, because of the ego, to go to the negative side of the ray.

The egos are the opposite polarisations of the values of the Being and so they end up inverting our nature which is given to us by many factors, and one of these factors is the ray of our Being.

I have many examples here, if our ray is Death, those people can go to the side of being pessimistic, dark, Saturine in mood and personality, destructive in the way of destroying people’s dreams, illusions and what people find interesting and beautiful, they like seeing things end, they can be very forceful in a negative way, resistant to change etc. etc. They tend to like medicine and even have physical jobs working in that field. So instead of expressing the light, beauty, the freedom of transformation, change and that of embracing new things they because of the ego, express the opposite of the ray of death, which if I may say is pretty tough at times. The ray of Death, though gives freedom, light and entrance into the esoteric and to what is real.

Master Samael said that people that belong to the ray of force can be very intolerant and forceful in a negative way. People that belong to the law on the negative side can be tyrants and people that belong to the ray of wisdom or science can be on the opposite side of this ray, ignorant and materialistic.


Asking or working to find out won’t hurt! If you know it, don’t let it go to your head. Every Being is Divine in nature and the work to recuperate that divine nature is what counts here in this life.

Because each Being is Divine and each Being is a part of the Absolute means that each Being has a connection to the wisdom, force, strength, light, love etc. etc. present in the Absolute. Each Being is a pathway back to the Absolute, and in the Absolute all differences disappear.

Sometimes some rays lack certain qualities and that is why they are here working for their realisation on the planet Earth. Master Samael says that He lacked diplomacy and here on the planet Earth was the perfect place to acquire that quality.

End (1088).

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